Seven, if you don’t drop a like, you will have bad luck, so don’t risk it in today’s brand new fortnite season, seven chapter, two video i’m gon na, be showing you guys how to level up fast in fortnite season 7.. Yes, in today’s video i’m going to be showing you guys a fortnite, xp glitch that will get you to level 100 and even level 225, a quick and fortnite if you have just bought the battle pass and want to get to level 100 quickly. This is the perfect video to watch and since people have spammed me telling me to do another massive gifting event, i’m. Finally doing it, i’m gon na be gifting skins and pickaxes. Emotes and season 7 battle passes to subscribers, who have turned on all notifications on this channel and dropped a like on the recent videos. It has probably never been easier to get a free gift than fortnight. You literally just have to click two buttons. So if you’re one of the ten percent who have subscribed, then you need to comment down below your epic games username since i’m, going to be adding up every single person who comments down below their fortnite name in the comment section make sure you watch out for Gifts in the next few days, alright let’s get straight into this xp glitch and i’m going to be showcasing. You guys how to get level 100, quick and fortnite season. Seven, as you guys can clearly see.

I am currently level one in fortnite. I have only played one game of season: seven, so far, i’m going to be showcasing. You guys all the steps that you have to do in order to go ahead and honor yourself on limited xp, and you can do this over and over again. Also, just a quick reminder that i’m gon na be hiding vbox codes throughout this video. So if you’re lucky enough to find one, you will be able to unlock yourself free v. Bucks on your fortnite account so make sure you don’t skip the video, because these could literally be hidden anywhere. So for a small xp glitch. All you have to do is go into team rumble and before the match puts you in the battle bus in the pre game lobby you actually have to glide and once you get into the battle bus, the game will reward you with free xp, so yeah now I’M level, two, but obviously this xp glitch is not really special. All you have to do is simply glide and team rumble. I mean it’s, nothing special, so let’s go ahead and get into the actual fortnite xp glitch right now enjoy. If you’re alone, you want to make sure that you do this xp method in solo guys, but if you’re with a duo, you can do this duos units and trios or squads guys in any of these four game modes. I would not try it in any other game mode, since i did not test if it actually works in any other game mode, so in solos.

You have to be careful, though, because people might eliminate you that’s. Why i’m going to be showcasing it in battle lab, but you have to do it in solo else. It won’t work so guys to get level 100 fast and fortnite season, 7 chapter 2. What you want to go ahead and do is land over at slurpee swamps, guys. So basically, this is where i’m going to be showing you guys this xp method, which is super overpowered. So you can go ahead and do this unlimited, xp glitch and yes, that is actually unlimited, because you can do this unlimited times without having to worry about anything guys. You will get this xp and it will be on your fortnite account. Do not worry so guys. The reason i’m doing this is slurpee swamps, there’s, actually a reason and i’m kind of scared of these ufos man. So basically, you probably have realized that if you look at slurpee swamps, the water is kind of dirty guys, as you guys can see, the water got way more dirty and this actually has to do something with the storyline believe it or not guys. So, basically, since the ufo, so this huge mother ship has basically invaded the fortnite island, slurpee, swamps or better set the people who work at slurpee, swamps and who, since like kept this running. Basically, they have actually stopped producing slurp. So, as you guys can see, there’s still slurp flowing out of slurpee swamp, but this will actually end in a few days, because this is just like the rest of it.

What’S left guys, but once this is over there’s not going to be any more slurp and if you’re not catch up with the fortnite storyline fish. Basically, all the fishes that you can find in the water and sharks and everything they actually don’t like slurp, believe it or not, guys we are humans. Obviously we do like drinking slurp. It gives us extra hp. It gives us shield, but fishes actually do not like slurp juice, which means that now that all the slurp juice is gone guys guys. Basically, we have more fishes guys, which is amazing, because if you go ahead and take a rod which we can basically find all over the fortnite map, as you guys can see right in here, i found a fishing rod, guys it doesn’t really matter. If you use a pro fishing rod or a normal fishing rod guys so, obviously, since we have way more fishes now, we can fish more, which gives us more hp so guys, as you guys can see over here, i’m gon na take my fishing rod and i’m Gon na go ahead and put it in the fish. So obviously, this is not the ultimate xp route, guys it’s, obviously just fishing fish, so you will get a bunch of xp over time guys and the coolest thing about fishing xp is that it will never get lower and, as you guys can see, you will also Like get like first catch and stuff and all that, so basically it will reward you a lot of xp.

So obviously it doesn’t really give you a lot of xp and that’s. Why i’m telling you guys make sure you go ahead and wait, because if you combine every com, every strat together, it’s going to be super insane guys. Also don’t forget about the v box code that i’m still going to be hiding somewhere in this video guys. I’M. Really hoping that someone finds it within the first day of this upload, but let’s just see man i’m, just gon na i’m, also gon na be letting you guys know in case someone has already found the v box code, but right now i don’t think anyone has Yet found the v box code guys so make sure you keep on watching and let’s go. Oh nice. We have a spicy fish guys so obviously, since i’m, in i’m, in a battle lab, as i said before, guys, i am not going to be receiving xp from all these guys, yeah and also another fun fact. As you guys know, llamas should usually move. But if you go into battle lab, they actually don’t move yet guys. I think they need to do this in a few more days, as you guys can see. Llamas are still the old llamas, but i think in normal matches they should actually move around the fortnite island i’ve already seen a llama moving it’s super funny. It’S super cool man. I love this game man. This season is honestly pretty insane make sure you comment down below from 1 to 10 and now i’m having a little challenge.

I i made this for you guys who have been watching this video all the way through guys. I have this flopper right now and if you give this flopper the best name in the comment section guys i’m going to be pinning you. I want this ufo to leave me alone. Man leave me alone, leave me alone. Oh my god, so guys that the best name for this flopper will get a heart and will get pinned guys. Yeah. Ah, leave me alone ufo, oh my god, what the heck is happening all right. So, basically, once you, oh all right! So, basically, once you fish all the fishing holes here all around the map, guys basically in slurpy swamp since they actually have stopped the production of slurp juice, guys um, you will be able to fish a lot right here. They will be adding way more fishing holes in the future. So what you want to make sure that you go ahead and do after you have fished like most of the fishing holes. You want to go ahead and walk over right over there, guys, which is basically like the wooden um. I don’t know there’s like a lot of wood over there. I think it’s actually like kind of a popular poi guys so we’re gon na be walking over there right now and remember guys, comment down below a name for the flopper, because i’m going to be pinning the best name for this fish that i just yeah.

The ufos took it away from me, so guys we’re going to be making our way over to this location right now, where we’re going to be continuing, this xp strike guys and trust me guys. This video is definitely worth to watch not only because of the vbox code, but also because i’m going to be showing you guys part two of this xp glitch, so fetching should already get you a lot of xp but it’s, obviously not the final method. So when we walk over at this poi guys, which is basically like this, what fabric i don’t even know what it’s getting called man it’s like what lockjam or something i have no idea. Man, i’m, sorry guys so anyways! Once you go over here, you will see that we actually can find npcs over here guys. So if you go, if i go right right here, guys i’m just going to turn around right there, as you guys, can see there’s like a ufo ufo crashed something and the crazy thing about this is if you actually eliminate these npcs, which i got ta turn On my volume right now, if you actually eliminate those npcs, you will get granted a lot of xp and then you can even fly the ufo which will grant you even more xp. And if you combine all this like the fishing, the npc’s, everything guys, you will have a and super overpowered strats to base secretly. Oh, my god, a super overpowered strat to actually get a lot of xp, guys so yeah.

That is actually it for the video.