Bringing you an unboxing of a very special apple watch, this one right here: the black unity collection that’s available. Today, on and apple stores, so shall we get started? This special edition apple watch comes in this nondescript black box, with the words apple watch engraved up top over here on the bottom you’ll see. This is a space gray, aluminum series, 6 apple watch with the black unity sport band that you can only get exclusively with this set, and this is the 44 millimeter model. You know the drill, look for the green arrows and pull here there. This is typical apple watch packaging, so just tug here and here to release nice notice, the shades of red and green accents more on their significance. Later alright inside are two more black boxes, one containing a series: six aluminum apple watch. The other is the black unity sport band we’ll. Take a look at the apple watch. First inside this packet is an explainer on the significance of the collection. The three colors used on this box and on the band are taken from the pan african flag. Red signifies. The blood that unites the people of the african diaspora and was shed for their liberation black for the people whose existence is affirmed by the flag and green for the vibrant natural wealth of africa. The motherland, also in the box, is a magnetic charging cable with usb. A on the opposite end, not that i’m complaining, but it would have been nice if this were also a black charging cable similar to the black lightning cable.

That came with my magic trackpad 2., like all aluminum apple watches, it does not come with a charging brick. This over here is the apple watch, wrapped in black paper as part of apple’s green initiative. If you look close the words black unity are laser etched on its sapphire glass backside now, we’ll take a look at the special edition sport band, usually apple’s silicone sport bands are available in one solid color like these ones. The only other time i’ve seen multiple colors is 2020’s pride. Sport band, the three colors on the black unity band, aren’t, just painted on instead they’re made from individual pieces of colored floral elastomer. These pieces are then assembled by hand and compression molded, so they come out as one solid piece down here. It also says black unity and laser etched on the stainless steel. Fastening pin are the words truth, power, solidarity, all right, let’s snap, these on and set the watch up. There’S one more thing: i want to show you it’s. This watch face that was released to complete this collection. You either have it in all black black, red and green or with a touch of yellow gold. The pattern is designed to be ever changing, so it shifts dynamically as the apple watch moves. So no two faces are the same, and the good news is that this watch face will be available to everyone. As long as you download watch os 7.3 there’s. Also a new special edition award up for grabs for the new unity activity challenge.

All you have to do is close. Your move ring seven days in a row. During the month of february, the black unity apple watch retails for ‘9 for the gps model and 4.99 for wi, fi plus cellular. You can also purchase just the black unity sport band for 49 here’s. What pricing is like in singapore, a portion of sales goes to these organizations that support equality and civil rights. Apart from this special edition, apple watch apple is also celebrating black history month through a variety of other initiatives. Apple music will feature curated, playlists, essays, original videos and many more from black influencers musicians. Authors and directors users can also enjoy specially curated apple maps guides made in partnership with eat okra a company that’s based on my side of the world right here in brooklyn new york, so that you can easily find and support black owned restaurants near you. This month’s theme for essential stories on the apple tv app will spotlight the multi dimensionality of the black family and its representation on screen apple newsreaders can explore curated topic groups that will highlight the best journalism around race in america. Apple news, plus subscribers can access a collection of audio articles that celebrate the black experience. Look for the special tab on apple books for books, written or narrated by black authors and narrators, and finally, apple podcasts will highlight creators around the world offering thoughtful interpretations of black families plus an extended promotion of seizing freedom from vpn.

A show that documents the struggle to define freedom after 400 years of slavery for more information, you can visit, and that was a quick look at the new apple watch: black unity collection for more videos like this one. You know the drill folks subscribe to our youtube channel, hit that bell icon so that you get notified as soon as we upload new videos. Follow me on social media for all the behind the scenes, fun stuff and, as always, make gadgetmatch.