We have another collaboration coming to fortnite and we have some leaks regarding it, but also fortnite made a tweet just about seven hours ago. Um incoming transmission targets description, a ruthless machine and a protector of the future let’s go ahead and listen to this and just kind of understand what what’s going on in this reality. When you’re dealing with the zero point behind the scenes and on the battlefield it’s hard. Finding anyone who understands what you’re going through on this latest stop, though i’ve met a hero that can relate impending global doom time. Travel paradoxes: oh yeah, she’ll fit right in all right, so terminator is coming to the game. We have a leaked picture, it’s the terminator and the girl in the movie. I didn’t actually watch the most recent one, sarah connor and t 800 and uh it’s, just kind of insane to see how much collaborations are happening in a short period of time. Uh they’re tying it in with a story with the whole. You know, agent, jonesy is going through different. You know universes and pulling people to help him, but this is kind of next level because, like before we were getting like collaborations once every couple months. This is like a couple collaborations every couple of weeks, so fortnite’s really going above and beyond with these collabs and we’re, going to have a terminator skin and a sarah connor scan i’m really excited to see how this terminator is going to look, because it kind of Looks pretty sick in the preview or at least in this league? Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below enjoy the rest of this video he’s by himself.

We should pressure my roof. Nice work, dog water, i’m, sensing, a shockwave wow. These ramps are not placing what i wanted: oh it’s, so weak don’t, we, oh my god, no die. Look if i get pressed right now. If i get pressed right now, yeah and you’re gon na rip this away they’re going to take the red fish with you and they’re, going to change down they’re going to kill you and then i’m going to kill you. No. That happens. I give you 10 subs chat. You heard him 20 uh, 25. 20. 25. No, all right! I got it. I got ta check in too oh right here. There’S a guy camping in here could be a solo hit em. Both one knocked one knocked from the flames. There said the other one’s in this room back, he ripped it. He ripped it thing, you’re right on them. Watch your head watch your head, bro! I just got third party yeah that’s. What there’s me the stormtroopers? Where are you, i was uh shooting the guy that was third party, just just eat yours, you can get out. Yeah i’m crashed. I literally thought there was one team yeah. I was calling it out, but you might have not heard me because i zoomed in on the stormtrooper dude. You know i like to tunnel a lot it’s kind of what i do. Yo emad, with the three months dude tune into the stream to learn everything that he needs to know about competitive fortnite, dude and how to actually play the game emad.

I got you bro you tune into the right stream. Let’S go there’s! Those right here let’s go for the uh stuff that we got on those guys with the canisters. Oh, my me, 68. Music. I got heals for you, bro yeah. I think i left some ploppers where we uh yeah. I left some floppers where we oh yeah there’s. A mini all right, let’s go oh shoot. There shoot their floor out and try to like catch someone slipping, oh that’s, good, that’s, really smart i’m boxed up real quick. I got it bro! These guys are all coming down right now. Oh he’s beating me 33 white on that guy that he said there’s one hit he’s right. There, 33 white rolling holy mine, no 19 blue dude. Oh my god. He put on fish 48 80. Not oh, so he’s, not the one who’s one shot. His teammate is i’m shaking him down all right, big chilling, big chilling. I got a big pot for you, nice shield, fish i’m, just gon na pop a shield fish yeah yeah. I can keep my big pots. Where is his teammate rotate? It i’m coming back out? Bro we’re in rain, yeah hey how much, how much extra mile we got. One two three two let’s see expand this with metal 100. I think we have higher yeah. We do. Oh, we. Oh, these guys bounce bounce bounce bounce here that’s trying to beam us from behind me final four bottom floor.

I just got a knock. I have so many maps. I have so many maps uh. Can i have something yeah yeah here you go and here in the air and storm the east side directly, underneath me, i’m, going a little bit lower and i’m going to cross, got them in storm. I need to get across and connect to. These builds wanted on me. Fish dead, traded, didn’t. Even give me the kill. No, i got him. I got him nice. This is all he broke. Wish me luck! Bro! You got this wrong. I wasn’t paying attention you’re good bro, how many teams? Oh it’s, all solos yeah it’s. Also they check the map. I think you should be. I think you should be doing like one one at a time now, the farm up for, like you need to refresh you, have a lot of floppers yeah. Four followers. Almost out of mats too you’re better than this kid, please, sir kill this guy kill this guy he’s looking for the kill, no shot. Oh, this is perfect. I think he’s out of mess he’s definitely got a mask. Desperate got the refresh 1v1 nice. Oh no it’s big. I found my baby. I like this gon na, be crazy, make sure your air’s reloaded Music, dudes freaking, looting. You kidding me there shall you’re showing what’s going on. Take your time. Baby. Take your time. You got it! Damn you win! Gg let’s! Go get out of here boys, baby nice touch.