This is part one of the update since uh people at mojang and the developers of minecraft mentioned before on their uh q. A i guess like session. I guess there was a meeting how they explained all the details and all the work and concept art of the minecraft of case and cliffs. They mentioned that the update will be consisting of two parts, one which will be this season and another one will be winter season, i assume or autumn late autumn, something somewhere between there. So as of today, a lot of people playing minecraft, uh, caves and cliffs right. There it’s not bad um there’s, a new enemy there’s like new some new enemies in the nether, as well as new uh npcs to interact with, and i think there was like axelot axelrody and uh goat. So i played a little bit of that when in my spare time – and it was a snapshot version – i did a small sneak peek of it so played a little bit of the minecraft myself interesting version. However, i was spawning right next to the literally the villager, not the villager, but like these freaking warriors, i forgot the outpost where you go up and you can burn their building there’s a lot of made of wood, not the woodland mansion, but like the woodland outpost, I said i would say, where there’s a lot of ravagers and stuff like that. Well not ravagers, but like the warriors anyway case in place, update part one official trader, let’s start see, steve is building.

I built something he’s building a village, the ghost there it is. Oh no, there they are they’re like they’re raising the village. The goat is crazy, axillary hi little the goat is going to go crazy, apparently Music, oh excel. Ah yeah. I remember axoloty will play with this thing. Actually we’ll play with the guardians. I’Ll try to attack them in a way Music, a lot of goats. I would see a lot of goats in axillary they’re breaking everywhere. They minecraft caves and cliffs part, one that was quick, dude, wait that was that’s. It now that’s a quick one honestly, but yeah. I mean they just literally showcased what we discussed about the axillary um a lot of stuff. Like i don’t know about, i mean i saw they there’s some kind of minecraft live update, highlight well. We can let’s check this one as well, so there’s warden right there’s. This guy warden, i don’t know this – is a new enemy. Lush caves, so there’ll be new cave system with some new biomes, i assume improved cave and generation. That would be awesome, though, to see you can actually fly if you’re very good at it. It’S kind of cool look at look at the generation of it of the world, it of course goats, although crazy, Music dungeons yeah, i mean they did mention about this as well, that that is that this is gon na, be the future as well like another separate Game not from micro but i’m at this yep.

I remember these little stuff but there’s a special. They need to have a special stuff to break it. No either they’ll blocks or something copper wire. You know that that goes for electricity. Imagine looking generate electricity from that point: dude, not bad it’s. Changing the yep creator tools, wow, you can have a crab dude wait. Is that a new sword, critter tools, wow okay, it’s good for people who really don’t want to wait, and they just want to jump in and meet it directly to the game. Axolotl. Look at that little kitties it’s, a pet it’s, cuttlefish, it’s, a cuttlefish. It could be a pet, you can keep it as a pet. You know so much look at them, they’re just attacking it. Nice interesting seems interesting. Honestly, why am i not subscribed? I don’t even notice crazy, cliffs. Well, yeah minecraft dungeons caves include special blocks. They said yeah i did hear about well. I did hear about the situation as well. Yeah like here, you can see mean for people in their head right when you say an axolotl. What do you see well yeah generally that’s it. I already saw most of the some of the videos, but this two that i just reacted to that. I did not watch so interesting to see interesting to see where the game is gon na. Take us how it’s gon na be procedured, what the how people is gon na take it as of with.

As of now, we speak as we speak right and people already playing and streaming as if we speak right now, it’s kind of crazy dude. Honestly, minecraft is a chill game if you really want to just. I spend my two months, one time just playing minecraft nothing else. I even had my own server big props, big respect f’s in the chat to the old server, of course, but it’s still there. I just need to pay for it, and maybe people will keep playing. You know just one of the good games that i think, in my opinion very interesting, even though i used to hit it, but i take that back. Obviously, Music um yeah general that’s, it let’s hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave a like subscribe share. This video, i can’t friends about this channel. I gave my honest opinion about this. I am interested to see how that is going to be because, since i played not much only just a small grasp of the entire game i saw like i was spawned and i was underwater and tell them. Let me tell you: under water there will be dark caves, honestly, it’s gon na be like it’s gon na, be so dark that you only need like to make a small block and use a bucket that to survive dude at this point or have a shell or Aqua affinity, something i did anyways, have a good one, say cool, and thank you so much for watching this video stay cool and enjoy your minecraft play as well.