17 is right around the corner and you guys seem to absolutely love these myth, busting videos. So i decided why not bust some minecraft 1.17 myths i’ve seen floating around from axolotls, actually being able to fight for you all the way to being able to craft amethyst tools and armor. Please consider subscribing with post notifications on if you guys want to see more videos just like this, as it is completely free and you can always change your mind later. Alright let’s get into busting myths, myth number one you can burn inside of a cauldron. Even if you are underwater so in case you didn’t know, you can actually place lava inside of a cauldron in the new 1.17 update and supposedly you can still manage to burn, even if you are underneath water, so let’s go down here to the bottom of the Ocean and see if this is true chuck a lava in here and let’s, see if i managed to get inside of here. Oh my god, you can burn underwater in the new 1.17 update. What a sentence that is, that is, myth, confirmed myth number two: you can mlg snow bucket in the nether. So in the new update, there’s, obviously powder snow bucket and apparently you can hit a mlg snow bucket and it will actually work in the nether because you can’t mog water bucket, so let’s give the snow bucket a go all right. Three, two one let’s go. Surely, oh my god, and just like that we’ve hit an mlg snow bucket.

I mean this would be kind of useful uh. I don’t know i guess, if you’re playing survival and fall up a hill, but i don’t know about speedrunning or anything like that, but that is myth confirmed. Nonetheless, that is actually pretty cool myth number three: you can dye goats just like sheep, so everyone knows that you can dye sheep using just normal dye. As you can see, we’ve got a nice little red sheep here, but supposedly you can actually manage to dye goats. So i want to see, if it’s possible, for me to have a red goat let’s, give him a go all right. Three, two one go: oh okay! It doesn’t work. Well, that is myth busted. You cannot die goats. It would actually be a really cool feature because who doesn’t want rainbow goats while we’re on the same page of goats. Myth number four: you can milk goats for milk, so let’s give it a go: what’s up, buddy, uh i’m? Oh okay! Yes, you can. I mean it’s, not even goat milk, it’s, just normal milk, but yes, you can also milk goats, so that is myth confirmed myth number five. You can make glow signs using glow ink sacs. So in case you guys didn’t know they added a glow squid into the new minecraft update. So after killing them, you actually get yourselves glow ink stacks. So apparently, with those ink sacs you can make signs glow so let’s give it a go.

Uh, subscribe to mal yeah make the signs to speak. In fact, now, if i right click, the sign supposedly it’s meant to start blowing okay. Well i mean that is a myth confirmed you can make any sign glow that you want now i want to see. Can you die the sign as well? Yes, you can so you can make it glow whatever color you want, that is really sick and, honestly, a really cool addition to minecraft myth number six. You can freeze to death in snow so obviously in the new haze and cliffs update, they’ve made snow more useful and a bigger addition into the game. So, supposedly, if i sit in a bucket of powdered snow, i will freeze to death, so let’s go into survival and let’s see if this is true or not. Okay. Well, i mean i’m getting like little particles on the side of your screen. That’S, pretty cool it’s like a little overlay, it’s going i’m getting more and more zoomed in oh i’ve, got blue hearts. Look at that that’s pretty sick! Now. Can i actually freeze to death and all right well i’m gon na sit here and see if it’s actually possible to die i’m, not sure if it is, i assume it would be if your hunger runs out all right, we’re getting down there on two hearts. So i do believe it’s possible let’s see. Will i go down to all the way there you go, you can freeze to death.

It even has his own custom death message in the bottom left. That is a myth, confirmed and honestly, very, very sick myth. Number seven leather armor protects you from freezing. Now i want to see if this is true or not, because obviously we know we can die from snow, but if we chuck some other boots on, is my little blue man going to be okay or not let’s have a go three, two one go so as You can see i’m, not freezing. That is myth confirmed and you can actually stand on top of the snow. I didn’t even know there’s a thing, but there you go if it’s confirmed leather armor protects you from freezing in snow myth number eight. You can use rails underwater if this is the thing this is actually really sick, because that means you can make roller coasters underwater if you wanted to so i’m going to try and find an ocean because that little bit of water there’s not enough for me. Okay, perfect over here we’ll go let’s, try and see. If this is true or not all right, let’s go down to ground level, chuck down our rails. Oh and, as you can see, you can actually place them, but can you get inside of a car? I want to see that that’s a completely different story, all right, let’s, chuck down these two rails and, as you can see it is myth confirmed you can place rails down but i’m going to hop into minecart and see if we can go around or not all Right, you can place it down, which is a good sign.

Oh and you can get in it, which means you can make roller coasters underwater. If you really wanted to which is actually really really cool come on go, i mean it’s kind of useless, because i mean in survival. You drown but it’s still pretty cool. So, like i said that is, myth confirmed you can place rails underwater now. Myth number nine. If you hold a tropical fish, your axolotls will help you fight. So first things, first i’ve got to put down a bunch of axolotls to help me out. Okay, let’s see. So if i hold this tropical fish and this guardian size attacking me supposedly they’re gon na kill him – oh my god, yeah the extra littles are just going in on that guardian. He doesn’t stand a chance. I don’t even need to fight him. Oh my god. Look at them go and just like that they’ve killed a guardian. Well, that is misconfirmed. If you hold a tropical fish, your axolotls will start attacking a guardian myth. Number 10 mobs will shake inside of snow, as we all know, there’s powdered snow and apparently, if you put any type of mob in it, it’ll start shaking like it’s cold. If minecraft has added this, this is a very, very troll update. All right. First thing: we’re gon na make a little box put them in now, let’s chuck our snow in here and now i’m gon na chuck a creeper inside. Is he gon na start shaking? Oh, oh he’s, dying, i’m.

Sorry, buddy! There you go get out all right, that’s! Myth confirmed, if you put a mob in snow it’ll, start shaking and it’s honestly kind of cruel mate you’re, pretty much just suffocating and making them cold myth number 11. If you place an axolotl on a lily pad, it will start spinning around all right, so i’m going to swamp by him. I’Ve got my axe a little. I want to see if this bad boy is going to start spinning or not there, you go let’s. Have a look, no he’s not going to okay, so it appears that they have actually fixed the axolotls spinning on the lily pad, which i’m honestly kind of upset about. It was really cool, and i knew this myth did work, but it no longer works in minecraft. 117, so this is myth busted, myth number 12. You can now use fortune on iron and gold, so let’s get ourselves a gold ore and let’s get ourselves an iron ore. Let’S get a pickaxe, let’s chuck us sells fortune. We all know in minecraft 1.17 that they have changed pretty much all the textures for every single ore. Now, on top of this, they have added in a brand new raw iron ore, a raw gold ore and a raw copper oil. And if you use a fortune, pickaxe you’re meant to get more than you usually get now. According to this myth, if you use a fortune pickaxe and get these raw ores, you will get more than usual.

So we all know the normal method of getting an ore, and you smelt it let’s see if this changes how it works. Three two one let’s see how many oils we get. Okay, i got one, but we all know fortune doesn’t work straight away. Okay, we got two okay, we got. Oh, we got. Oh, we got three from that one. So that is myth confirmed. Yes, it does work on the new oars myth number 13. You can now make an infinite lava source. So we all know that there’s infinite water sources in minecraft, but apparently with the new drip stones, you can actually make a infinite lava source. All you need is obviously some lava. I mean that’s a given, so all you need, is you put the lava on top of some drip stone blocks? Just like this, you want to make yourself a little area now i just chucked the lava in here. It doesn’t matter how much lava you can do with literally one block of lava. So normally, if this is a water source, you would just grab it out of the corner, but that’s not how it works. With this, what you do is you put the drip stone here and, as you can see, it drips down lava and then, if you put cauldrons underneath the drip stones, it actually starts collecting lava all right so i’ve. Let the drip stones drop for about five minutes, and this is myth busted.

It does not work, maybe i’ve set it up incorrectly. Minecraft loves to prove me wrong. Okay, i’m. Sorry it’s myth confirmed i’m, not even kidding i’ve sat here for about five minutes and i just was like okay well, it’s, not gon na work, i’m gon na say myth busted and then it bang it just plops a bit of lava in front of me. So, yes, i guess, if you wait long enough and have a bit of patience, you can have infinite lava for our final myth. We are going to be seeing if you can make amethyst tools and armor. So, as we all know, minecraft have added in the brand new amethyst into the game. Now what uses i have. I have no idea i’m gon na see if you can make armor and tools i’m, pretty sure you can’t, but i thought i’d just test it anyway. Let’S, give it a go all right. Three two one go and as i thought, you cannot make amethyst armor now. Maybe they might add this in the future, but this is myth busted for now you cannot use amethyst for just about anything.