They will release one here this year. They will release one map this year and overwatch 20. Overwatch 2. Will be available for the next season of overwatch league, so probably going to get it in 2022 in february or ugly spring, with the mention that they might announce a beta for overwatch 2 towards the end of this year. One here one map more patches, more toughness. Maybe overwatch took released in 20 21 at the beginning and a beta at the end of the year come on. Oh, i got it: okay, the boy who got the snacks boy he’s, the best boy, look at the boy: okay enough, snackies enough snackies! No, you know fish, you piece of fish yeah, the fish found the boyfriend. Ah imagine they’re doing the the the six nine. Oh, no she’s looking shoots the lamppost a bit after this. She wants to pull me off the map, so she goes for the pull, but i know exactly the timing that at 0 50 seconds the boat top is going to be here so i’m baiting her to waste her pull the pull connects. Only with me, i jump over here for the dramaticness of the entire uh, the entire combo i get pulled down. Orisa shouts screams. I got bob reload that she does this sprays for bm, but then she’s like wait. I didn’t kill bob, and at this moment the entire team crumbles like just just that. Just i don’t know dude.

These instincts plays like what differentiates players. Timing, the original pull, so you can go up on the boat they’re gon na drive me left. So i guess the left side balls on me left, though, god damn it i’m unkillable. This is my job. Oh my god. What i had the sleep dog perfect, but just because he hold he dodged it combat roll! Look at him. You got ta moves. You got ta move, so god i get into the flashbang. I have an idea: i’m, getting out there’s a break down here, number one yeah, what the literally, what you guys just killing everything i’m on they get serious, exactly suck a sucker. I mean who wouldn’t like see those like the plays that make you want to do that dude. I jump off solve this whole last game and the same happened morning i’m gon na slide. Can you go in them going them going them? I got it. Let’S go! Okay, i’m. Olaf, if you enjoy the content, make sure to subscribe wait. Is there a good guy click angle? Oh wait. Wait wait! I know i got click angle chat. It was at this moment that he knew he up that’s. The right click angle. You don’t disappear main science ketchup same okay, i’m close we working on hornland, you schnitzels nice. Wait that what other percent? To be honest, he was on point when it said 100 percent. He touched exactly what it was then just get over time.

Candy gun faster, win. The ball dude we’re gon na – why do they have to cancel oh, come on apple that’s unfortunate? I hate you, oh, it was kind of close. I just wanted some more charge. I can’t i genuinely can’t help it. This will just have to piss me and switch to god what the thing will be again. What the sick burning, enemy contact alone get up, get a ball good good. Remember the iowa stream from eglia with olaf yeah. This is how all of us is sleeping right now so yeah.