Its fossil remains were discovered in australia way back in 2006, 15 years, and some painstaking research on australian paleontologists have finally revealed who this somebody was the largest dinosaur to have lived on the australian continent. It is also among the five largest dinosaurs to have ever lived on earth they’ve, nicknamed it cooper. Our next report tells you how enormous cooper was and the door to future discoveries it may have opened located in the state of queensland. Australia is the small town of aeromanga. It is home to barely 30 to 40 people, but for decades aeromanga has been the site of significant ancient discoveries. The biggest discovery has just been made: australian paleontologists excavating the site have found a new species of dinosaur it’s. As long as a basketball court and as tall as a two story, building they’ve named it australo titan, co, operansis or simply cooper, the largest dinosaur to have lived on the australian continent and among the top five largest dinosaurs in the world. Today we announced the discovery and scientific publication of a new species of dinosaur to australia, in fact, it’s australia’s largest dinosaur, australia, titan cooperansis, now, australia, titan means southern titan and cooperances means from the cooper creek of queensland in south west queensland, and this is where this Gigantic dinosaur was discovered, cooper is part of the titanosaur family. They roamed this planet about 100 million years ago. The first fossilized bones of this gigantic creature were discovered 15 years ago at a family farm in 2006.

This discovery was initially kept a secret, as scientists painstakingly took up and studied the bones in 2007. They put parts of this dinosaur on public display, but it has taken them 14 years to confirm it as a new species. Our study looked at dinosaurs, from not just australia, but across the world we compared australotitan’s bones to all of these gigantic sauropods and it’s in the top 10 to 15 largest in the world, so it’s our first hat in the ring for the world’s largest animals. So how did they do it? A joint team of paleontologists from aeromanga natural history, museum and the queensland national museum relied primarily on digital technology. They used 3d scanners for each bone and compared it with other species. Over the years, they picked up bits and pieces and figured out that the remains were. Unlike anything, they had come across before there’s, nothing quite like walking up to a dinosaur site and seeing all this bone on the surface and not having a clue. What type of animal initially because you’ve just spotted it is, and then you have a closer look and you’ve got. You know obviously a little bit of knowledge about it all now and you can actually pick up bits of bone and start figuring out what animal it is and what part of the body the bones are coming from: that’s, pretty exciting, that’s very exciting. This is not the last of its kind discovery to be made in australia.

The aeromanga area is said to be littered with dinosaur skeletons, so cooper’s discovery may just be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The research being conducted suggests there is still a very large predatory dinosaur out there.