Hey there guys skippy here from skippy six gaming guys coming to you see that oh i made a nice weird uh coming to you from my beta world. It was my beta world and now it’s the regular world. We are going to uh yeah go over. All of the new things in the changelog today and the change log together consider subscribing to my channel if you like this sort of content, news, uh and things like that. In addition, we are going to be doing this change. Look just a little different than usual i’m, not going to read 12 pages. We are going to go over each one and i’m going to do my best to show the change log and show the item. At the same time, as best i can with my professional editing, i hope you enjoy it if you don’t enjoy it and you really want it to go back the other way. Let me know, but i feel like people really want to kind of just go straight to the point and see the new items in game that’s. It uh. We are gon na, go through it quickly and uh if you want to read the whole entire changelog. Of course, there is a link to that in the description below before we jump in i’m. Gon na mention, archaeology archaeology has been moved indefinitely, so there is no no thought that the archaeology is going to be in part two.

Hopefully it doesn’t disappear forever and actually comes to us in some form. Part two will include all of the world generation options: lush caves, higher mountains and lower grounds, the deep dark, dewarded and everything to do with shulkers or skulkers. Let me rephrase that are all moved to part two so get to terms with that we’re gon na look over what we have new mobs and all uh right now, and the first thing that we are going to look at today guys is the three new mobs. The three new mobs are the goat, the axolotl and the glow squid so starts off with the goat right here guys. The goat is uh yeah, a pretty unique creature, it’s, actually uh, just a goat, there’s, a baby, goat, there’s, a big goat. The horn will be a thing at some point in time, they’re going to drop that horn when they hit trees and we’re going to be using the horn for something guys. They are very good at climbing they’re gon na headbutt stuff that they don’t like uh. They have decreased, fall, damage and uh. Beware: they’re mischievous they’re gon na knock, you off the mountain uh. They may drop that horn, but that’s not in this update. This is gon na be uh in the next update as well. So axolotl guys here’s the axolotl right here supposed to be in water, it’s gon na spawn in the water uh underground. That said, uh they can breed.

We breed these guys with a tropical fish bucket that’s right tropical fish bucket. So, basically, you can’t tame them, but you can breed them. By doing this, that said, look we got our baby axolotl. This ram is this goat is going to do this axolotl so hard uh. We are going to talk about the axolotl, basically they’re, going to attack fish squids and drowns uh in addition to guardians, of course, they’re going to come in all of these colors. Unfortunately, there is not, unfortunately, but fortunately there is a blue variant. That’S going to be a super rare one and it’s going to start when a blue one breeds they’re going to dry out, they don’t like it above the water here it’s going to make them mad. Eventually, they’re going to die, you can see them shaking already it’s, not a good thing, so we could actually just save them for a second right there, but that’s only going to last a little bit last but not least uh. If you uh beat up the axolotl he’s gon na play dead, uh there’s at least a small chance, he’s gon na play dead. I think you have to hit him a little bit and there you go so basically, once he plays dead like this, you can’t hit him, you can’t target him, nothing happens and yeah. If you kill a creature that was attacking an axolotl with you, then you get regeneration for a period of time.

How awesome is that, last but not least, we’re gon na go over here with this silly squid guys. No one wanted this squid. We wanted the ico. Logger that’s, okay, dream is a wally dream made everybody pick glow squid the one positive that we get from glow squid is glow signs, so glow squid is very easy. It’S gon na see the glow right. So i mean we have our little uh right here night. They glow pretty shiny they’re, not uh. You know overly shiny. That said, they’re gon na give us something super cool, something super cool is glow signs and glow item frame. So basically, you make the glow item frame by uh, using the glow ink sack and putting it in an item frame. Then, when you put something in an item frame, the item frame will glow. We can use the same technique and grab a glow ink sac and make a sign glow, so let’s go ahead and make it red first and then let’s make a sign, glow, bright. Nice you can make even just solid black glow looks weird fair enough. You can also die size, different colors and uh from what i understand right here. You can actually un glow by using a regular ink sack. So how awesome is that the three new mobs done done and done added to minecraft, and that brings us into the next round of items guys right here. We have our very first look at the pointed drip stone so guys pointed drip.

Stone is a super cool item in the game. Basically, they will come down from the ceilings. They will also come up from the ground if you land, on top of this guy you’re, going to take some damage, not good for you we’re in creative right now. So you can’t see that they will also have a collection animation. So, as you can see, it collects lava and water it will continuously fill. This will definitely change the game with regards to some sort of lava creation device, because now it’s an infinite source and awesome at that again, where these generate exactly is not specifically shown but it’s super cool. If you break the item above the stalagmite, i guess we could probably do that right here. If you break it, it falls right and it falls and it hits the people in the head and yeah very good, very deadly. Make your traps out of it. If you want and yeah they have dripping water done and done so over here, powdered snow, guys, powdered snow is kind of uh. You know the weird one. Basically, goats will dodge the powdered snow. If you go in the powdered snow, you’re gon na get cold just like this and you’re going to sink in and you’re going to need to come out right. But if you have leather boots on you will not sink in the powdered snow. You will be hunky. Dory ready to party and uh yeah, it looks kind of like snow, but it’s a little different and yeah let’s keep going so and a smaller change right here.

Basically, the sound sliders now will change. The sounds. Uh will change this. The volume of the sounds, but it will also give you a example sound, so you know which ones you’re changing guys. How awesome is that now let’s go over a few new things, so uh right here, you’ll notice, we have our new friend, copper, guys. Copper is a brand new ore in the game. You can see it right here. It will uh spawn in the world. Copper is going to be useful for several different things. The main thing is: copper blocks, you’re, going to be able to get copper, ingots you’re going to be able to get. You know what let’s just do this cop there you go. So all the different forms of copper, guys stairs slabs blocks bricks, all the jazz. In addition to this guys, we can always come out here and you can polish copper, yes, polishing. Copper is a thing, so basically you’re going to lock it in so uh oxidative is oxidization is gon na happen, so the longer the copper and uh yeah so guys super awesome super cool. Basically, you take a honeycomb and you stop it from growing anymore. So it’s gon na get greener and greener until you use the wax and the wax will stop it. I already waxed this one and yeah and yeah in addition, yeah pretty cool, pretty cool. Last but not least, with the copper guys, we are going to be able to get lightning rods.

You can see right here. We have lightning rods. Lightning rods will attract all lightning within a 64 block radius. That’S awesome because you know, if you use a lot of wool in your build, sometimes you might have had your build set on fire. This will do it in addition, it’s going to emit a redstone signal when you hit it. This is only going to happen with a channeling one when it’s raining so uh yeah. If you go here, it doesn’t work in the snow. I already did a little bit of testing but uh yeah. If you do this – and i think i did it right over here – you’ll see there’s a little, you can’t do it in the snow it won’t actually trigger. But as soon as you come out of the snow, you’ll notice that uh yeah, the lighting rod, will get a strike. How awesome is that you can hear it. The sounds are a little weird for me today. I don’t know what’s going on with that. But hey you know: what can you do let’s go over here and clear this up, or else mobs are gon na stop spawning so that’s the overall look at copper um. There is something else that’s made with copper we’ll go up to that one after let’s. Do the deep slate now so so deep slate is basically cobble stone but deeper. You notice. We basically have every form of deep slate here, even though the world doesn’t go as high or low as originally planned.

This is still in the game, so we have basically all the ores in the deep slate version. So we have iron gold diamond lapis, emerald, redstone, coal and copper, which i just showed uh, yeah and uh. Whenever they’re in uh deep states, you know deep places, it’s gon na be this and yeah. Basically, everything comes into different form. We’Ve got tile stairs deep slate tile. We got the walls, we got half slabs every single form of deep slate right here, even chiseled, deep slate, so very simple, very cool, very awesome. That gives me just a quick one to explain guys. Basically, what we have now is no longer do we get the actual block when we mine iron or gold or are not diamonds but iron or gold uh. We will actually get the ore block. So if you look over here now, uh we’re gon na go like this and and you basically just look up raw, so basically you’re gon na be able to get the actual. So you can see here gold. So now, when you mine gold, when you mine, a gold block like that you’re gon na now get raw gold, the big thing about this guys is: you can now use fortune on gold and iron once you have all of these blocks. You’Re gon na see they also go into block form so uh. Basically, the raw form of iron, just doesn’t, exist anymore same with gold. You won’t have these in your collection, all you’re going to get.

Is these ones with raw gold, the raw iron? And you can pack those into blocks as well. This is a raw block of copper and this is a raw block of gold, and this is a raw block of iron, i’m, pretty sure and yeah, so guys. The new way to mine you get fortune on all your stuff, so uh let’s do one more thing. Here we did copper, we did the lightning. We did everything let’s jump over to the lush cave blocks now and okay. So here we have all of the lush cave blocks. Basically, what we’re doing here is showing all of the lush cave blocks. We don’t have actual lush caves, yet these are all going to be attainable in game. Somehow some way so we’re just gon na go over them, i feel like wandering trader, is gon na, be a key place that people will find these, and for now that said, you’re gon na notice we have rooted dirt is a new item rooted dirt will create Things like this, so basically there’s rooted dirt right here so rooted dirt is going to let you have hanging roots rooted dirt hanging roots. This is a thing not sure where they’re gon na spawn uh, but these are definitely a thing. Glow berries, guys glow berries glow at night. Do we need to show you uh? I think i have a nighttime here. We’Ll do that after but glowberries glow at night, they’re meant to light up.

The caves we have azalea bushes, flowered azalea leaves so flowered azalea leaves, we have azalea leaves these ones here are flowering, azalea and regular azalea. So you can see, leaves they’re gon na be on the tree. You can plant an azalea tree bone meal, it like usual um. I hope i don’t do it right there. I think you can do it right there. I don’t want to ruin my whole world, but you can bone me of the azalea. It comes out like that. In addition, you can see our new little potted plants is the cool new thing. You can go ahead and use a potted plant and put your azaleas in. It looks like a bonsai tree super cool and nice. We have our fun little moss here, so moss block, guys moss block is a whole bunch of moss, and this is regular moss. The regular moss grows is kind of like a carpet let’s go ahead and grab some bone meal and do a little thing here. So bang bone meal so i’m pretty sure we can be bone mealing this guy all day, long or yeah. So you you can bone meal the actual block, not the carpet. So when these guys are gone, then you bone meal it it comes over it again again. We’Ve switched some regular blocks here actually into moss blocks, so super awesome, super cool. We of course, have our blossoms. How awesome is this for blossoms they’re generally going to go on the sides on the underneath sides? You know basically stuff like that looks cool.

All of these lush cave blocks, guys they just don’t exist uh. I guess naturally, they’re gon na be in the game. Uh we’re gon na find out the full extent, but i feel like the wandering trader is one of the ways, in addition to a small probability that we can’t find some naturally, i hope so, i’m jumping in the same as you to find out now so uh Geodes guys geodes is another thing: we’re going to have super cool, awesome, geos they’re, going to be found in earth. It’S actually super awesome, because these are gon na be in the game right now and yes, so let’s go over here and just tell you so we’re gon na have all the different forms of so. First of all, a geode is in the earth. This is what it looks like: bang inside is the amethyst, the amethyst and the copper is going to be used to also make a spyglass, so let’s do over here. Basically, the parts of the geode are going to be this guy right here. The calcite we’re going to have the tough tough is a random block, that’s going to exist in the world under y16. That said, not sure exactly where it flows in, but this is definitely the tough block it’s gon na be in blobs. I remember reading the thing – and it said it’s gon na be in blob. So but calcite is one of the members of this other guy, and this guy right here is smooth basalt.

So i feel like the smooth bath salts over there, that’s pretty cool. So this guy right here, large amethyst, buzz, listen and they get bigger and bigger. You can use little ones, big ones. These are going to be inside as well once you have enough of them. Of course, you could make entire amethyst blocks that make weird noises as well and, of course, budding amethyst blocks, so uh very simple stuff. All of it has to do with the geodes. And yes, what do we do with all these geodes? Well, the main thing is the spy glass, so let’s go over here spyglass, and this is a super cool one. Whoa it’s a goat. So basically, this is a super cool. One watch us wow, we’re, looking at the village across the way, looks cool. So basically, they kind of slowed it down here, um and yeah. So when you’re in here it doesn’t go as fast right, you’re kind of slowed down a bit awesome. I think it’s super cool it’s like optifine, for those of you that used optifine in the past, but look all the way. Let’S see there’s a go. Wow super zoom. I like it. I really like the addition of that super cool awesome. Let’S. Do the glow, lichen um, glow lichen is another big one right here. I guess uh wow. The sounds are weird today i feel like the sounds are off but um. Where do we have day and night so day and night’s over here, uh night, so we’ll do our glow like in mobs, are going to start spawning, but so glow lichen is here you’re going to it doesn’t light up as much because we’ve got some lava here, But you could boat, you could bone meal.

The glow lichen like this, like around the glow lichen. I guess, is what you do. So if this was gone, you could bone meal beside it, but it glows. I don’t feel it glows that good. If it’s really dark here, you would see a lot more glow it’s, not exactly the craziest glow, so uh. That said, night day, bang guys don’t forget to smash that, like before you go don’t forget as well to subscribe to my channel for uh yeah we’re gon na start doing tutorials for this any of the new items that exist guys glow like it, i know, is One of them lava lava collecting with these uh stalagmites and the stalactites. We are going to do a bunch of tutorials that have to do with farming any of this stuff over the next couple days. Guys pay attention whoa, the llama just did the goat hard look at that was like get out of here, probably rammed them deserved it whoa.