17 item from minecraft i’m going to start off with the amethyst geode amethyst geos naturally generate underground. They generate with three layers, so the smooth result – the calcite and also the block of amethyst, and also this block of amethyst – contains some budding amethyst. All these amethyst blood can be obtained for silk touch pickaxe, so you can obtain all of them like this, and you can obtain a block of amethyst with any pickaxe whatsoever. So i’m gon na use my fortune pickaxe now for fortune pickaxe you can’t obtain any of these. You can only obtain this, which will give you the amethyst shards this building amethyst you won’t be able to get anything from it. So if i break it, you won’t pick up anything i’m: a fish geo to use to craft a spy glass. So i’ll show you the crafting recipe so there’s, a spyglass and it’s also used for tinted glass too, and this is the crafting recipe for tinted glass. Smooth basalt and calcite require pickaxe to pick them up next we’re, going to move on to every single, deep state item, including the oars, and also the building blocks deep slate generates randomly in large clusters underground. If you mine, deep slate with a silk touch, pickaxe, it will drop as normal deep slate if you drop it with a normal pickaxe, so a normal fortune, pickaxe or any old pickaxe would do actually you’ll get cobbled deep slate. Now, these all blocks are pretty much just the same as normal all blocks, except they take a little bit longer than mine, so they silk touch them.

You get the normal all block and they’re unfortunate i’ll just get the normal drops even with diamonds. You can get deep slate diamonds, which look really cool. You can make all the deep slate variations by using the cobble deep slate and putting it into a stone cutter, and you can just craft them like this. You can get whichever one you want and you can also get the polished we get rid of polished, put the polished in, and i can get the deep slate tiles to get all the deep slate variations by just using the stone cutter, it’s, actually really cheap compared To the crafting table top generates around the same areas deep slate, and it generates a little bit less so you’ll be able to get less tough. Raw ores are a new item found when mining, either gold, iron or copper ore. So i’ve got an example over here. So if i’m, using fortune three and my minus copper, i get two copper, three iron and three gold. You can also use these rural ores to craft them into the raw all blocks and, if you’re wondering how to get the ores, the raw ores into normal iron or normal copper, you just have to smell them. So here is copper over here and it comes in those different variations and here are the variations. This is not including the wax variations, because the bank’s variations are pretty much the same and i’m going to show you all the recipes which you can get.

So i really show you the spyglass, with the amethyst geodes so i’m, going to show you the lightning rod. The lining rock can be crafted like this and you can get a lightning rod now if you want to block you’re just going to have to craft it. Like this and you get a block of copper now, you can also use a stone cutter on the block cover so put the block. Copper inside you can make copper, slabs and also stairs. Copper has four different stages, so you’ve got the oxidized, copper you’ve got the weathered. Copper you’ve got a slightly weathered. Copper and you’ve just got normal, copper, so a block of copper and there’s four different variations to get the waxed variations of the copper. You just have to wax it like this, so you use honeycomb and you just wax it. You know that you’ve planked it because the particles will show and it’s yellow particles if you unwax it to get the unwax variation, then just use an axe on it and it will unwax the copper next we’re going to move on to drip stone. So here are drip stones right here and the drip center block and you can actually grow drip stone by using this little set up here and the gypsum will slowly grow down and you do have to have water up here to make sure that it actually grows. Drip zone can naturally generate in the world, but it is quite rare.

You can also buy drip stone from the wondering trader over here and it’s only for one emerald, which is pretty cheap. Actually, you can also make the drip zone block by crafting drip zone like this, and you get a drip stone block. Glow lichen can actually generate in caves and will not grow because it needs bone meal, but it will just naturally generate randomly in caves. You are able to bow meal glow liking like this and it’ll grow in a random direction, and you can also collect it with shears. Most blocks can be found in groups of up to four in shipwrecks. Most blocks can be bone milled and they can override. All of these blocks, turning them all into moss blocks, so i’ll show you an example here. So we’ll turn all of these into moss blocks and also when you bow millet, it also spawn grass and also moss carpet, and you can also get the azalea and also the flowering azalea from burmalingo, too small drip leaves can be obtained from the wandering trader. It only costs one emerald for two and you can also obtain moss blocks from the wandering trader too. Now small drip leaves, if i place one down and if i bone mill it i will get a big drip leaf. This is how you get. The big drip leaves and you can just keep bombing it to make it bigger and bigger, and you get more items from when it breaks.

Glowberries can only be obtained from mineshaft chests. So i open it up here. You can see. Glowberries inside glowberries can be bone. Milled like this to get the actual glowberries themselves, you can pick up the glow, berries and place it down here to make them even bigger, and they do actually naturally grow themselves. Anyway. Now the azalea and the flowering azalea can be bone meals, so i’ll go with the first one, and this will turn them into azalea trees. So, as you can see that turned into azalea tree and also another zodia tree, this one might take a bit longer. So this also turns the ground into the rooted dirt, and this rooted dirt can be bone milled to get hanging roots, and you can break the hanging roots with shears to get the actual item itself. Now, if you want the leaves, so if you want the azalea leaves and also the flowering azalea leaves you’re gon na have to use either shears or you can use a silk touch hoe to obtain them. You can also get rooted dirt from the wandering trader, so one emerald for two roasted dirt, which is not that bad, actually, next we’re going on to the axolotl and also the glow, squid axolotls and glow squids will naturally spawn in underwater water areas. These underwater ravines is the perfect area for close goods and also axolotl to spawn so glow squads and axolotls will spawn down here so first let’s start off with the axolotl, so the ancestor.

So the item that you can get from the axolotl is the axolotl. In a bucket, so the way you get, that is by just finding an axolotl, and you just right click like this, and you can pick out the axolotl and you can ancelotta in a bucket now onto the glow squid. So over here is the glow, squid and the way to obtain its new item, the glow ink. You have to kill the glow squid. So if i kill the glow squid like that, i get glow ink sacks now. The item that we’re going to be crafting now is the glow item frame. So if i go into my crafting inventory – and i go like this and like that, i can craft the glow item frame. So if i put down the sign and just write something like i don’t know, i just write a bunch of random letters and put done as you can see. You can’t really see it that easily. But if i put some glow ink on it, you can see it really well and it’s also glows in the dark too. So you can actually see it really nicely. Next onto the onto the goat and powder snow, so powdered snow over here now powder snow generates inside cauldrons when it snows. So if it snows and the snow is on the cauldron, so it’s high enough or in the right biome for it to snow, then the cauldron will start filling up with snow and this snow could be collected with a bucket and it’s actually proud to snow.

So over here is the ice spike spine, and this is the perfect biome for powder snow to form so power. The snow will start to form a little bit like this in these cauldrons, and it can be collected by buckets boots will naturally spawn in extreme hill biome next we’re going to move on to the candles so to craft candles. You need the honeycomb and you’re going to need, string and put honeycomb here and string here. You get a candle. If i want a dominant candle, any color i get whatever die color. I have and put in the crafting book like that and you get the cyan candle now. If i want to light the candle, because at the moment, it’s not listed at all i’ll light it and it emits light right now and it’s the same color as this now onto the last items, so the spool bottom, the bundle and also the skull center can’t. Actually be obtained in survival minecraft, the spore wilson can be found in the creative menu, but the bundle and the stock sensor can’t. So these two are still in development right now. They’Ve just released them in snapshots and didn’t want to get rid of them. So they’ve just put them in the commands, so you can actually summon them with commands. Now in creative. You can get this from the creator menu for some reason you can’t get it in survivor at the moment. If you have any questions about any of the items covered today in this video, make sure to leave a comment down below, because i won’t be able to answer any questions whatsoever and i missed any blocks or any items whatsoever, make sure to leave a comment down Below about that, too, because i’ll add that into the pink comment, because the pink comment will be any information i’ve missed, if you want to you, can subscribe to this youtube channel, it’s all your choice because, like it’s your subscription.

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