Today, we’re going to be talking about ticker symbol, f, f s, l y fastly i’ll be giving you an overview of the company, tell you what they do and how they make money stick around to the end for new developments in the company stock forecasts and price Targets by the end of this video, you should be able to determine if investing in fastly is right for you. Fastly operates an edge cloud platform for processing serving and securing its customers. Applications in the united states, the asia, pacific europe and internationally. The edge cloud is a category of infrastructure as a service that enables developers to build, secure and deliver digital experiences at the edge of the internet it’s a programmable platform designed for web and application delivery. The company offers compute at edge developer hub. That includes solution. Library patterns and recipes api and language, references change, logs and fastly, fiddle solutions, device, detection and geolocation edge dictionaries, edge access, control list and edge authentication and services; full side delivery services such as dynamic site acceleration, origin shield, instant purge surrogate keys, real time, login and stats, And cloud optimizer services and streaming solutions and services, including live streaming, media shield and origin connect. It also provides edge security solutions such as ddos protection, edge web application, firewall transport layer, security platform, tls and compliant services, unified web application and api production solutions that include runtime self application, protection, advanced rate, limiting api protection, account takeover protection, bot management and next generation waf.

In addition, the company offers edge applications such as load balancers and image optimizers video on demand and managed edge delivery services. It serves customers operating in digital publishing, media and entertainment technology, online, retail travel and hospitality, and financial technology services industries. Why fastly? The future of business starts with developers, expectations for websites and apps are at an all time high if they aren’t fast, secure and highly personalized users take their business elsewhere, but today’s most innovative companies are thriving by meeting this challenge head on they’re choosing fastly and an Investment in their developers with fastly’s, powerful edge cloud platform developers get the tools they need to build the most groundbreaking apps, all optimized, for speed security and scale. So businesses can effectively transform to compete in today’s markets together they are building the future of the web. Digital experiences have transformed the way we live our lives over the past decade. The expectations for digital experiences have increased dramatically. Fastly is a leading edge cloud platform. We empower developers to innovate at the edge and securely deploy their applications close to the users at global scale. Developers are using our platform to build the next generation of fast dynamic, secure and reliable applications. Fastly we’re, behind the best of the web in a press release dated, may 5th 2021 fastly announces first quarter, 2021 financial results, fastly provider of an edge cloud platform today posted its financial results for the first quarter, 2021.. We had in an outstanding quarter, delivering revenue of nearly 85 million up 35 year over year, said joshua bixby, ceo of fastly.

We are observing that many of the trends that emerged last year appear to have become permanent, even as the world begins to reopen. Fastly is uniquely positioned to serve companies as they adjust to this new reality by seamlessly combining delivery, edge, computing and security. We are more confident than ever in our ability to deliver on our edge cloud mission and we will continue investing in it to position our company for future growth. Fastly analysts, stock forecasts and price targets based on nine wall street analysts offering stock ratings for fastly in the last three months rating hold, based on nine analysts offering 12 month price targets for fastly in the last three months. The average price target is 64.43, with a high forecast of 90 and a low forecast of 46 dollars. The average price target represents a 36.19 percent increase from the last price of 47.31. At this time, i feel fastly is still overpriced and it’s going to take an enormous amount of growth to justify its current valuation. The stock, however, is trading at a discount compared to its price. Late last year, on may 5th, 2021 after fastly offered disappointing guidance in its first quarter earnings report the stock took a hit it bounced off a weak support level around ‘. A share it fastly continues to decline. A stronger support level is around twenty four dollars. A share based on the charts. My price target is around 116 dollars a share in the next 18 to 36 months.

Keep in mind. Fastly still has outstanding potential. If you decide to buy fastly, it will be because of its edge computing platform, which offers load speeds that are up to a hundred times faster than its rivals. If fastly can beat us 2021 guidance, the stock should steadily recover the long term. Gross story is still intact and the company might make a good takeover candidate. High stock valuations are coming down on growth stocks across the board, and this stock is no different. All growth stocks experience significant price wings, both up and down so be prepared. Keep these grow stocks on your radar and, if you like, what you see, buy a small position and add to it over time whenever you can buy these growth stocks on pullbacks, create a position and hold for the long term. Each position you create for your portfolio should only be around two to five percent of your total portfolio. Growth companies like fastly, are where you want to put your long term investment dollars and when you can get it on sale, it’s a good thing. Fastly operates an edge computing cloud platform, load speeds that are up to 100 times faster than its rivals: strong top line growth of 35 year over year average analyst 12 month price target 64.43 buy and hold for the long term. The stock market is a great way to build long term wealth focus on investing in emerging companies that appear poised to grow at an above average rate, buy and hold, and search for investments you believe, will perform well over many years.

This strategy requires investors to carefully evaluate and re, evaluate each and every one of their investments on an ongoing basis for their long term. Growth prospects buying and holding stock saves time and money. You would have spent day or swing trading and often beat the returns of the more active stock trading strategies, consider adding, buy and hold socks to your portfolio. There is a lot to like about them. Great opportunities for both profitability and growth, along with the lower risk, can make them an excellent addition to your portfolio. Do some research and find a couple of good buy and hold stocks? You’Ll be glad you did don’t get anxious or distressed when the stock market, dips or even drops in the short term hold on to stock investments, stay the course and re evaluate each and every one of your investments on an ongoing basis. Believe in the stocks you choose and their long term potential through those short term market dips, remember there is no guaranteed in the stock market, but you can get an edge by doing your due diligence.