As we re look at all the teasers that epic games sent me directly, letting us know all the hunters that are coming this season and we’ve got. Some awesome surprises to look at. If you want to get yourself a legendary weapon. Have your next fortnite chest just hit the thumbs up button it’s as easy as that and whilst you’re down there hit that subscribe button for all the latest fortnite news and information. The official alien shop is linked down below ali. A dot shop pick something up. The comfiest hoodies t shirts and hats link down below it’s safe to say that agent jonesy has visited many worlds for this fortnight season to draw in as many hunters as he can and with the secret scheme being predator, which literally went live yesterday. I’M. Sure all of you guys have unlocked him just in case you haven’t or you’re, struggling with any of the challenges, maybe completing them in the background here as well. So you can follow along yourself a few of the ones that sound trickier that can be made a lot easier include taking down predator, which flashbacks to the horrible experience of taking down wolverine is actually made, thankfully, a little bit easier. As long as you deal some damage to the predator and somebody else even takes him down, you’ll be rewarded with the unlock as well. That’S, amazing, and also the challenge says, need to deal damage whilst thermal is active whilst being the predator can be misunderstood, and i definitely did this by thinking.

You need to do it whilst using a new mythic cloaking device. That’S, not the case. You can’t attack, whilst using the mythic cloaking device. You need to find yourself a thermal flopper pop that on deal some damage, you’re good to go so we’ve got predator we’ve got master chief we’ve even got people from the walking dead, the biggest teasers, letting us know. What’S coming next for these hunters have been coming out to the zero point itself, with portals landing on the map. Getting us a good look into what’s coming next and who’s gon na be arriving on the fortnite world, we’ve had master chief we’ve had the walking dead, we’ve had black panther now, predator and next up the latest portal near steamy stacks will be bringing us an awesome. Addition in the form of characters from the terminator now i say, characters with an s at the end for a very good reason, but fun fact before we take a closer look at the portal which characters will be getting from the terminator. This is actually teased a little bit earlier with the launch of a leather action shotgun this season, the lever, action, shotgun, reload animation, actually mimics the infamous reload animation that the terminator himself uses within the terminator films, where he flips the shotgun around to reload it so That gun actually represents the weapon usage from the terminator film, this isn’t the first time this has happened. It was actually massively overlooked.

If you go back to chapter one season, nine, two of the biggest weapon editions that season were the tactical assault rifle and the combat shotgun. That theme also saw the introduction of the official john wick skin. It even had the hotel from the john wick films as well within the center point of the fortnite map, but the tactical ar and the combat shotgun were pulled directly out of the john wick films. So a lot of these weapons, we know as fortnite weapons actually draw inspiration from other films and thought that i’ve done it again with a lever, action, shotgun and teasers for terminator. Now, going back to the portal, which is now touching down at steamy stacks, we can look into what seems to be a very serious vault on the other side of the portal. Well, this is actually called the cyberdyne building and it’s the volt within that from the second terminator. We take a look at the short clip from the film. We can see them actually going into the vault. The vault is clearly opened so it’s letting us know that the terminator world is coming into fortnite fun. Fact. The music from the teaser from the portal actually matches up with the music played in that exact scene as well. But will we actually get the terminator himself because something’s throwing us off a little bit here, there’s a new reality log from fortnite i’ll play that now have a listen realitylog 991, when you’re dealing with the zero point behind the scenes and on the battlefield it’s hard.

Finding anyone who understands what you’re going through on this latest stop, though i met a hero that can relate impending global doom time. Travel paradoxes: oh yeah, she’ll fit right in, and the audio log clearly mentions a female escape from the terminator world, but no obvious mention of a giant metal robot coming along good news is: if we look at the description for this reality log, it clearly says a Ruthless machine and a protector from the future. If you go back a few weeks to the patch notes, it says that agent jonesy is bringing a few big guns. Big guns, obviously terminator with the next pair of hunters, to join the chaos there’s a chance that, when you’re watching this one or maybe even both of the terminator skins will be in the store already if they are go ahead. Pop and code ali guys, just like all of these on screen here, you can get a shout out in my videos. You can also use codalia in the epic game store and on the cod store. So, thank you, everyone so much the skins we expect to get include sarah connor from the terminator films, looking absolutely badass and, of course, alongside that we’d hope to see the actual good old, arnie terminator himself, potentially in his full metal version or maybe even half human Half metal version, or maybe even a version that allows him to swap between both either way, if only one comes to the store at the moment, hopefully another one later, maybe both at the same time.

This information definitely suggests two will be coming. But what is next? The hunters are definitely not over agent. Jonesy is still trying to find more people and i’ve got lots of notes, letting us know who’s coming on screen here i took a picture from when fortnite sent me a massive bag from agent jones himself. In fact, the one that was in his office in the season trailer containing a list of all the hunters he wanted to hunt down and bring him to the island for this season. Few of the obvious ones ticked off include the ones within the battle pass itself. I’Ve added on maeve and her shark tooth necklace and we can go ahead and add in predator, for the mud mask to escape his thermal vision, ability that the predator has and the sunglasses option. I’D say we’re. Pretty confident now is tied to the terminator and his infamous black glasses. Now, whether or not there is two teasers on here for the two terminator skins, i’m, not 100 sure but let’s go down, have a look hand wraps here. Is i mean some sort of boxer still don’t know what that one is. Let me know if you got an idea: the scratcher, which has a gold hand at the end of it, that one’s a lot more obvious. I’Ll, put a lot of v bucks down on the fact that that is the female mida skin and it’s. Actually, due to come out, we believe, alongside the february crew skin pack every month, if you signed up to the crew, you get yourself an awesome skin.

It was the green era. This season, the female mida skin, was obviously shown with one of the loading screens in this season’s battle pass, so it makes sense to come out. Whilst this season is still active, space, bananas um, an astronaut master chief, is probably one of the best bets here. We have had the master chief already now i was holding out that maybe they’d have samus aaron from the metroid series from nintendo, but no big crossover from nintendo and fortnight, yet, unfortunately, ant farm could very well see ant man last season. With the marvel theme, we obviously had the ant man area and the black panther area, but didn’t get their skins. We then did get the black panther skin this season, so it makes sense if they continued that trend to add an ant man to cover off the fact that we didn’t get it last season. The candy still has massive ties to the matrix and the red and blue pill, and if i am correct in saying yes, the matrix is going to have a fourth installment and it looks like it could come out this year, the end of this year. So that would tie in to a big crossover within fortnite 2 to hype that up the rations some sort of soldier tie in there i’ve down as master chief or terminator, but if we tick them off already on the list that stays the blank. If you guys got any ideas, what that could be, let me know tokens witcher toss.

A coin deal witcher, the infamous song for the new witcher netflix series could be tied in, for that and the baseball bat could be either the walking dead if you’ve seen already, because there was ties to the very menacingly looking barbed wire covered baseball bat from the Walking dead or my shot was potentially the tf2 scout skin, as that was a crossover recently within full guys if you’ve got any other ideas would fill in things differently. Do let me know down below, but we’re left with only really a few more to tick off. This list we’re getting close to having all of the hunters here within the world to stop us leaving the fortnight map. Since the zero point is exposed, man whatever happens in this end of season event, it’s gon na be crazy. Again, a big thanks to everyone using code alia, you guys are amazing. Don’T forget to check out the officially a merch link in description, more videos on screen here to keep on watching quickly.