Today we are going to talk about the monks leafline star chart for february 2021.. This month we are starting to use the yearly chart for the year of the ox, because the chinese new year or the lunar new year is on february 12th, so it’s the start of the new year and in feng shui. We separate the monks by the 24 solar turns, and this february month starts from the legion or the start of the spring that’s, the february 3rd, on the western calendar. Until march 5th, that’s called the insect awake or jingju that’s, one of the 24 solar turns and based on the name of the solar turns you can get the basic idea. You can see the meaning behind it. Another solar turn during this time is called the rain water it’s on february 18th and from the name you can tell that’s around the time. We tend to get a lot of spring rain and if you want the whole list of the 24 solar turns, you can check out our 2021 phone straight planner. For the year of the x. We have the pdf download version on our website or you can find paperback version on amazon now going back to the monthly flying star chart this month we have number five in the center and you probably know that number 5 is a star of misfortune. It can be related to illness, money, loss or any type of misfortune, since we are also in the beginning of the lunar year, you probably set up your phone shape, based on your yearly chart already the yearly chart and the monthly flying star chart are just for General reference: there are many factors that can affect the energy of your house and different directions.

It can be related to your house direction and the construction date, the people living in the house and their birth charts. If you know other detailed chart, that’s based on your house direction or your birth chart, you can certainly reference to those charts. The monthly chart here is more for a general starting point. You can always add more personalized information. Here is the combination chart for february 2021 and, as usual, we have the monthly chart on the right combining with the yearly chart and the period chart. The period hr lasts for 20 years. So this one is more long term and you probably don’t see any significant change, so we can focus on the monthly and yearly chart combination and we will start with the center and go clockwise. I try to simplify the analysis, so i have the rating by the stars and cross sign. The cross sign is for the health concern and the stars are for your lucky index. In the center we have six five and eight the number six white star and the number eight white stars are very auspicious. They can bring you money, luck, fame, helpful people or good luck in career. The only negative star here is number five and that can bring illness accident or unexpected misfortune. So in february we can place metal fungi cure here to reduce the number five stars – energy in the eating hexagram. The sixth unbroken line is a symbol of the most young energy, so you can display six rod, metal, wind, chime or six bronze spells as feng shui cure in this area.

The next direction is west and we have seven eight and one stars. This combination can indicate increased wealth, lack fame and increased relationship, luck, that’s the peach blossom lock in feng shui. So overall, this is a lucky area, especially good for intellectual or literary type of business. This is a great location to set up money enhancers here. The only negative part is the number seven that can bring in quarrel fighting or relationship trouble, but overall energy is still very positive here. The next direction is northwest. We have six seven and nine. The number six and seven combination is a classic sword. Phi combination based on the flying star, feng shui theory and both six and nine belongs to the metal element. That’S, why it can cause argument accident or any legal trouble, and the number nine is a very auspicious star, usually related to festive events and it’s, a fire star. The fire controls the metal. So there will be some negative impact. It can be a rebalance kid money, loss or fire type of disease in chinese medicine and that’s, usually related to heat blood head and eyes, and the remedy is to add some earth element here to balance between the fire and metal. So you can display ceramic pot. Pottery or plants with soil, another element is water. It can reduce the metal element to reduce the fighting energy, so you can display salt, water cure or small water fountain here next one is the north.

We have one two and four stars: the number one and four stars are classic auspicious combination for intelligence, luck and it’s great for students or people who need to pass exam and get a promotion. So this is a very lucky location for study or office. If you are a student, you should spend more time in this direction during this month. The number two is an earth star and controls number one water star and the number four is a wool star controls number two earth star based on the five element theory. So there are many controlling cycles here and it can create some tension and relationship issues and the number two star is also an illness star, so this is also an area. We have to be careful if you are concerned about your health, so you can display metal objects to reduce the number two earth star and reduce the energy of this illness star. The next direction is north east. There are number eight, nine and number two stars here and eight and nine are very auspicious stars, especially during period, so this can mean increased wealth, career success, promotion and fame, and this is also a good place to set up a bedroom. If you are trying to have a baby and the number two star is an illness star so again we can display metal, feng, shui cures such as bronze bell, metal, clock or metal wind chime and avoid construction here during these months, but in general this is one Of the best directions in february, the next direction is east.

We have number three and four stars and both stars belong to wood element. This combination can mean relationship trouble or illness. The number six star belongs to metal element and metal controls the wood. So this is also a challenging relationship and they can bring illness, injury or legal trouble, and the water element can balance between wood and metal. So here we can display a small water, fountain or water plant or salt water cure here to balance the energy the next one is southeast. We have number four and five and seven. The number four star belongs to the wood element and controls the number five earth star and also the number seven is a metal star controls number four wood star. So there are some controlling cycles here that can bring out more negative qualities of the stars, and the number five star is also the misfortune star. So this combination can cause illness, legal trouble or relationship trouble. On the positive side, the number seven metal star can drain the number 5 earth star, so it reduce negative energy of the number 5 misfortune star and because of the number 5 star, we can display metal, feng shui cures again to reduce the power of the number 5 earth star the next one is the south. This is one of the best area in february 2021, we have number one and nine stars both are very auspicious stars that can bring prosperity, fame festive event and baby luck.

If you are trying to have a baby number, three star here belongs to wood element, so it can actually balance the fire of the number nine star and the water of the number one star. So it kind of balanced out the number one and number nine star. So south is a very auspicious direction in february 2021, so you can take advantage of that and spend more time in this direction, and this is a good direction to place any enhancers for general. Good luck or money luck. The next direction is southwest. We have number three two and five. The number three and two combination is the classic bullfi combination in the flying star, feng shui, so that’s very similar to six and seven the sword phi combination. There is a tendency for argument, fighting and legal trouble because number two is the illness star and number five is the misfortune star. So this has more negative energy during these months and we should watch out for our health and place metal, feng shui cure in this direction, so that’s all nine sections for february 2021 and the beginning of the chinese arks year.