This is an alphabet book that i’m going to share with you. I may not do all the letters but we’re going to go through and look at some of these names. Okay says a is for aretha franklin, aretha franklin, and if you don’t know these people ask your parents and see if they do b for ruby bridges, that’s, ruby bridges right. There c for bessie coleman, bessie coleman d for charles drew there’s charles drew for the letter d e. We have ella fitzgerald ella fitzgerald f is for fannie lou hamer fatty fanny. Lou hamer g is for granville woods there. You see that then let’s go to let’s. Go to i, i is for ice cream flavors by augustus jackson ice cream. Your problem remember that ah we’re going to talk about him. J is for lonnie, johnson, lonnie, johnson l for louis armstrong. We have m for may jameson and nelson mandela i’m. Pretty sure you might have heard of him right here, oh it’s, for barack obama, then we have p for miss. Rosa parks. Let’S skip a couple of more we’re, going to t for tuskegee airmen, the letter? U, for the underground railroad w for we wilma rudolph, wilmo, rudolph and let’s go finish with the letter. Z z is for zara neal hurston, so boys and girls we’re going to talk about some of these people. But i want you to look at all those people. They’Re all brown they all have made accomplishments in the world.

Some of them are not living anymore for a majority of the ones i shared with you. They are no longer with us, but they left their legacy behind that we can learn something from them. All right. Remember i read the story: what if there were no black people, i read that story and posted it up for you, we’re, going to be working on a book this week, called inventions by black americans says garrett, morgan and ben at the traffic light. Sarah boone invented the ironing board, so you can see the traffic light right there. You can see the ironing board you’re going to color those two pictures and you’re going to put the traffic light above garrett morgan’s head and the ironing board above sarah boone’s head let’s. Go to the next page, we’ll do two pa to um one or two things a day. Boys and girls says tj smith and bennett the lawn sprinkler. Thank you, mr smith, and there you see the lawn sprinkler. Then, as there’s a sentence, i used mr smith’s lawn sprinkler when tell me when you or somebody in your family use the lawn sprinkler. The next page alexander miles invented the elevator. Thank you, mr miles, and you can see the elevator is right. There you’re going to color and cut that out and there’s a little slit there for you to slide up and down for the elevator. Since i use mr miles elevator when, when do you get on an elevator talk about it with your family, write it right, there john standard invented the refrigerator.

Thank you, mr standard, and look at all those things all of these things. Don’T belong in the refrigerator. We have cheese, apple turtle, milk and carrot you’re, going to color those two pictures that belong in the refrigerator and glue them there and tell us how you used the refrigerator and the last page says mr ray invented the dustpan. Thank you, mr ray you’re. Gon na connect those dots from one to ten and create the part of the dustpan you’re gon na cut that out and put the room right with the dustpan. It says i use mr ray’s dustpan when and tell me when you use the dustpan now. My book is pretty much finished. Look at my book here and everybody’s faces will be brown no peach people when we’re talking about african american black history, okay, there’s, my traffic light there’s, my ironing board, my sprinkler would go right there. Okay, since i used mr smith’s lawn when the grass is dry, you have to water, the grass there’s my elevator look at that. It will slide up and down boys and girls there’s the elevator things that belong in a refrigerator there. You see and then there’s my dustpan with the room so each day, we’ll take two at a time and we’ll talk about these. When you finish, you’ll have a book that you can read and go back to and learn about those people who have made great accomplishments and helped our world become a better place for black history.

Okay, now let’s move on you’re gon na also work on a gentleman named louis latimer, louis latimer. There he is right there, louis latimer, okay, when you color louis lateral, make sure his whole face is brown men don’t have on lipstick. This is not his skin that’s. His shirt with a necktie, okay, louis vladimir, let me tell you a little bit about lewis latimer. It says louis vladimir was a pioneer in the development of the electorate, light bulb. He was the only black member of a group of scientists who it worked on the light bulb. The filament inside the light bulb that’s. How we get light. We can credit that to lewis latimer lewis, latimer and the light bulb. So when i ask you what lewis latimer did i want you to tell me that he put the filament in the light bulb? Okay, you will have a light bulb. You will only get one, it will look like this. I want you to tell me one way. You can keep your light shining in the world. You’Re gon na write how you can do that on the light bulb again we have lewis latimer. Let me show you what it looks like when you color louis latimer, with quality there’s lewis latimer. Everybody see that nice picture of louis latimer brown man, who invented the filament inside the light, bulb okay, all right now, let’s go back and we saw lonnie johnson a few minutes ago.

What is this right here? Do you know what that is right there? I bet you some of you have played with that. Who can tell me, let me give you just a second to look at that. What do you think that is what is that and there’s mr lonnie johnson right there there he is mr lonnie johnson did a great thing, especially for children, that is the what he invented the super soaker. How many of you have a super soaker at home? Put water in it, you spray and you get wet so lonnie johnson invented the super soaker you’re, going to color the super soaker and you’re going to trace those words.