One of the beautiful things about living in taiwan is that sometimes good things come early like right. Now it is black history month, that’s right, taiwan is 12 hours ahead of some places, america, where most of my audience is from, and it is black history month, one of my favorite months throughout the year because it’s all about us black people and how awesome we Are now if you checked out my last video, i asked you guys to guess what country you thought that video was from if you haven’t seen it pause. This video go to the one where it says, baby elephants falling down, check that one out and then guess put it in the comments. Let me know what you think, but before i get into what the answer is have a drink with now. As i said before, i’ve traveled to i think, 50 to 51 countries, so far a bunch of them, but because it’s black history month. I want to talk about the country that changed me. My life, my perspective, and this was an overall amazing experience. That i’m glad. I had the honor of having so that country is you ready, kenny, that’s right? I chased my lineage my roots back to kenya and i think about three and a half years ago, myself, patrick my cousin, his cousin took a trip to kenya, africa, one of the things i’m going to mention before i let you watch the intro video to that Was that it was amazing to hop off an airplane, walk around and see billboards and bulletins and faces and people that all look like me african people right they all look like me.

There wasn’t white person anywhere there wasn’t asian. It was just good to see just be in that space. You would think in america there will be communities that were like that and there are some, but you still get like a mix of different faces. But i mean billboards everything: just black black blackity black but check it out. Look at it and see what it was like. My first thoughts, my first feelings after one day in kenya check it out: Music, hey everybody! So, as you guys know, um i’ve well we’ve safely arrived in nairobi. Kenya um before uh on actually so how our trip started was we came from taiwan. We did a night in hong kong for about five or six hours, and then we went from hong kong to uh uh to dubai. Dubai first of all, has an amazing life flying on united emirates or uab or whatever you want to call it it’s an amazing experience. Seats are comfortable. They have big tvs in the front of it that give you unlimited adult beverages that includes wine beer and fancy things it’s, absolutely packaged in the back. It’S. Absolutely amazing love flying there. Their airport, though probably one of the biggest airports in the world um, did not enjoy walking legit on the airplane. They said it may take you 45 minutes to get to your next destination. That is a hundred and ten percent, true uh. So when you’re going to uab airport and you’re transferring you may get lucky and be put right where you need to be, but just walking from off the airplane to the middle or anywhere near anything, took us an extremely amount of time, but the lounge is there.

So you know, as you guys know well, you may not know this when you travel with cp travels when you go with us or when we meet you somewhere, which we do try to meet people somewhere if you’re flying from the same destination or somewhere close. You do get lounge access with us, so business clowns will access first class access. Thanks to our amazing uh coming up sponsors priority pass we’re gon na pub you guys um. So basically, when we have layovers we’re the longer short, we can stay in the lounges. The the uab lounge is amazing, uh, some of the best food so far taiwanese lounge step your game up, but uh uab, absolutely amazing, a good time so um after we came from there uh from dubai. We then flew from dubai to kenya. A little word to the wise um: they didn’t check our bag weight. The entire time from taiwan into kenya did not check our bag weight at all until we’ve. Until we got to the very dubai, the very last flight, because we have carry ons, we don’t check bags just keep it moving, go faster till the very last second, where they were like nah. You guys on the plane have to weigh your bags. So they weighed our bags. Of course our bags are overweight, because patrick has a thousand cameras and all this electronic stuff, because we do cpu travels all the time. My bag was overweight because it was overweight.

I mean i have cameras and stuff too, but they’re, not nearly as big as patrick’s, our fellow cpu traveler. You know our bags are overweight too, but basically it was either if your bag was one kilo, which is about 2.2 pounds, overweight had to pay 50 um. It was five to six pounds what two hundred dollars well yeah. I was uh what was six kilos: six kilos, overweight, overweight, oh no, six kilos, total overweight, totally me and uh steps: five uh! I have to pay two hundred dollars two dollars at the gate, so it wasn’t like oh yeah, we’ll, send you an invoice so you pass later it’s like nah and because it was so far away from the lounge. We were like. The gate was closing when we got there, so they either have to pay or leave stuff there and obviously you’re not going to leave your your good stuff behind you’re going to get it you’re going to pick it up and take it with you, so that happened So just so, you guys know be prepared, even if you get through the first two flights. You know your bags will get overweight. They might check you at the gate. Um at least united arab. The uab airline will so but nothing to worry, um, that’s kind of a bummer in the trip, but other than that just call it emirates, yeah emirates. I like seeing uav, though she’s not uav. I know that’s like saying that you ain’t sorry, i don’t know why.

You saying uab um but yeah so but other than that that was a little bit of a bummer, but other than that it was amazing. So um once we got to kenya, uh check in uh, you know going through customs in kenya was amazing. It was very easy. Uh people were great um, it was cool. Well, i guess one of the things that stood out to me. The most was that um it’s, all the black people, like everybody, mostly everybody we saw – was black and then once we left the airport, it was just good to be around um. Well, first time, we’ve been a long time which has been around only people that looked like us who looked like me, and it was this it was. It was an amazing feeling like we walked out the airport. Everybody was really nice um, like the girl that gave us the sim card to get internet and wi fi we’re. Here she was super nice. You know telling jokes to doesn’t make making us feel like we were at home, uh yeah. She was black. I sounded like something very obvious: right, like everybody in kenya is black, but man, but it’s, really like we’re we’re, seeing billboards it’s culture, it was yeah kind of a culture shock like all the billboards had brown people on like black people yeah i looked like there Was no like dash like asian or dash white, it was just straight up like black people, african people, black y’all, um, a black guy, so i mean that’s, nice it’s, amazing, to see so i i was like trying to think of a match like growing up and Seeing everyone like on everything that looked just like me, like i’m, not knocking, you know, america, for being you know, melting pot and being culturally diverse um, but i mean it’s really good.

I think we’ve all said it patrick and our other cp travelers it’s, definitely uh. We all said, like it’s, really good, like we’re, really looking forward to just being around people that look like us, like, i know when i’m in asia, people look at you funny or people stare. I speak chinese. They say: oh black man, little kid staring at you here, like no lily. Nobody pay me any attention. It’S like oh, like look another you’re, just another person and that’s that’s, just a that’s, a pretty it’s, a pretty good, comfortable feeling feeling i really enjoy um. So far so far again, we’ve only been here for a night. Welcome back patrick might cry. We almost cried in the airport, so i kind of want to give you guys, like uh, just a so something we put mosquito nets over them. We haven’t seen any mosquitoes, but just in case uh patrick’s and his mosquito net i’m a mama’s kid on that bathroom’s big kitchen, all that yeah. So as you guys like the room, is nice um it’s, pretty accommodating the hotel? Is amazing um. One thing i will say is uh: a lot of people are acting like oh, like what’s, the weather gon na be like what’s the food. Will it be, will there be roads? Is it like? No africa is a normal place like it has everything any other place in the world would have, except it has a lot more wildlife because it’s, the largest continent in the world, so um that’s.

One thing i wanted people were asking about: i want to nip in the butt second it’s, not always hot it’s. Actually, it was in the it was in the mid 60s when we got here so it’s it’s, actually, cool weather um, the weather feels nice, but it wasn’t, but it snowed on top of mountains. So, like africa has a wide variety of weather, um, just like in just like many other places in the world, but it doesn’t get as cold as other places. So that’s. The two things that i wanted to people were actually asking about. I kind of wanted to settle um. Second, yes, you know questions. I got my inbox. I just want to respond to uh. Yes, i have normal cars uh getting out these questions for people they drive on the other side of the road opposite of america and kenya and kenya. They do at least but um yeah. They do speak different languages here there. I think there are four languages in nairobi that they speak i’m, going to fact check that, for you guys, but there are several different languages, they speak um. They also speak english. Most people speak english. Not everyone speaks english, though um so that’s. Some of the things we did on our first night here we had food and when i tell you so man, the food, the food, this is the first night we’re gon na put pictures up to you real, quick yeah.

Kenya is a multilingual country, swahili, language and english. The latter being inherited from colonial rule, see british tv yep uh widely spoken as lingua franca. Oh, they serve the two official working languages. What are swahili and swahili and english, but the food? Oh absolutely amazing. So we ordered chicken because it was like tomato, it looked amazing and we decided to get a full chicken. We have full chicken, we got potatoes and we got greens now like y’all know in america. Like you know, you go out for thanksgiving or july, like somebody cooking greens, you want greens on your plate. These greens, we had i kid you not me stephanie and patrick. We destroyed these greens, like these greens were amazing, the potatoes on point perfect, but the chicken it melted like it melts in your mouth, like it was just the some of the probably the best chicken i’ve ever tasted. In my life like it was fantastic granted. It did take 45 minutes for them to make it not gon na lie, and it says on the menu. It takes 45 minutes for your food to get to you, but i feel like that’s, because they put so much love into the food that it takes a while to get it right. So i mean hands down the food and everything the accommodations so far have been really amazing. We had no problem getting from the airport and getting around it was very easy to get around there’s uber out here um, i don’t think they’re gon na use it.

But again, if you want to get around and do things in nairobi, it’s a great place to just come out and experience different things. So what are we going to give you guys so coming up on our chip? We have a lot of cool things coming up. So we’re going to be feeding giraffes, uh stephanie, our other cp traveler, and you know family she’s – really excited about feeding giraffes we’re going to do that, there’s, an elephant sanctuary that we could check out. We’Ve done elephants in thailand. But again we want to see african elephants, i think – and i think i’m correct on this they’re – probably the largest elephants in the world elephant in the world and an asian elephant by their ears by their ears. African elephant ears are huge. They have much bigger ears like dumbo they’re shaped lights. There you go thanks, patrick with the facts, from the back thanks, so yeah, so really we’re gon na be doing that that’s just today, that’s day, one so it’s, like eight o’clock in the morning here i think it’s midnight or 12 30 american time in taiwan. I forget the time but yeah so we’re going to be doing that um there’s also a national museum. We can go to in kenya to learn information about kenya and nairobi in the history of kenya. We might check that out and then also there’s a chance for us to go to a cultural, uh outdoor cultural village learn some dances, learn some songs and uh local songs about what we might actually do too and, as you know, from all this patrick has his Drone he has his cameras.

I have my phone. My gopro will give you guys video footage of all these things and because we have wi fi, we might go live on site while we’re there too, to give you guys a first hand experience. But as you know, we go live only from cp travels i’m, just giving you guys my personal vlog for today um, but also coming up in the trip we’re actually going to be camping for eight days so we’re going to be riding around in cars. Uh, going from one location to the next camping and while we’re like just and while we’re, to go on campus we’re, going to be stopping at certain areas, uh taking in culture and doing other activities, some things are going to be doing. That i’m really really excited about one is visiting lake. I might say this wrong navisha. Am i saying that right, um there’s, this huge amazing, beautiful lake um, like i think in central kenya, that we’re going to be going to that we’re, really excited about saying that we can do you? Can you can do bike rides? You can have a boat experience. Uh stay in the mountains. Uh, you can see the you can go fishing if you want to, but you can also have a have a hot air balloon ride. Now it costs 500 it’s a lot of money right. I know, however, i still do want to. I may you know just leave it all out there and actually have a hot air balloon experience.

Uh. In my opinion, uh patrick’s gon na fly to jones. We kind of like the same thing. I might hop on the back of it. If i can i’m really excited about doing that, too also we’re going to be staying in a local, maasai, village, um and interacting with those people, i’m learning about their history and their culture, uh so again, there’s a lot of things that will be going on in The next eight days, so i want to give you everything, because i want to leave some something to you know, to your imagination and to surprise and bring you back and actually watch and see what we’re doing i’m really really excited about the things we’re going to Be doing while we’re here in africa and we’re just really um well we’re in kenya, kenya, sorry, i remember but it’s in africa, too uh we’re really excited uh and thankful. That we’re able to you know be a part of this experience in this trip. So if you haven’t, already like our cpu travels, page we’ll, be giving you exclusive footage there. If you also haven’t, already we’ll, be doing instagram stories and posting photos on instagram, twitter, uh and our personal facebook accounts, but not as much because we want to say make sure you guys check out tv travels for all of your information, so so far uh kenya Has been amazing and very welcoming, we’re gon na go and get our day started.

Um i’ll put a picture, a few pictures in the comments below uh what we’ve seen so far. The food we ate uh, where we’re staying and just up outside so i’ll, put those two pictures after this video is complete. If you have any questions, comments or concerns or things you want us to see or recommend us to do or heard about – and you want to know – is true yep, so um facebook just cut out so now, we’re back so yeah, we’re gon na do that. So, thank you guys for tuning in more live footage, more videos coming up we’re gon na podcast and live stream together at cp travels at the moment, so check out cp, child’s page as well. All right thanks guys! Oh don’t, forget we do all this for pay. It forward travel experiences um because we’re raising the awareness and funding for lupus foundation of america and the bee foundation for brain and risk awareness. If you’d like to donate, go to our gofund, go fund me page and contribute to those charities or contribute to helping us make someone else’s bucket list dreams come true. Um again, we don’t just travel just to travel and just to tell you guys stories, we do want to tell you guys stories, but we also travel to make a difference and we actually want to make an impact in the communities that get given us. So much. Um, but also people all over the world, so that’s us that’s, our spiel that’s.

What we do that’s cp travels. That was great. I hope you liked. It hope you enjoyed it here’s. What i also want to add i’ll be uploading, maybe three or four times a week for sure videos about my entire trip in kenya, and i have a lot of footage. We did a 10 day, mostly camping living out outside. You know going to bathroom in the bush all that most of the camping and hiking and all that stuff throughout kenya, and it was again the best trip i’ve ever taken in my life, so make sure you guys check out the videos i have coming up about.