You know this. Video is going to be a little bit off the beaten path, because normally i would prepare a lot more for a video than i did for today’s video. But you know this topic’s a little bit more personal, so i wanted to speak a bit more from the heart about why i am switching over to the m1 24 inch imac as the main computer that i use for pretty much everything you know running this channel. Video editing answering comments, email doing the thumbnails, even editing, some of the podcasts, all that kind of stuff that i would do for my traditional work, uh. The primary machine that i will now be doing that on is the m1 imac and there’s. Quite a few reasons. For this that i just wanted to go over, this is more of a fun video where you know the stakes aren’t too high uh, it doesn’t really matter what computer i use, but i do know that quite a few people are interested in the stuff that i Used to get all my work done so i’m gon na tell you why i am choosing this m1 machine over all of the other m1 machines that are out there because there’s a lot of them. Now right. We got the m1 mac mini macbook air, the macbook pro hey, even the ipad pro now has an m1 chip in it. So what makes this 24 inch imac the best one for your channel greg? Well, first, let me tell you a story about you know the primary reason why i switched over to the m1 chip in the first place.

So before i switched over to the m1 macbook pro and the m1 mac mini, i was kind of using them as like a combo setup uh, i was using a 2019 27 inch. Intel imac, like spec out filled with ram uh filled with the pious graphics card. Not filled, you know, specked out with the highest graphics card. You could get the highest processor at the time which i think was like an eight core i9 and you know for overall the year i used that 27 inch retina imac. I really enjoyed that computer. It was a great machine. I really didn’t need to switch over to the m1, but i was so impressed with the first m1 products that when i started using them, i never wanted to go back to an intel machine because, like on that intel imac, even though it was great for the Time if i was using it for a while, i could start to hear like the fan spin up. I could feel some of the heat generated from that product and all of a sudden i’m using like a laptop form factor an m1 macbook pro something that should be more thermally constrained than a desktop and i’m using it i’m exporting video. The m1 chip is exporting video faster than that 27 inch, imac and it’s doing it so efficiently, like i would export a 10 minute video and i wouldn’t even hear the fans kick up on my m1 macbook pro, and you know if i was in the same Room with my 27 inch imac that’s all you would hear the whole time you’re exporting the video.

Were those fans kicking and spinning. So the m1 was just so impressive to me that, even though it did have a few weak points, if i really compared it against my 27 inch imac like the port selection, was a lot worse. It didn’t have a dedicated graphics card, even with all of that, and the display right, the 27 inch imac display that was really hard to give up it’s. The primary reason why i am switching over to this 24 inch. Imac we’ll talk more about that later, but all of the downsides of switching to the m1. I just thought the m1 itself more than made up for that, and i was very happy with my decision. I did not want to go back to the old intel machine and yes overall for my experience using the m1 macbook pro and the mac mini macbook air, all those computers, i really still like them. I really do enjoy them if that’s the machine, you’re gon na pick up and use for your primary computer, they still get strong recommendations for me. Do not get me wrong, they are great computers, all of them, but i did have some hang ups with them that this 24 inch imac does solve. For me, one of those reasons was the form factor, so primarily when i was using my m1 macbook pro when i was editing video there were times where i would use the 13 inch display, like, especially if i had to be mobile, but most of the time Like 90 95 of the time i had it hooked up to an lg ultra fine 5k display uh panel that got very close to the 27 inch imax display, but wasn’t quite there, and that process of having the laptop always connected to an external display.

Um was something i just wasn’t used to. I feel like with an all in one setup, like an imac it’s, a little bit more immediate for me to start getting to work. You know the imac’s always going to be in the same place: it’s always plugged in it’s always connected and ready to go. So the minute i’m done recording this video. I can pop out the sd card. You know plug it into the adapter. I have hanging off the back of that start, importing the footage and i am immediately getting to work where sometimes with my macbook pro did. I you know use it on the couch. The other night did i leave it somewhere. Do i have to go get it? Do i have to go plug it into the monitor again, very first world problem stuff right, like 10 seconds of my time but um, you know it’s stuff that in you know my mind, was a block to creating stuff we’re on the imac it’s, an all in One setup it’s sleek, and i really like that, because it’s just the way i’ve worked for so long. My first computer was the original imac, g3 um, so i’ve been using imacs ever since then, so i am just so used to the all in one form factor. In fact, the design of this thing is also a reason why i wanted to switch over. Besides the form factor, i really like the design that apple went with with this m1 imac.

I love all the colors. I love my blue imac every time i walk into this room, and i see it from you know either the front the side angle. Sometimes i get a glimpse of it from the back, depending on my angle, i love how this machine looks. It makes me want to use the computer more. I think it injects more personality into the computer and you know i’m sure a lot of you are watching this going. Who cares about the design of the computer it’s a tool as long as it gets the work done? I don’t care what it looks like i’m. Looking at the display who cares, but for me i care about that stuff it’s. One of the reasons why i tend to use a lot of apple products is because i think apple does ultimately care about the design of their products and, for the most part there’s. You know there’s always exceptions for the most part. Most of their products are designed really well and they always look really good, and i think this imac, despite all the you know, controversy of people not liking things like the white bezel or the chin. I think this is a really sleek looking computer, i really like the design. Another reason was the port selection. Now, on the macbook pro that i was using, i had just two thunderbolt usb4 ports on this 24 inch imac, the mid tier model, it’s not great, for a desktop, but you do get an additional two usb c ports.

On top of that, which has made a big enough difference to me where, when i was using my macbook pro, i always had to connect it to an external dock, so the port selection on this, even though it’s not great, it is better than most of the Other m1 machines out there, with the exception of the mac mini, but again that doesn’t have a built in display, which i do like on the imac again that’s. One of the primary reasons i switched over to it was the display quality. Now this display is a bit smaller than i’m used to it’s. A 23.5 inch display apple calls it a 24 inch display and overall i’ve adjusted pretty well to it um. I would prefer ultimately to have a bigger 27 inch display or even bigger than that honestly, but i have been able to adjust to this 24 inch display pretty easily we’re on the old 21 inch imac. I always felt it was just a bit too small. It always felt like a toy monitor to me. I don’t really get that with this 24 inch imac. So everything about this display is one of the primary reasons i switched over to the imac. Imacs have always had really good displays to me, and this one is no exception. There’S other reasons, too, the speakers on this thing: excellent, uh. Funnily enough, i actually ordered a pair of like 200 external speakers that i was planning to use for my macbook pro setup.

They have been on like backorder for months like i have not had them ship out to me, but i got ta go, cancel those uh, i wouldn’t say those external speakers are gon na be better than the ones i ordered, but the imac speakers are good enough To where i don’t really want to hook up external speakers them, i think it’s, one of the benefits of going with a mac or an imac for this case is that the speakers in them are really good. They’Re a step above the macbook pro speakers and all the dolby atmos stuff that you can get with the movies and stuff like that again really impressive speakers in such a thin design. I also took the time to you know spec this imac out a little bit better than i did my macbook pro, so this still has 16 gigabytes of ram that’s the same as my macbook pro. But this time i went for two terabytes of storage. I found that on my m1 macbook pro i got one terabyte and by the end of its life cycle, i was storing so much footage on there at times that i would eat up the entire hard drive. Space i’d have to delete a lot of files, and with this one i have a lot more breathing room with double the storage and then there’s performance. I did want the most powerful m1 chip i could get, and you know i just did a video on this.

Yesterday about why you should choose an imac over a macbook pro, so you know you can go watch that video if you want even more information, but basically this imac is just a little bit faster than that m1 macbook pro they have the same exact chip in It but i’m guessing just the thermal design of this the cooling, the way that operates. You can push that chip just a little bit longer at the max clock speeds to the point of where exporting a video on this imac is faster than on my macbook pro. Now i want to talk about the future for this next segment. Kind of talk about apple’s roadmap for their next products and my long term plan with this product. But before we do that, i want to tell you about our sponsor for this video, something that i put on my mac day. One clean my mac x, that’s because clean my mac x is already 100 fully optimized for apple silicon, with incredibly fast performance and a new design that looks right at home with mac os big sur. Not only does clean my mac x, look great, but its intuitive interface is also easy to use to make sure your mac always runs like new and comes with a simple one. Button smart scan that will quickly scan your mac for large files system junk malware and give you some recommendations on how to boost the speed and optimize your mac, and i know you’re thinking greg.

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What would win me over because i don’t know if i want to go back to using a laptop form factor as my primary device. Now there are a couple of things that i think those laptops could do. That might ultimately win me over. So performance would be one of them now performance, isn’t everything, because if performance is the only thing these machines have, i think i would stay with the form factor of the imac. I really like this machine uh, but performance for cpu multi, threaded performance we’re, expecting a jump and gpu performance that’s one of the things i’m, not exactly 100 sure on with this m1x chip. But i want to see what apple has planned for the gpu we’ve. Had recent rumors saying it might go as high as like a 32 core gpu design, and i think that would rival a lot of the dedicated graphics cards that apple used to have in their laptop. So, depending on you know the right mix of performance that could have me switching over to that macbook pro, but i think it’s gon na take a few other things. Um mini led it’s, one of the things i love on the 12.9 inch ipad pro and i really like the mini led display. So if apple incorporates better display technology on this macbook pro well, that’s, definitely going to be something that sways me more towards that. In the long run, more memory could also be a deciding factor right now.

This has 16 gigabytes of memory. I don’t really feel like i’m hitting any slowdowns, but i also feel like if i did decide to like push this thing a little bit more, not that i would with my video workflows right now. I do feel like i could eventually hit that memory limit. I do eventually feel like i could go beyond 16 gigabytes of memory and experience slow downs like i do on the eight gigabyte versions of these machines. So if this m1x macbook pro can be configured up to 64 gigabytes of memory well, that might also be a reason why i might switch over to that when it comes out and ports. I talked about how i like having four usb c ports on this. Well, the next macbook pro is rumored to be getting three of those ports and then things like an sd card slot, uh, hdmi port and the return of the magsafe charging uh. The thing i would care about the most is the sd card slot that’s, still something i use every day, it’s something i have to have an adapter plug into this imac permanently on. So, if apple incorporates an sd card, that makes it a lot easier for me to import my footage having that portably and just always not having to worry about it uh. I would like that and then there’s the bigger 32 inch imac. So for that machine um. I think i would probably switch to it because i would be expecting a bigger version of this m1i mac with just more power right, the same things.

We just talked about the macbook pro better cpu, better gpu, probably more memory uh, but for that machine. What? I really want to see on. It is something different from this m1i mac. I love this machine, but i feel like on a pro level computer. It would need more ports if they go with this same thin. Design on that machine. I don’t think it makes as much sense. I think that machine also needs an sd card slot if the next macbook pro is going to have one and probably just more expanded ports too, and for that machine i’m expecting some sort of different design, whether or not it looks the same i’m, not expecting it To come in all the fun colors that the 24 inch imac came in i’m, expecting it to come in, like two shades right, you could probably either get silver or a shade of space, gray and that’s, something i kind of don’t want to go back to. I like having the fun vibrant blue color on my m1 imac and switching back to a machine that’s just gon na look. You know kind of boring again i’m, not looking forward to that, even though i ultimately think long term. I will end up, you know going for a more pro level machine. I would love if apple decided, to incorporate the colors on this, or at least go for a different design. That’S gon na make it look different from this m1i mac.

Give it something else that makes it really stand out. That makes me really want to use it from a design perspective. So, yes, performance for me, might ultimately went out on the macbook pro. It would probably win after me on the imac just because it’s the same form factor even if they are going with different design choices uh, but in a way i’m kind of hoping that these performance jumps aren’t as big as i think they’re going to be. Because i would just love to stick long term with the mac. I have right now. If this is like a two month computer for me, i think that’s going to make me really sad because i’m, just enjoying using this machine so much, i don’t, really want to switch over to anything else right now. What a first world problem but it’s the truth! I, like this computer, a lot and it’s making me question whether or not i really need a bigger beefier, more powerful, m1x machine we’ll, see when the time comes, i’m sure i’ll be tempted, i’m sure i’ll get it. But i love the m1 imac all right. Everyone uh, hopefully this video wasn’t too disjointed. I really didn’t, prepare anything. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below right. Ultimately, you were gon na decide whether or not this video was worth making. So if you liked it, let me know if you hated it: hey that’s, fair, just let me know um if you liked.

The video, though, be sure to give me a like if you want to see more from the channel, including future coverage of wwdc we’re, all going to see this stuff very shortly. Probably make sure you subscribe to the channel we’re going to have a lot of coverage on all of that uh. If you, you know, want to help out the channel anyway, if you want to buy the m1 imac.