Well, silence servant i’m i’m jeff bezos death has arrived. How does agent 47 get away with anything he’s like the one bald guy in the world bottom bottom stealth? Well, i can, i can salvage this get the body come on. Let’S get the body out of sight. My new disguise, i am a chameleon all right, uh. He doesn’t see me the great escape. Okay, i think i’m good they’ll see the body but i’m gon na be nowhere near it. This is the new hitman game, and this is the new trend in games. I hate it unknowingly, they have been hired by a shadow client. I forgot this game. Had a story all right, my target is a seagull. Hey someone clean this ketchup. What does this button do that must have done something? What does this button do? Wait? I made a hitman 2 video. I don’t even remember playing the game. I’Ll be honest here, i’m kind of lost right now, there’s the target, your death approaches. It was just lost for a little bit, so i can’t have a gun with this disguise, so i’ll just leave the assault rifle next to the produce. I guess. Well, i got a call from upstairs that the guest is hungry. Mr, my new role is gordon ramsay. This is him disposing of mediocre cooks. Are your workstation it’s a bloody mess? Give me the bloody chicken leg, it’s raw. You have to slow cook it to perfection and then massage it just like so now for the secret ingredient, olive oil, just a touch of olive oil, just a touch, oh dear, oh dear gorgeous, let it rest for 30 seconds.

You really want those juices seeping into the meat, hello, sir. You donkey right foods ready, then, who ordered some death it’s right here you step forward: it’s, kobe, beef, medium, rare there’s, some diced, potatoes, lemongrass, curry, sauce poison, shrimp and chili i’m. Sure you’ll, like my special mixture, it allows you to phase through solid matter like a phantom. The curry sauce can be a little overwhelming, but you can just wash that down with toilet water. It really brings out the flavor in your steak. That’S one target down shift i’m dedicated to bring this pan everywhere for the other target. I can disguise myself as his bodyguard step aside i’m here to inspect the kitchen. Oh dear, oh dear, i do apologize i’ll just sneak in this way. I’M. Gordon ramsay no door can hold me. Where is the lamb sauce hello reporting for duty i’m, the new bodyguard? This is my standard issue, frying pan. You must be my new escort. Yes, sir i’m, here to escort you to your engrave, sir. Please stay close. We don’t know who’s a threat. Yes, sir, i trained with spec ops. I was in the chef division i’m going now to the afterlife bye. My dear say your goodbyes go on goodbye dad all right. Oh no! What happened? Nobody pan nick we’ll get to the bottom of this where’s my weapon worth. It looks like you’re at the end of your lifespan, chicken banana hammer is this scott sterling? How is he still alive smoothly done agent 47 next mission.

My new target is evil. Betty white let’s go with a red suit and i’m thinking for this one we get loud. I am become death, the destroyer of worlds, it’s still stealth, because my weapon has a silencer, no witnesses hey. What are you doing? Are you witnessing oh jesus christ? I forgot how difficult gunfights are in this game. I’Ll. Take you all on the reaper cometh they’re like a thousand? No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No mission accomplished this one was pretty lame. 47. everywhere forgot. This game had a story next mission here at berlin, it’s a nightclub in the middle of nowhere cool. I haven’t gone clubbing in years. I don’t miss it i’m, not lining up move aside, i know the owner, but this is a restricted area. Sorry, what you want me to go to the back of the i hate clubs i’ve never worked this hard to get into a club in my entire life knife. All this just to dance to cardi b don’t. Ask this one’s pretty different. My targets are some agents, but i don’t know who they are because they’re also undercover. You know that feeling where you leave the dance floor and you’re just alone with the silence, and you realize how drunk you are now. I know this isn’t allowed. Oh, is he one of the undercover agents he’s just really dedicated to his job? Nice try agent banana hammock, but you can’t fool me.

I don’t think look sir you’re, not on the list. I can’t let you in frankly i could give a that. You know the owner you’re still not on the list. I missed a very important step. One of the agents was right here, an earpiece i’m listening in they have no a haystack idea. Look for the one bald guy in the entire club. I have assumed the role of a delivery guy. I can poison the fast food kind of redundant, but okay let’s see where this leads, who ordered the wings with the ranch dressing. You disgusting animal i’m assuming he’s one of the undercover agents. Well, that would make sense. Yeah eat up that’s, not even the poison that’s, just the ranch dressing. You know what same thing: gon na kill him with my standard issue: blueberry muffin, please report. Unfortunately, he has muffin to say that sucked, hey guys. What are you watching? A cooking show? You know? I’M, something of a chef myself Applause. Thank you not really sure what to do or where to go next, but i have found some cocaine, so things are going pretty well, oh, if i’m near one of them they’ll use their earpiece. I go by many names. The pan, predator, the black panther, but today just refer to me as hitpan tremaine. Are you still there nah he’s everywhere? This level is massive. I haven’t even begun exploring the club. Yet how am i gon na find the other agents agent swann checking in found one? So he goes over there to smoke.

Next to the propane tank, i will attempt the creative kill or i can just use the frying pan no resist the pan. I got ta. Do this in style chef. Well, let this be a lesson. Smoking kills agents. One are you still there, he is no more. There can be only one swan and it’s on my merch page come get. Your drip got all the fan, favorite memes, in the form of capitalism. This is the one i got for miro can’t. Take it away from him they’re inseparable he’s like father, it is mine, it fits him Music, beautifully Music. I guess you could say it’s. Craning men, it’s horrible, found the secret agent, so he patrols this area. I know what to do. Hey, how’s it going don’t. Mind me just a regular dude got him and that’s terrorism, great party huh, you guys have any valium or oh now. This is cool drop that beat dj Music when that beat drops. So will you it’s coming oh here here here here? This is one of the coolest hitman levels ever and it can get even cooler get out get out of my booth leave leave here we go here. We go build up to the drop what’s, this trigger climax, if it was only that easy. You ready for this. Are you ready for this? Hey hey? This is the greatest moment of my life. This is hitman and this is hit woman. What i could not live with my own outfit and where does that bring me back to chef order up it’s good right.

You want to know my secret ingredient. There is no secret ingredient, i’m, just kidding it’s cheese, bottom bottom, but um. I am a true businessman. I’M, ready to inspect the facility now i’ve noticed some irregularities in your facility. Some discrepancies, if you will, is this it am i supposed to be impressed by your company i’m gon na stop. What does this button do cool? I mean well, i found a sniper rifle that’s right. That’S right, keep walking, you got the bastard hush. Now go this week’s featured zen clan meme.