So how did did that change much for you guys on the fly there when james was out so early. Did it affect your rhythm at all? Maybe uh defensively, i don’t, think so um you know it’s the other game plan. They still had the great players out there um. You know a game plan on kd a game plan on carry on plague all those guys joe harris was still the same. You know, and at the end of the day we got to focus on ourselves and try to complete as much as possible, make it as hard as possible for them um. So the gameplay was still the same eventually focused on yourselves. Was it? Was it as simple as just the shots didn’t go in because you looked at some of the number like points in the paint rebounding offensive rebounds some of the there were some evens or advantages to urine other than three point shooting or shooting in general. Oh, i think it was a little bit of everything shot then going um uh did not compete as hard as we wanted um defensively uh. You got ta step that up a little bit, uh more make it as tough for them as possible. Um. You know in my opinions, was basically the same same game like game one against miami. You know a little bit i didn’t play for the week. Everybody had you know the adrenaline going, the jitters and um wasn’t able to you, know calm down as a team, and you know take a a breath and uh.

You know play that our way and find our shots but uh. Obviously, in that game we were able to win that game, but now you know you’re playing with a team, that’s uh way better offensively, and then they made they made a lot of shots. So uh we just got to come out game to do a better job. Eric name, what were you kind of seeing offensively tonight? It felt like when you were getting the ball on the wing or, like the side cleared out you, you kind of had some spots to attack and then in the middle, a little bit more congested. Just kind of put a juicy offensively just trying you know trying to make the that i play um. You know for myself, uh going downhill, get to get to a spot uh. You know. If i see a lot of people in front of me, try to find the right pass and get my teammates going uh, but yeah you know. Obviously i’ve played i’ve played against them three times. You know whenever you get in the paint they’re going to try to reach try to push. Try to you know, get me on the spin. Try to get a charge. You know they’re, just um doing a good job. You know to you know, try to keep me guessing, but um we got ta keep keep being nice. You got ta, keep attacking, keep getting that he’ll keep screaming for one another.

Keep looking for uh the open guy, keep knocking down shots, just keep being asking playing together, keep believing ourselves and um we’re going we’re gon na be okay, i hope we’re gon na be okay. You mentioned trying to get your teammates going. I think chris was like six of 23 tonight drew was seven and 19.. What can you do to try to help get those two in particular going? I know what the shooters is a little bit easier for me to comprehend, like you’ll kick that shot, but with chris and drew. How do you help them better screens for them? Hopefully they can go downhill, um shoot the pocket two or the pocket. Three uh just get them up and um. You know one with defensive rebound. I can do a better job running, so i can create a lot of attention, so they can find driving lanes to uh. Do their thing uh. When i have the ball, i can do a better job, you know finding them, so they can get like wide open threes. Uh, just keep keep playing, keep playing with one another. Keep playing, you know, keep playing together and keep touching one another uh. I think that’s going to be the key for us and um we’re going, i hope, we’re going to shoot the ball better. You never know what’s gon na happen, but i hope that going to game two we’re gon na shoot the ball better. As a team we’re gon na make, hopefully we can make more threes uh play better defense and give ourselves a chance to win the game defensively bloody kind of put you on kyrie to start the game.

What’D you think of that challenge. Obviously we don’t often see you just have the point. That is your assignment uh. Obviously, one of the best point guards in the league really crafty, pawn fakes a lot of palm fakes. Uh you got ta, be really careful with him. You go you’re gon na get in foul trouble. If you, you know, put your hands in the rich and all that, but uh obviously it’s a tough challenge. You know, but uh um. What i love is the challenge and what i love is to compete, and i know whatever coach uh, whatever assignment he gives me, i’m gon na try to execute this as a best as i can, and just try to make the staff as possible for him or For whoever i guard zoro stevenson who will have had nights before where you’ve been successful, despite what you shoot shoot from a three point line, you kind of spoke to game, one burst miami. What do you feel like you all have done in the past? In those situations that maybe can carry over the next time, hopefully it doesn’t happen the next time it may happen. What what do we usually do when we don’t shoot the ball good and we’ll win games exactly miami game? One right you guys weren’t necessarily shooting well from the outside, but you still came up with the word. I know you’re talking about it’s different talent, but still what do you do in those situations we rely on our defense? We try to get stops as much as possible, but uh.

Obviously you know nothing against any players. You know now we’re playing against one of the best players in the world and one of the best scorers to ever touch. You know you know the ball, so so it’s a little bit harder. You know and obviously we we’re going to try to do a better job in getting stops, but in the miami game we need to show the ball better. We were able to get offensive rebounds. We were able to get stops, but the the talent level you know was wasn’t the same now we’re playing against you know: kyrie kd joe harris one of the best shooters in the league, so it’s it’s a little bit it’s a little bit different it’s a little Bit more hard, but at the end of the day you know we love the challenge. We’Re going to stay together, we want to play together um. Hopefully we can give give ourselves a chance to win game two keep playing hard given the talent level. I know you all are always focused on defense, but does that make offense even more important when you’re playing people that can score almost that will does that make the bucks offense even more importantly, i think officially we’re going we’re going to figure it out. You know, i think, we’re very talented team. We have guys that can uh get downhill shoot. The three guys can they have great touch very good offensively, but uh bq for our team is that we got ta.

We got ta guard defensively together. You know, especially against this team, if we don’t do it together, defensively uh, we’re gon na put ourselves in a very tough position to win games. But if we guard defensively uh together, we’re going to have a chance to uh figure it out offensively like we always know all right, one more to tim bond tips. I noticed two things quick. I was curious. I think you guys had eight offensive rebounds in the first quarter and then i think, seven, the rest of the game. I was curious that brooklyn did anything um differently, as the game went on to take you guys off the boards and in terms of blake griffin. He obviously made a big impact today beyond his shooting. You is there anything you guys have to do to try to match his energy inside. It seemed like he was pretty active on boards and kind of getting out of those policies. Uh, i think offensively for the official rebounds i was able to know, go to the board as much as possible. Obviously, we’re not gon na get all of them we’re able to get 15 in the game that which is pretty very, very good um. You know defensively right now. I don’t know what the adjustment is going to be.