Thanks again for joining me on another video, sorry i’ve been a bit quiet on the channel, been trying to focus on the members group which we’ve got going here on discord um. If you haven’t checked that out make sure you check out the links in the description box below today, we’ve got an exciting video covering off a really cool stock, which i’ve been keeping an eye on for a while, now and we’ve. Seen some hype on social media and across the news so i’m going to be covering off the fundamentals and the technicals in this video for you guys to get hopefully involved with just before i get into this video. If you haven’t, checked out my instagram, it is trader journey, underscore official, be sure to check it out. I’Ve got trading and investing tips which i’ll upload daily on my story and via post as well, so make sure you give me a follow there. If you have any questions, feel free to dm me also and i’ll be sure to help you guys out. So, as you can see here, we have a chart which is sos limited, and that is what this video is going to be dedicated about. It is sos limited and, as you probably will know, it is associated with the bitcoins, the cryptocurrency world, and there is a stock that is being being predicted to fly astronomically and we’re, going to see some huge, huge gains on this stock.

You can see here from the chart. We have come down from previous highs over the years, so this is as a technical analysis. You can see. You know. We’Ve had some tremendous tremendous. All time highs here, um and it has come down over the years and we have seen seen it slow um, but recently with recent times there is some some good fundamentals driving the price upwards, which we’ll hopefully see a huge benefit from. So at the moment, the price the current stock is trading at dollars and four cents. It would have been ideal to get get in sub 30 sub three dollars, sorry so, but unfortunately, the stock has been running and uh, seeing as though it’s near all time, lows here, it’s a very good risk to reward opportunity here to get into the stock. Just from a technical standpoint um, but, like i said 304, if we break you can see these profit targets here with clear resistance levels. 410 is the next resistance we have here um then we’ve got 483 615 723 and imagine we could see potential highs here. If the fundamental suit as well and the momentum keeps on going, we can see 1746, which is a huge huge return and i’m, really really excited. I managed to get into this stock this this past week and there’s been so much good news, uh, which i’ll surely get onto shortly shortly in this video, but you’ll be able to understand why this has so much hype on this stock.

Um but i’m excited to see what’s to come so from a technical standpoint guys you can see. It is near enough all time lows here, which we had of about 57 cents. The risk is there, it you’ll have to ride through potential swings here. But with the momentum and the news and the fundamentals building up here, i could potentially see in the short term, already 866 and 1746 for uh. You know clear profit targets there, but as a long term, investment guys. This is something you can’t be sleeping on, it’s being um. There is some sort of uh rumors that warren buffett has bought in to this stock with huge amounts. There is institutional investors involved here from rumors as well. We can’t obviously confirm that, but uh based on the fundamentals and the news you’ll see. Why guys why this stock is one of the stocks you don’t want to miss for this year for 2021, so let’s come on to some fundamentals, guys and help you understand what this stock is about. So sos limited is the name it is listed on the new york stock exchange and um. One of the interesting things i wanted to mention before getting into the details is that this stock actually has a hundred software copyrights and four certifications. So they have a lot of patents and you know: they’ve got some ip there and um it’s interesting to know that they have these assets already. They have these um intangible, like so assets patents that uh, you know they’ve already managed to amass 100 software copyrights, so they are definitely a leader in their industry now just going into the details of what these guys actually do.

So particularly, these guys are involved with mainly cryptocurrency and blockchain based technology, but that will not only cover one particular sector or industry. It covers a huge array of industries and sectors, including insurance fintech, you name it. Banking it’s got so many involvements, it’s even being involved with 5g and satellite networks. Would you believe, but um? They are basically a stock of the future guys they are going to be involved with ai blockchain and several other technologies around that, based on the future. Really firewall systems security, crypto security, you name it. These guys are leading the way in that technology space, so um, sos limited is the name guys it’s announced that is recently completed. The initial steps of its blockchain strategy so that’s one of the latest news that has come to date to go along with this. The company also says that it has developed a firewall system, personal biological information, storage system and antivirus system, all of which are based on blockchain and artificial intelligence. So we are yet to see much uh progress in that particular space in terms of in terms of technology. So now we’re, seeing this stock take the lead and just get better and better, as the time is going. Time, goes on, they’re, just improving and developing their strategy and breaking breaking through so many barriers in this technological space um but yeah. I mean what’s, also interesting to to mention guys is you guys are all aware of what happened to gme in this past week with wall street bets, and there has been some rumors as well going going through the internet? There has been some rumors that sos stock has been alongside other shares that are on the rise thanks to retail investors, um, which has also been rumored to have brought about from reddit themselves.

So, whether it’s wall street bets or any other sort of sort of uh forum there sos is one of those stocks that has been getting huge, huge coverage on the reddit platform. Since then, obviously these investors have been searching out, uh other shares as well as gme, and it looks like sos is among their targets, so it is going to catch the momentum of retail investors um as well as you guys. So you know it’s going to be one of those exciting rides um for this year of 2021 now what’s also to mention they are involved with crypto security, crypto security. You guys understand how many people have lost um cryptocurrency over the years there’s some there’s, some crazy news, uh out there of people losing billions and millions of dollars worth of bitcoin. So these guys are getting themselves involved with sort of crypto security and being able to track lost cryptocurrency. So that would be a huge huge market and, as you can understand, like other stocks such as mara and riot um cryptocurrency as it’s rised in price. So has those stock prices, so i would expect the same sort of nature and uh correlation to happen here between cryptocurrency and the sos stock. So it’s going to be exciting times if you are riding the wave for cryptocurrency as well, i do have a small percentage of my portfolio still in cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin and bitcoin cash, so um, i think, with the rises there, we should see some increases and popularity Grow with this particular stock, so they are also making use of cloud based um.

You know cloud based technology to help with mining, mining and sort of security and firewall purposes, so they are just breaking through so many technological barriers here guys and if you just search the stock in terms of in terms of the latest news, you’ll find so much News that has just come out recently i mean on the 21st of january 2021, sos limited has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire 15 645 mining rigs, and this will be a combination of mining, ethereum and bitcoin. So you can imagine with the ability to to mine lost cryptocurrency as well as new and solve new cryptocurrency and blockchain um. You can understand how much revenue they would be able to sort of generate. You know from just from their activities alone. So with the hash powers, obviously they’ve got huge power there to to mine this cryptocurrency and um. You know they have been told. It has also been said. This is one of the exciting things they have been said with this power that they have with these um ability to use these mining rigs, which they’ve just purchased. They should be able to mine roughly around 200 000 dollars per day us dollars per day, based on the current cryptocurrency prices. Now, if you imagine, bitcoin rises, ethereum rises and it keeps on rising. Their ability to to cash in every single day will rise as well as the cryptocurrency prices rise, so they are expected to get uh delivery of these shipments in sort of three separate installments sometime in february march and sometime in april.

So you can imagine if you catch this wave now and their revenues were gon na they’re gon na grow exponentially for the future, and especially this year. So, as those mining weeks get delivered and as they are able to sort of generate and mine these cryptocurrencies in february march and april, when they have delivery installments for their mining rigs, you will be able to catch huge revenue and revenue flows and shareholder wealth from Those from that particularly that just that particular business segment but, as i say, sos limited, are involved in an array of pieces of work for the future, such as biological information, security, blockchain and artificial intelligence. So you know with all the hype with retail traders. That’S happened in the past week. It won’t surprise me if this catches some huge, huge traction now. Obviously, the other stocks which have been pumped recently, namely by wall street, bets their fundamental fundamentals. Don’T look as good, but one of the things we have positive here is: the fundamentals are looking amazing for sos limited and um. You know with all the announcements that they’ve had in recent times with all the news surrounding sos limited you’ll understand why it’s such a good buy right now now it would have been nice to get it in at sub three dollars. It is trading, as i said at 304 dollars, but uh with the upside potential on the stock. It’S it’s, not it’s, not too late, it’s, still, three dollars and um.

You know with potential profit targets of 17 46. 30. You know it’s going to be an insane ride for 2021, so yeah i mean this is. This is really what i wanted to just mention here on the channel it’s an exciting stock. I have added it to my portfolio as well as my members in this past week. We are excited to be part of this journey that sos limited is about to take us through um, but i i’m expecting based on the news social media trending, the stock. You know it’s only right that we expect um a huge upside potential on this stock. You know there is some other analysis on the stock from from other youtubers claiming warren buffett is in huge. It is obviously a rumor guys so don’t take it seriously. It isn’t uh, confirmed but uh, just the rumor alone is enough to take this stock flying to new. All time highs guys. So you know that covers off this video. It is an exciting stock for the future, try and catch it in, but invest as much as you’re willing to lose guys and that that uh that stands for any investment you get into, because investment does carry risk, so be careful with not putting your whole life Savings into these um into these investments, but try and invest if you can, as uh you you’ll, be sure to hopefully catch an amazing ride on this stock. Now, like i said, with the revenues coming up for this year, with all the installments that they’re getting for the deliveries of the rigs, the patents that they have um it’s going to be it’s going to be an amazing ride.

They have actually just recently appointed a new president, which is dr yan, and you know he is. He is obviously a leader in this sort of space as well due to research of cryptocurrency and crypto security. Dr yan is ahead of the times for those security management. Specialities and you know with him on board it’s going to just take this stock to future future highs, and you know there’s also another comment i’d like to make and the is the sos chairman. His name is yandy wang. He commented. R d is our lifeblood and our growth engine. We anticipate investing 15 of our revenue in r d and the annual growth of r d budget to be over 10 in each of the next five years. So you can understand guys. These guys are not messing around. They want to, they want to be the leader, they want to surpass everyone in this technological space and they are continuing to invest in research and development, so that will only take them to new um horizons and they’ll continue to grow this business into something that’s. Uh. I’M it’s, yet to it’s unknown how far this is going to go guys, but with their r d. So far, today, with the reinvestments of r d and their revenue potential revenues with mining cryptocurrency, you can only imagine where this stock is heading it’s heading to the moon, guys. So, if you’re not on board this flight, make sure you jump in hopefully on monday we’ll be trading still at the similar price of three dollars, so try and catch it.

Whilst you can and if you haven’t researched it as yet give it a google and you’ll be able to see some of the news articles surrounding the stock so that’s what i wanted to cover today, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. We will be continuing to make these videos in the coming weeks, coming months and years to help you guys find the latest and most up to date, stock market news and the best stocks in the market so make sure you subscribe if you haven’t done so already Drop a like on this video as i would appreciate it and if you have any comments, leave it there as well and hit me a dm on my instagram, which is trader journey underscore official. So thanks very much for watching today i will catch you all on the next one.