You made it uh it’s me nina welcome to mammoth forest Music. Your job is pretty simple: we just need a close up of this girl near its stash i’m sure you can follow him easily. Enough looks like he goes a little further. Can you follow him all the way hey? You know how our study seems to be so. Well, funded it’s, weird right, i hope it’s not weird in a bad way. What the is that? What i think it is, why would a squirrel stash dynamite and Music matches Music here, Music, Music uh? I believe, Music. No more! Can we harbor ourselves safest chores, for there are things Applause? It cannot be undone, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, something really funny you’re stuck in orbit near a black hole, Music, and you know it’s, even funnier than that Music Applause. Music. You are all alone! Well, almost Music that’s right, it’s, a classic pixel adventure game, get ready to look views and especially to resist temptation.