We’Ve already released our top 10 most anticipated titles for 2021. So if you missed it be sure to check that one out for the month of february, there is some jrpg, goodness with a spin off of a very well known, franchise, remastered versions on new platforms and a release of an rpg based on the world of darkness. Tabletop universe, intrigued well, let’s get on with the top 5 upcoming rpgs of february 2021. Honorable mention the neo2 complete edition and the neo collection honorable mention this month goes to the release of neo2. Finally, on pc, we would be remiss to not include the epic action rpg getting remastered versions for ps5 and releasing on a brand new platform of pc celebrating the franchise fourth anniversary, both the neo collection and neo2. The complete edition will be releasing on february 5th. The neo collection includes both neo and neo2 remastered for playstation 5, getting some graphic upgrades and includes all downloadable content neo2. The complete edition launches, on the same day, on pc via steam neo2, is the sequel to the highly successful action rpg, which brings players on an adventure across japan, creating your own character for the first time, with lots of customization options, making it truly your own. As you take down a number of yokai taking place before the original, it is a standalone story set in the late 1500s of the sengoku era. Neo2 offers some fast paced action combat letting you hone your samurai skills by defeating some formidable yokai bosses near the collection for playstation, 5 and neo 2.

The complete edition for pc will be releasing on february 5th. At number 5 ease 9 of monster, knocks the 9th entry in the series ease 9 monster knox releases in the west this month, for the adventurer known as adults, the red christian and his trusty companion, dogi as they arrive in baldur adol, is shortly imprisoned. Once he steps inside but meets a mysterious woman by the name of april, she turns him into a monstrous a being granted with supernatural gifts and the power to exercise monsters. Adam will team up with his fellow monstrous to defeat the fears and threats that now have stepped out of the shadowy dimension called grimold knox. The mystery of the monster and curse is also yet to unravel and the truth behind the unease within boulder. Each character has their own special combat skills, which sets them apart. You can explore by gliding, using wings and even run up walls with the use of heaven’s run there’s. Also, gifts which can grant new ways to move around, such as crimson line, letting you lock onto enemies and leap to their location. Combat is full of hack and slash with a number of unique character abilities to suit different playstyles ease. Nine monstrum knox is releasing on playstation 4 on february, 2nd for us and february 5th for eu. You can also check out a 10 minute demo, which is available now at number 4 fallen legion. Revenants in a world plagued by miasma, a floating castle is mankind’s last refuge.

The earth is now haunted by creatures now altered by the plague, while the walking castle overlooks the horrors and is run by a dictator known as ivar in the sequel to the full legion rise of glory, players will get to see the story unfold from both sides. A young noble by the name of lucian is on a quest to overthrow either while enlisting the help of revenants in the process. The side scrolling combat is in real time each character or exemplar is controlled by an action button, meaning you can choose strategically how to strike your enemies. Cue up, attacks to gain the upper hand, place your characters for a strategic advantage and unleash powerful attacks by chaining. Moves the major change from the prequel is that revenant adds new conversation and stealth systems, as lucian tries to weave his way through the political intrigue fallen, legion’s reverence releases on playstation, 4 and nintendo switch on february 16th. You can check out the demo on both platforms. Right now, at number 3 bravery default 2.. The next title in the bravery rpg franchise bravely default 2, is releasing in the month of february, while technically, the third in the series of the games bravely default 2 will introduce a new world to explore and a new adventure to be had there’s a large world To explore with 5 different nations, which each have their own culture and climates, the game combines a mix of 3d characters and hand drawn art style, which creates a cute and unique aesthetic customize your own team of heroes, as you battle in turn, based balancing both risk And reward with brave and default commands, the brave allows you to act up to 4 times consuming brave points attacking at once the default system allowing defensive moves to save bp while enduring attacks.

There is also a special deathblow move which can deal heavy damage or buff. The party that comes complete with its own special background music, the job system, has also returned allowing characters to combine two types of jobs. At the same time, gaining a number of ability, combinations, bravery default 2 will be releasing on the switch on february 26th. There is also a free demo available on nintendo eshop if you want to get a taste of the game before it releases at number 2 persona, 5 strikers it’s time to join up with the phantom thieves as they embark on a mission to fight corruption from overtaking The cities across japan a summer holiday takes a drastic turn when a distorted reality emerges overturn the truth and redeem. The hearts of those who have been imprisoned in the chaos while traveling from city to city in an rv persona 5 strikers is a spin off and sequel to persona 5 taking place after the events of the previous game. Persona 4 strikers is a joint collaboration between atlas, cotecmo and omegaforce. The first action rpg in the persona series, persona 5 strikers, takes rpg elements allowing players to explore the town go on side. Quests and more strikers takes on a new battle system which focuses on action with light and heavy attacks, as well as the ability to jump and dodge taking control of one character at a time each with their unique moveset as well as unlockable master arts persona.

Fire strikers releases on pc, playstation 4 and switch in the west for the first time on february 23rd at number one werewolf, the apocalypse, earthblood werewolves, the apocalypse earthblood follows the story of khao, an exiled werewolf, who has returned to stop the battle of the oil and Gas corporations from destroying endron kahau can take up different forms. His wall form, which can be used to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies and behind enemy lines by infiltrating his werewolf form, chronos is used for combat. Then there is a human form which can interact within the environment and use a crossbow. Chronos can use two stances, one built for agility another to boost strength and resistance. Silver bullets are the chronos’s weakness. Reducing the health bar for the duration of the battle players will need to decide which method to take on quests, with whether going in loud or using the stealthy wolf to slip past undetected and then taking enemies out. One by one earthblood is based on the white wolf publishing, tabletop roleplaying game werewolf apocalypse set in the world of darkness, which is the same universe shared with the vampire the masquerade games where wolf. The apocalypse earthblood will release on playstation 5 xbox series x, playstation, 4 xbox one and pc by the epic game store on february 4, 2021. Well, that’s a wrap for the top rpgs of february.