Luckily, a whole bunch of new video games are coming out this month and the entire purpose of this video is for me to tell you all about them. Here goes Music. Whenever february’s playstation plus games become available destruction, all stars will drop on playstation 5 for all subscribers it’s an arena multiplayer car combat game where you can apparently get out of the car and run around the arena, which seems like a terrible idea. If you ask me, on february 2nd the long running, jrpg series east gets another installment on ps4 with ease 9 monstrum knox. Some of those are actually words. Also, that day is the big shiny, ultimate edition of control for ps5 and xbox series x running at a silky smooth 60 frames, a second if you’re into a different kind of control, there’s also cultist simulator initiate edition on switch. If you love howling at the moon and hate deforestation, you’ll love werewolf the apocalypse earthblood. This is an action rpg about lycanthropes, terrorizing lumberjacks, you play as the lycanthropes, if that was at all unclear, that’s coming to ps4 ps5 xbox, one series x and pc on february. 4Th and if you’d like a game about a different type of woodland creature, up to something else, there’s also nuts, which is a game where you keep a bunch of squirrels under surveillance, to figure out exactly whatever it is that squirrels do that’s on pc and switch. Also out on the fourth is 3d platformer bluefire on switch and pc and then there’s the point and click adventure, game, odysseus, cosmos and his robot quest, which is coming to nintendo switch.

Despite being a system that technically doesn’t, let you point or click but i’m sure they’ll figure it out. On february 5th, playstation 5 gets neo remastered the complete edition and neo2 remastered, the complete edition, as well as the neo collection which collects both those games and all their dlc and if you’re still on ps4 and slept on neo 2 last year, that’s getting a complete Edition 2, which includes all the dlc and swords and whatnot, also at that day on pc, is kinetic edge. A physics platformer based racing game. That kind of looks like if geometry wars suffered from an acute case of marble madness on february 11th, the extremely creepy. Yet somehow sort of cute sequel to the very good 2017 game, little nightmares hits xbox one ps4 switch and pc and if you’re a fan of games like inside or limbo, or just having the scared out of you by claymation mannequins. This might be for you. If that sounds so scary, you want to hit the road and get the truck out of here. Well, you can do that in on the road truck simulator, which is coming to trucks, box, 1 and truck station 4. trucks. Everybody also out on the 11th is the extremely cool looking minimalist strategy: game death crown for ps4 xbox one and switch and procedurally generated roguelike dungeon crawler ultimate atom, caverns of chaos for pc on february 12th, or more like february 12th, because of all the cat costumes Super mario 3d world and bowser’s fury comes the nintendo switch, bringing the beloved wii.

U platformer, to literally tens of millions of people who didn’t play the original release as well as a handful of wii. U owners, who did and don’t want to buy the game all over again, but also can’t miss the new content where bowser jr fights his dad, because let’s be real, who hasn’t wanted to fight their dad, while wearing a cat costume. Also out on the 12th? Is gal gun returns a modern reimagining of the cult classic arcade shooters dating sim, where you blast school girls with pheromones in the hopes that they fall in love with you, oh to be 15 again anyway, that’s on xbox one series x, pc and switch, and if You’Re looking for the version, that’s easiest to hide under the covers, if someone walks in on you it’s – probably switch unless you have a laptop on the 16th. The side on rpg fallen legion, revenants comes to switch in ps4 and azur lane crosswave a game about sexy. Anthropomorphic boats fighting each other also comes to switch on the 18th. A procedurally generated action rpg about pirates, king of seas, comes to xbox one ps4 switch in pc. Also on pc. That day is the mega man like platformer 30xx on the 22nd psychological investigative, visual novel dry, drowning comes to switch ps4 and xbox one and then on february 23rd, persona 5 gets a canonical semi sequel with persona 5 strikers, aka scramble in japan. That picks up where the beloved jrpg left off, but it replaces its turn based combat with musso hack and slash action where you can wail on like 200 dudes at once, which is fun that’s on ps4, pc and switch, which is messed up because regular old persona 5 is still only on ps4, also out on the 23rd for ps4 and switch as well as xbox.

One is curse of the dead gods, a skill based roguelite dungeon crawler, as well as the unsafe, rideshare simulator taxi chaos on all those platforms. I just said, and then rogue heroes ruins of pesos comes to switch on the 25th, prepare to get so frightened by monsters that your clothes literally fly off your body, and you have to run around in your underwear in ghosts and goblins resurrection. The modern reimagining of capcom’s classic run and gun platformer, though technically it doesn’t have guns you just sort of jump around and shoot spears at everything. So maybe you should call it something different like prance and lance that’s. My suggestion anyway, that’s on nintendo switch, also on nintendo switch on the 25th, is forward to the sky, which is about an anime princess, doing stuff. You guessed it in the sky, on the 26th bravely default 2 hit switch, which is technically the third game in the jrpg series that got its start back on 3ds. The second bravely default was bravely second, which came out in 2015, but really as far as square enix naming conventions go. Naming the third installment with a number two isn’t that weird kingdom hearts counted, sequels with decimals and musical notes and wingdings and stuff like that. 30 long years after wrestle, fest clotheslined and pile drove its way into arcades it’s, getting a sequel in the form of retromania wrestling which is coming to xbox one ps4 pc and switch on the 26th.

Meanwhile, the jury’s still out on the release, dates for a couple of games: capcom, arcade stadium on switch and century age of ashes on pc and then there’s the possibility we get some surprise reveals from out of nowhere completely ruining this video. We worked very hard on, but those are your big games for february 2021. Music. As always. What did i forget? What did i screw up and, most importantly, what are you playing this month? Let us know in the comments and i’ll probably see you next month with march’s biggest releases, but i say probably because i’m expecting a pretty big release of my own, because my wife is having a baby which completely throws an entire bicycle into the gears of my Plans to replay yakuza like a dragon on playstation 5 and that dear viewers is why you should never do kissing just play. Gal gun returns instead it’s much less gross. Thank you for watching.