You would have thought he killed master chief or something the salty tears of millions of xbox live gold subscribers, which i think half of them weren’t, even subscribers to begin with. Half them were probably playstation. Fanboys, yes, xbox live gold was set to see a price increase doubling from 60 to 120 a year. It was going to go from 10 a month to 11 a month and people were upset justifiably, maybe maybe perhaps everything goes up in price. Where was all this hostility when netflix raised their prices? Oh, i figure it’s because most people are on the 899 plan and the people are in 4k plan have to go ahead and suck it up and pay 18 a month. But you know what i did. I just simply cut netflix i cut the cord. I could afford netflix, but i wasn’t happy about the price increase, so i decided not to go with netflix, at least for the time being. I will say this i’m, not for all the toxicity of social media and all the outrage. Some of it might be justifiable, but things do go up in price. With that said, xbox did the right thing: they backpedaled. They went ahead and said you know what we’re not going to give you any price increases and guess what? On top of that, not only the price is going to stay the same, but you’re going to be able to play free to play. Games such as fortnite for free starting soon.

We don’t have an exact date when that’s gon na take effect, but you will no longer have to subscribe to. Xbox live gold just to play free to play. Games online it’s been this way since day, one on playstation but, more importantly, let’s get to the games with gold for this month february 2021, because it’s a very solid month, five games instead of the usual four now i don’t know if we’re gon na get five Games every month i don’t know if that was maybe a plan, maybe to increase the value since the price was going up, but we’re getting five games this month. Nonetheless, starting with gears 5 with the medicaid rating of 84., very solid single player, multiplayer outing, one of xbox finest franchises great game play it it’s, also on game pass. Next up, you have resident evil, hd remastered glad to see some capcom games on this list. It’S, not the only capcom game also lost planet 2, which is not featured here in video form lost. Planet 2 has a metacritic rating of 68 it’s, the xbox 360 version resident evil. Hd remaster hasn’t met a quick rating of 82 and it’s, the port from the gamecube port 2002 of the remaster of the original resin evil. Next up, we have dandara, which is an indie title and there’s no rating on the xbox one version of the game, so we’re gon na look at the switch version of the game, which has a metacritic rating of 73.

. Now it’s a platformer i don’t know if it does anything to reinvent the platforming wheel, but for free i’ll definitely take a look at it. It does look pretty interesting just from the trailer and finally rounding out the games with gold for february 2021. We have indiana jones and the emperor’s tomb, which is an xbox title original xbox, so it may look a little bit dated, but the gameplay is still great and it’ll definitely prepare you for the new indiana jones game, that’s coming exclusively to xbox series s and x. Now, backtracking a bit back to the xbox live gold price increased debacle. Obviously the price increase is not going to take effect. Some say the damage may already been done and public relations department, but i think phil spencer’s done a lot of good. I think the intentions were good with this price increase. What they were trying to do is probably trying to sway everybody to go ahead and subscribe to game pass or game pass ultimate, which already includes gold and obviously things didn’t go as planned, but they back pedaled. They backtracked and it’s, not gon na happen, so that’s good news, you’re getting five games for february 2021, regardless, which is great you’re, getting gears five available february 1st to the 28th resident evil available february 1st the 28th dundara trials of fear edition available february 16th to March 15th indiana jones and the emperor’s tomb available february 1st through the 15th and lost planet 2 available february 16th.

28Th. Music. One last note, while i do think it’s a stupid idea, that resident evil village demo is tied into exclusivity, that it’s only available on playstation 5, whether it’s a timed exclusive or a full exclusive it’s. Just a dumb idea. The full game is not going to be exclusive. That demo should be available on all platforms that it’s coming out for makes no sense in my mind, but i am glad at least that we’re getting capcom games coming to xbox live gold, great publisher overall, even though they do make some dumb bone headed decisions from Time to time, but don’t we all, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Let me know what you think about february 2021 games with gold. Let me know what you think about that whole price debacle that whole screw up that microsoft, phil spencer, had going there for a minute. Let me know this comment. Section should be very interesting this month, don’t forget to like share and subscribe it’s been next. I will take it.