26 Music hi guys welcome to my channel i’m dj, not daniel padilla, dj luna, pj rivera for lto additional restriction code is first used in the path physically and mentally fit tayo to operate the vehicle or mahapang drive. Second, one is a written and practical exam. Orion driving test additional qualifications, additional restriction code is hapaging restriction, code, i124, six and seven kaylangan meron tayong driver’s license professional professional and kaylang and jennai at least one year prior to adding applications is another requirement, your medical certificate and, by the way, now 450 pesos. For the medical, after montana, clinic so don’t, say clinic guys, Music, sha and magabayad kayo nang application, fina 100 pesos and computer fee 67.63. So a total of 167.63 after done 30 out of 40 and for professional is 45 over out of 600 uh exams. Music. Music number by random guys i am additional restriction code, which is 100 pesos and then replacement fee for the driver’s license, which is 225 and then melodyne, computer fina, 67, 67.63. So one total guys, i ‘2 points seven or eight encoding or biometrics. Now, windows done guys. Um picture and then it’s a biometrics, young, fingerprints and signature. Seven thousand four hundred ninety seven point: twenty six ayingland guys for this video sanamaramika young, and if you have questions, please comment down below and that’s it for our video. For today, please like share subscribe and please don’t skip ads.