2021. I’M elgin. My name welcomes to my channel. If you’re new here, like you, subscribe the channel and hit the bell for the application so that you will not miss any update from like am i saying, empower shutters list, percy is out and the only one portal you can check if you are named, if you Qualify for the shortest list is one footer. That is a portrait you register, and that is totally you need a test or you make a test. So in fact i’m going now i’m, so you are going i’m not going to brother. Am i using foreign? You may decide to any brother you want. I offend the brother, look at this once you open, you are going to search nazim photo or not. I send the link on my video description so that you go and search or follow my face comment section. You will see the link of this photo and once you made this search for n s, i am that is nineteen. So i don’t like to do all of this. I have already saved it to my bookmark, and i know that you know that, because you know how you register, you know how you make a test it’s, all the same thing. What you need to do is just to log into a nazim important that is through signing your email and your passwords. So me, i have already did this. I just want to pass it.

You know how to do it because i upload a video on how to register for empower, so you can check out my video so that you will be seen so the network is unloading once it’s finished. I will show you something just for some minutes some seconds. I mean i’m, so look at this. It is my proper overview screening and verification. You are going to press here at the verification, so the network is not going well. So once you qualify, you will be see the confirmation text. Oh i say congratulations. You have successfully shuttered inter battery verification. You will see that notification if you qualify and if you scroll 50 to above you will inshallah you’ll, be the amount of those who qualify that’s. The only way you can see if you qualify and on that screen, you can view your results. I told you that i’m telling you from 50 percent to above you’ll be shorter lives in any power, insha allah verification code. So here at the verification code, you’ll see a later confirmation letter options, at least so i’m showing i have a screenshot of the letter later and i will show you how to check it just a minute. The network is not going well that i will show you if it is going away so i’m going to my gallery so that you’ll see how the message will be, how the compilation letter will be so on my gallery i’m coming because my friend had just sent Me the link he already succeeded.

That is how this you are going to make a comforting after you shut the lice. So congratulations on passing scheduling, peace. We we just want to verify some of your desserts and you’ll be good. If you feel you have missed out any important dishes during the applications, so that’s how it is, but here i come at the end of this video – i have a lot of turnover. Videos like this be sure to check them out. I’M el deny my name. Empower. Shutters list is out log into a nism portal. Click on verification. When you qualified, you’ll, see a confirmation letter through, then you are going to make a fingerprint that, under verification on your nexin photo, you will see the verification. You will see a confirmation letter if you are shutter lights, on empower lists, that’s, how i did see you on next class don’t forget to subscribe.