You will find marcus stuyvesant near the building’s signature, art installation, while a paranoid carl ingram has ensconced himself in his penthouse suite security on highest alert. Mr gray is already in position and ready to assist. Good luck. 47. 47. Come in 47. Do you copy i’m here? Are you in position i’m heading towards the point of entry good, get back to me when you’re there, Music, locked, 47 use your camera and scan the lock? Will you i think i can override the windows controls from here i’m in position 47. The inauguration is taking place close by once you’ve infiltrated. It get your bearings i’m sure there must be floor plans somewhere understood. We need absolute focus on this one. If ingram and stuyvesant are alerted to our presence, we may lose them for good. We are so close. 47. don’t worry they’re, not going anywhere Music. Welcome to the barge alcazami. Welcome back. Welcome. Welcome hello. This has been a dream of mine for a great many years. Music, hey find out what that was. I hear you. I think i can open that window remotely scan the lock with your camera and i’ll have a try, get on your knees. Buddy put your hands up what you stay here and try not to get in my way all right: okay, all right! Okay, continuing! Ah, i bet gary lost this such a dick 47. I would like to address the providence partners directly. I want them to know why this is happening and i have an idea, but it requires you finding a map, any news on the new guard to sign a codename pinky.

I got word that he entered the building, but he hasn’t reported for duty yet probably still down at the depot getting his uniform. I just hope: he’s got his papers with him. I heard rumors that he used to work for that dow wood rankin. You know i’ve got someone on the ground i’m moving in no no hello yeah. I just wanted to remind you about the lockdown drill tomorrow: that’s right 900 hours and the key cards to activate the alarms are still in the safe and the security one yeah same code, six, nine, two seven! But remember no, hey you! What seems to be the problem here? I need you to stand up let’s go. Can you tell me anything about who we’re looking for what the hell, whoa that’s, reckless behavior buddy can’t, tolerate that both hands behind you hadn’t interlocked, the fight? What are you waiting for? Let’S go: go, go, keep the principal safe at all costs, not hmm a calendar function. We can use this to summon the partners to a fake meeting. Damn it a silent alarm has been tripped. Security is on its way, hide 47.. All right. I’M. No hacker like olivia, but i think you need to pull one of the racks here to gain access to the terminal. Hey it’s me. I thought about what you said: i’m sick of coming down here. Yes, sorry about that 47 let’s! Try again shall we well. That must have done something.

Can you see anything different in the room, good we’re in now, all you need to do is access the terminal and use the calendar option to summon the providence partners to a meeting building cameras are now disabled, good work. The meeting has been booked, the partners should be moving up here shortly, looks like the lounge can be sealed off for private conversations. Andy excellent. I see the partners moving. You should join their meeting time to end this 47. cameras are showing a lot of guards up here. They wouldn’t suspect one of their own, though we tolerate no trespasses alpha eyes on some throwing on people. Oh you damn now stop it yeah. You know that guess. Grumpy one always wants peace and quiet yeah. I haven’t seen him playing golf today. He must be in a good mood. Don’T tempt fate. I don’t think i’ve ever worked out. A man just wondering hey is anyone there Music. How are we doing talk to me? People? Okay, i think we’re good, thank you and we’ll handle them. You need to act fast before those bastards evacuate head for the helipad what’s going on Music uh that’s gon na make they’ve left the helipad. Their last chance is by parachute, make sure that doesn’t happen. Moving on copy command still looking no sign of confirm, so you got him 47 marcus, stuyvesant won’t be a problem anymore. Let’S move on to carl ingram we’re, not done yet. We got him 47.

soon. There will be no more providence. You need to find an exit.