Beautiful people.. We are a scaping from 100 layers of 1 cup.. This is Dad versus son.. The first layer is red, which means you have a red weapon.. You have to use. It on the red layer., Where in a contest and you’re making. Up the rules. Yes, this is a. Race to see who could escape first.. Oh my gosh. I’m. Starting to think these layers are rigged.. Away. He’s fine, no way I’m gon na need. That first layer., Not so dad. Players were Lego bricks and, of course, mine, had to be a real breath.. What the World going on around here. It’s, just a part. Of the game, you got ta, be a basketball in the orange layer.. There we go press this catching up., Listen I’m gon na pop that come in this whole prequels about to Got ta hurry up.. Who is it, This is insane. It’s got to be a big enough hole for me to go through.. What do you think it’s? What would you die? You are so slow, it’s, a dad. When I get through in the last 100 years, video you guys all commented. How big do you think my dad is and it’s true ’cause he’s being here right now? What do you? What are you Doing? This is my. House, alright, it’s, alright, just coming down.! Oh, oh interesting, you face pudding.! Oh my gosh! Look at the street! The president.. There we go. You’re almost through the other land.

. What do I Got? There’S your weapon piece of plastic you. Are a monster. Come on. I like a lot of people, voice, heard., Oh that’s, hot. Dora. We have always got safety on standby.. This portion of my video is sponsored by Adobe Premiere Pro and every single one of our editors uses Adobe Premiere, Pro. Premiere Pro makes your content looks so much better and really takes it to the next level for motion. Graphics templates to the thousands of animated titles to choose from directly in the app. Premiere Pro truly helps you stand out from the. Crowd. Would you agree? Yes Sir.. I feature that our team loves to use. Are the motion graphics templates? No longer do you have to be an expert on after effects to create an amazing visual treatment to your project or YouTube video and with Adobe stock. There are hundreds of free animated titles, graphics and visual treatments to choose from so you’re, never going to run out. With premiere Pro. It has allowed us to elevate our videos in creative, professional Polish that we can be proud, of., Every single YouTube video and we post a ton of them. Thanks again to Adobe premiere Pro for sponsoring this portion of the video.. Now, back on to the regular programming that’s bigger., If you could crawl through., I believe I think I can get through their kids.. What do you think you’re too old Jerry? Yes, when you going through. I’m going through help me.

I’m taking his weapon coming through., There was no. Rules about taking the weapon as long as it matches the color you’re good at.. You don’t look don’t look., Oh my gosh, it’s so disgusting and get out my way. I’m coming through baby hope. So it’s cold. It’s wet. Oh my God.. I run the next layer.. Why does Dad get all these easy ones Perfect? As Preston there’s your weapon down? There. Spanking already, kids, you need one.. Really this is., Not a basketball, anymore., That’s, wonderful, definitely., Yeah, oh watch out there’s a fire over there.. Oh there, you can take this one next gallaba., Oh my God! This is how.. This actually is terrible. Such a big sword. Through this is terrible., Give me that watch out. Welcome to the gold.. I don’t see any weapons chase. Thanks that’s that might be a problem: good luck., Haha it’s, actually working really well., Look at this. It’s, just so tough to get through man., Papa Cactus, breaking through. We’re, so close, there’s, literally more layers after this one. It’s lowkey. It’s Kind of like. Butter had anything better.. You can. I get. Some butter emojis in the comments down below., Please I’m really struggling today.. Yes, please fathead fit through this.. Ok, take your banana. Off you, not my dad that’s here. You’re! So sweaty I yeah. Don’t helping James.. What do you think you’re gon na get a spanking do Jones? I don’t know this man., Or is this crazy, Axel.

Home I. Guess. I don’t wan na say.? This is for Preston I. Haven’t been first through any of these layers. So I really haven’t gotten to choose anything. First.. Ok, wait hold on much later.. We get! Oh, my God. What am I kidding? So? Why is he technically gone through the wall? Wait yeah! You didn’t go through your layer. By wait. I’M, not even., Going to go through your gold layer.. Oh, oh F. Sorry, I’ve played a lot of Minecraft. Finally Preston broke through finally.. I found a magic pickle.. You ate it.. Oh, you ate it., Now I’m going against a pickle, not Preston.. What is I don’t? Even know what this is made of., What is this 100 layers of rug? Sorry, Faze Rug broke up. And the secret. It’s not snappable, come up to another layer. I’ve been through this before, and I want to postpone it.. You want to do some trades right. What you got, I will literally. Pour this pickle juice all over me.. Just give me one quick, I’ll. Trade., What the pickle Think about it. Ideas, A deal baby! Thank you! So much wait.! Thank you! So much. It sucks.. I hate this layer.. Thank you pressed it.. This helps a lot., I don’t hate a lot of things except for Seikan, and this layer. And people who think pancakes are better than waffles.. I still love you, but weird waffles have tiny pockets for syrup.. They are superior to pancakes.

. Would you not agree It’s from a pickle. Joanna land., The glass chipped off.? How strong is this? Faze rug daggett See daylight Dad. This is no time for music.. This is time for panic at the disco, which I guess is a band. Once again, I’m cut too high., Please cut. In the name of Jesus.. Yes, wait we’re getting somewhere getting some progress.. I can do all things through him. Even beat little opressed yeah. Listen to that song was beautiful.. That was very motivating. Humming here by police. Can you leave a like on this video and subscribe if you are beautiful, because I’m feeling very not beautiful right now, they. Have big enough kids.. How do you do these things that Just kind of happens, kind of natural this. Is been the strategy every time Dad gets to the layer 1st and I take his weapon. Afterwards, I had to go through all that. One good jump through their account, no way.. If I help you out, you. Don’t spank me right promise. I won’t break the. Promise pinky pull. How Ha ha ha ha. Spirit. We officially. For the first time since we’ve been on the green layer. We have a visible holbens., The next ones, blue baby shark time. Woo. We’re fine, we’re fine., Dad of. A. Predator Josh come on baby shark.. There is no way this is going to work, ready, Chris. Don’t know it’s ready. No., And this is how you tubers are made.

I’m, tired of being birth later after lunch.. Meanwhile, give me one of those swords. Give me one of those.. This is literally a hunk of garbage. It’s, sharp and it’s. I don’t know, but sharpen up.. This is not going good.. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been losing to dad every single layer.. Be president gig.. Sorry. Frick meeting president.: What turn around You don’t want to go in there You’ll see you just keep going.. I don’t care that I know you’re. Baiting me. I got ta go back through here. And a weapon. We have one layer.. Oh, thank God is that what you Want happening, maybe when I’m going through my God, what was that gon na Go through? Whose idea was it to give me the blue cardboard, I don’t even like regular cardboard.. Oh my God., This is so freaking hard.. At this point, I feel like it’s we’re, going to get more damage done with our freaking hands.. I swear I’m trying my hardest. I’m not doing this for content., Which one are you getting all the way back To here: I’m, getting the hat baby I’m back.? What do you do Feel like that’s doing, something. I’m very worried. Dealer had a little open. To my guy says he got through here., Hey, listen! I can hear you boys on the other side. Home. For another one.. They got Preston Preston. Your dad’s, making fun of you.. I know chase he’s showing you up.

Let’s, see what shall we call him Slow mobile.? How many layers are there left? Probably 9000.. Do you want help son? I need your charity.. You want some help get out of your old man. I have an idea turn around what is Moran this Worried about that baby. I think, like scares me, bro, dude., Literally I’m, doing a sizable hole that was literally peanut sized hole.. I think press is catching up.. Every layer, one by one, you cut with a sword like this, and you know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing, but at least I’m making progress so it’s, not the definition. Of insanity. First baby., Every barn had to break out of his crib. The first day is born. But can’t breakthrough cardboard. He. Can not breakthrough cardboard, he’s only a baby. I’m burying it pay kids. What do you think Should I go get Brianna to help him? This goes out. No. Yeah., I’m, so proud of you., John Christie. Interim. 123457.. Only 35 later. Dude, we literally made a cardboard slide. On. The other side David. You got ta speed, up. As you’re doing that your father is getting. Through the layers you got it Preston. I need. A little bit of rest and recovery. Go back and get your weapons.. Ok, I’ll be back! President.. Are you almost through Omaha Don’t, be so dangerous. We’re going to make this work. Come on wait.? Oh, my God, really good! Actually, works.

! I had no hope. For this weapon., I see a pattern., I mean. Maybe I could squeeze. There’s no way down.. I think I’m going to win this challenge., Please in the name of. Jesus Vernon, my ship baby., Going through no. No, no, no yes. Preston.. Where are you Through controlling Preston, he’s coming. No. Yeah? You did some the diamond trophy. I was. Yeah. We get it down. Connie it’s, just a punishment. Squeezing do it.. Do it yeah? If you want to keep watching more videos for months, so you can get it.