Too. And those are the fun ones to watch. Why dont you go first, Kimberly! No way You got lipstick, Wait. Thats, not real lipstick.. You should eat it.. Oh, I got it, You were right And it tastes good too. Its nice starting off with candy. Okay lets see what Ive got. Ooh You got. Strawberries Ahem.. This is for you. Oh., Okay Wooo Looks like I get a spa day: Im not gon na waste. Any time then. Ahh., A delicious strawberry AND a spa, This might be the best challenge Ive ever done. Wow. This IS amazing. I still have some strawberries. Left. Lets go wild Its great that we get this mask maker. Ill, just add the water.. Now I need to chop up these strawberries. Ooh Good job, All right Time to add the strawberries, And now I just hit start and we wait Look Here. It comes, I think, its ready. These are gon na work. Great Ive never done a strawberry face mask before Ahh. So relaxing. Time to take off the masks.. They were so refreshing and rejuvenating.. Ah Kimberly Your face Ill go first, this time. Oh no way! Look at that amazing cake. It has so many layers Time to dig in Oh wow. That looks really good. And now for my first bite. I wish I had a first bite of that cake Open yours. Maybe you have a cake too Whoa Red Nutella. I cant wait to taste it Its.

So so so good Well thats good, then Hey. Ive got a great idea. Wait. Where are you going with that? Paintbrush? Yes, The artist is in the house. You Come here.. You will be my canvas., Its so windy here, But Im excited Of course, youre excited. Im. A master face painter. Now for the roller Prepare yourself Yes.. Yes, This is turning out wonderfully. I need some black. And this mesh. Now to apply the mesh. Oh, my Ive created a masterpiece. You look beautiful Wow, Oh hey, So this is what youve been up to. Okay, do me next, Hmm, let me think Whoa., You have a whole roller, huh Yes.. Now turn your face to the side. Hmmm. Im, not quite sure, All right, Im ready, Wait, Thats, not paint Hmm.. Why is this paint not working Ohhh? I see what went wrong. Here. Ooooh.Sorry about that Now, Ive got cake all over my face. At least it still tastes. Good. Lets see whats next Red noodles, Fantastic. They look kind of weird.. How do they taste? I guess Ill find out MmTheyre good. You should open yours. Whoa. Look what Ive got Theyre so shiny and pretty Im gon na pick, one up. EEEE Look Theyre gummy Wait: Dont eat it., Put it down. Ive got a genius idea. And its gon na take my noodles. Ill. Just move this one here and this one here. Yes, It worked Now hold still.. Now, Im gon na make you spin in your chair.

. Hey. Are you tying me up? It really seems like youre tying me up. These noodles are working great. This is like the longest noodle ever. Oof. Im a little dizzy. And bye, bye, Ahhhh, Oh nice street Great, And now that shes spinning away, I can eat her gummy ring. Oh An Italian restaurant And theres spaghetti. Should I take a bite Eh not for me.. What is she doing? Why isnt she spinning Heh. There she goes again., Oooh, French food, I smell croissants, They smell pretty good no.. I dont want these either. Uhh Kimberly, keep spinning please. Phew. Another restaurant., And this one has a chair. Thats good, because I could use a break. Hey. My gummy rings here. Aww. Come on back over here, Hey My gummy ring Here, you go.! Oh Here we go for one last time: Ummmm its empty Ill. Try it again.. Maybe it just needs to be shaken. Okay. This time something will be there.. Yes, I was right Looks like I got me a brain. I better give this a poke. Yep. Just what I thought. A gummy brain, Okay, well, Im gon na open, mine. Hah, Its fake blood Huh.. Where did she go Time to water? The plants.? Oh wow., Shes acting odd, Oh well, Im going back to my fun drink. Mm, Its always fun to drink. Out of a bag., I love reading books, Hmmm, I dont think thats how reading works Such a good book.

I could use a snack. Ooh. This is one of my favorite snacks., Its delicious Ohhhh honey. No Okay, dont worry., Everythings gon na be okay.. Now lets see. Oh, This might work Hey honey. I need you to focus.. Oh you, sweet child no. Lets. Try this instead. Ooh! I love the colors of this Okay, okay, shes, making progress Unbelievable She completed the whole puzzle. Does that mean shes, better No.? I dont think so.? Oh, Are you going to check my heart? Hmm. Heart sounds good., Better check the head. La la. I love my broom. Oh no. I see the problem now. Broom boyfriend youre the best Hello. Can you hear me in there? Oh Hello, broom, No, its, not the broom! Its me Its me huh Eh. Ill stick with broom. Wow. Okay.. Guess Ive done what I can. Whats your favorite red food of all time. Dont forget to share this video with yourfriends and subscribe to our channelfor.