I think it’s. Just the beginning of this new era of trading gamestop is just the beginning, but i don’t think you should be buying gamestop. In fact, if you’re holding any, i think you should consider selling some and i’m going to tell you why you need to be very, very careful with gamestop, but first we’ve got to lube ourselves up and give gamestop its second sti. Okay disclaimers. I am not a qualified financial advisor in your location, so this video should be taken for entertainment purposes. If you are new here, consider subscribing and turning on the bell. Do me the kindest of kind favors make sure that, like buttons turn blue just pause, the video go make sure it’s turned blue. If you want to support the channel as a patreon link down in the description where you can get some exclusive perks, including our whatsapp group, and if you’re not from the us of canada and let’s, face it you’re banned from trading this stuff lately, anyway, you can Sign it with the pinned comment on etoro deposit, make one simple trade and you get free, that’s right, free lifetime, access to the lwt, investing chat, room, okay, disclaimers and promotions out the way let’s move on if you’ve been living under a rock or trapped in someone’s Basement lately, you might not know that there’s, certain stocks that are heavily shorted companies that are facing bankruptcy and do not look bright in the future, have been going abe lately and going up many many hundreds of percent gamestop been quite frankly at the front of this Craze, in fact, it’s gone from around about twenty dollars up to five hundred dollars in just a few days.

Why? You ask? Well quite simply wall street bets a discord, a social media group of people. Some people would call them. Geeks they’ve been online grouped together and squeezed up these shorts, and then discord’s got on the battle. Twitter’S got on the battle and many new traders who are sat at home with a form of their backside who don’t know what investing is have joined in the fun, and i say that with love i’m happy everybody’s making money just be very, very careful when it Comes to investing and jumping in on the gravy train when it’s at full throttle, but why should you sell your position in jme and, more importantly, why you should not buy now? I want to be very, very clear here. This does not mean you should short this stock um. If anything, you should stay away from that first, but if you are stuck in gma, you should seriously consider your position because, quite frankly, there are two examples that we had in the chat room this week and i’m, not gon na mention them by name, but one Of them made up 50 grand and one of them lost quite a lot of money in percentage terms on their account now i want to say that he didn’t lose 50 grand because, quite frankly, he wasn’t able to but i’m going to talk about that. A little bit later in the video so make sure you stick around for that, but right now this whole careers has gotten the media in a frenzy and, more importantly, hedge funds are running for the hills and the big shorts of the world are really worried when It comes to heavily shorted stocks.

In fact, i think a lot of them have covered a lot of their positions when they see heavily short stocks. After all, these hedge funds employ many many people and many many analysts who can look at these stocks and just scale down their risk ever so slightly and have a lot more assets at their disposal than a simple discord group with everybody who sent your law let’s Long gme, and because of this, someone twisted the arm of robin hood, 212 and other big brokers and said: hey, you need to stop trading of these stocks, but they didn’t, they said. Look, you can sell your stock. You can’t buy gme, which caused the stock to panic. In fact, gme from its highs on thursday fell down a whopping, 75 plus percent in one day now imagine there is some poor soul, trapped in at 500 bucks and it’s a long way down. More importantly, there’s a good chance, they’re, never gon na get their money back now at the timing of this video, the market is currently open and gme is bouncing around doing what it’s gon na do. I don’t know where this one’s gon na go. I think, quite frankly, it could continue going up. It could even reach a thousand dollars, but for me i wouldn’t be investing in it, because the only reason you would buy this stock is purely on fomo. You might get a clean intraday setup for a quick day.

Trade scalp, but let’s be honest majority of you watching this video online are new to the investing and trading game, and i don’t mean that as an insult i mean that, quite frankly, you really probably don’t have the risk management or skill to day trade, a clean Setup yet – and i hope you don’t take offense to that now, whichever way you shape it, this is a clear pump and what comes after a pump on a stock is always a dump. You don’t really get chat, rooms, pump stocks and then the stock during the pump becomes a legitimate company. Turning over billions of revenue, it just doesn’t happen, there’s, always a drop. It will come gme blackberry. All these other amc they can throw. Our offerings add shares to their floor. Add dilution capitalize on this free move and raise capital to keep them in business for another couple of months now, i’m not saying these companies are gon na go bust, but one thing is for sure: they’re not justified valuations. So fundamentally, that’s a reason why you should not be investing in itself now if it does go to a thousand dollars, then yes, yes, the discords, the reddits have won short term, but i guarantee you long term. The hedge funds will win wall street always wins in everything. There is a winner and a loser, and there will be still people if it gets to a thousand buying a thousand, which is crazy.

I know, and they will end up holding that bag for eternity, because i think if it does get to a thousand, it may even surpass that. But when it comes down it’s down to stay, even if a merger happens, even if gme got blown out by apple or someone like that, it still wouldn’t be a justified valuation. So, just be very, very careful is what i’m saying. Another thing you need to be wary of, if you are invested in this is majority of shorts, have already covered shorts, are actively scaling out in big dips, so you’re gon na get bouncers for sure, which will bring day trading opportunities for certain individuals who have the Skill and knowledge, but that said right now, i think it’s, a battle between buyers and buyers. The reddit channel got closed down. Discords have been limiting on how much financial advice can be given out and that’s another thing in itself. There will be lawsuits. I guarantee you with this whole cris so wall street bets, i hope, you’re okay and i hope you survive because it’s been entertaining, but you guys should really look at getting a lawyer if you haven’t done so already, because i guarantee you they’re gon na target and Come for you, so it doesn’t happen again, but right now i think it’s, a battle of fires, it’s different groups trying to pump it up and it’s, not as organized as it was at the beginning.

So quite frankly, the army is broken up into little. Bands of people – and i don’t think they have the combined power to keep this going much longer if you’re still looking at buying gamestop right now, you need to ask yourself this question: where will it go? When will it go? Quite frankly, you don’t know the answer to either of them and if you don’t know the answer: it’s a no trade it’s that simple. So what would be your plan buy and hold and hope because that’s not a plan that is holding and hoping, and i hope that you take that into account. I don’t want to see anyone who’s new, investing losing money, but unfortunately it happens. Most people do lose money, it’s a simple fact: it’s, a saying when it comes to investing and trading that people who are not using logic are always going to suffer. And, quite frankly, if you are looking at buying gamestop right now, majority of people are not lose using logic, and if you are the people who are trading it with, you are not. Therefore it can be volatile and fall at any second throw in the fact. The company will probably want to raise money and there could be massive halts from sec investigations and maybe even halts that last more than one day it’s a big risk. If you’re going long right now, in fact, it’s a big risk, if you’re going short right now, it’s complete toss up, who knows where it will go, one thing is for sure: i’ve got my popcorn and i’m enjoying watching without spectating.

Now the tale of the two traders in the chat room, if you’re in the chat room, you probably know who i’m talking about, but quite frankly, i’m, not going to reveal their public identity. One person made actually way over 50 grand on gme long. He was banging on about gme days and days before this even started moving to be honest and we all brushed it off aside, saying uh it’s not really moving it’s, not really moving, but i think he was sort of in this reddit group at the beginning and He nailed it so big massive congratulations to, but he had a good plan, a good risk management and he was moving up. His trailing stop loss limit every time, so it was really a no lose situation after a few days and the good thing is, he was taking profits along the way locked in some gains and well done. The guy’s been trading, not that long and i’m. Very very happy for him, although i think he went in with way too much size at the beginning and he got a little bit lucky, but he had the balls. He had the plan to stick with it and i think his risk was always managed. So well done to you mate now on to the second trailer who lost money. Quite frankly, he is the example i am talking about in this video, and i mean this with love, because i really do like this bloke.

He had a lot of formal watching others make so much money, not only in the chat room but also on discord. Twitter. Everyone was making money on gme, so he jumped in and he put in a range order and guess what he pretty much bottom ticked – that on his range order, so he had a bit of formal. He took a loss on it. Luckily, it was not that much money in dollar terms, but in percentage terms i’m sure it was quite a hefty hit, but the whole reason i’m bringing this in is. There is two traders when it comes to investing in stocks in general, and the first thing is the person who notices the move at the beginning, buying value buying something before it happens. This is investing and trading and buying it near the top, never works out. Yes, you might make a couple of little bucks along the way, but there’s a very simple saying: it works until it doesn’t. You can be right, 99 times out of 100 and wrong once and all your money is gone. We know this for sure. So these two traders are two opposites of the scale and i just hope that they learnt lessons from each other. First, one being formal is never a good thing and if you feel there’s any inkling in a formal, quite simply look for the next trade. Now another example is recently on my etoro public profile, there’s a link down for that in the description.

If you want to check it out, he was talking about tesla and i was saying it was overvalued short term. He didn’t understand what i was saying and, quite frankly, he got very upset about it, but he couldn’t justify why tesla will do well long term. Even i can find an argument why it can do that. He couldn’t other than tesla to the moon and it’s been the same with gme, even though gme is completely not even the same league as tesla and it’s a bit strange but he’s looking to make a quick buck by buying tesla at the top and it’s. Never a good thing buy on dips, buy value stocks that you believe in right now. Do you believe gamestop will survive? Do you think it’s going to be worth the money it’s currently valued at not really so other than that it’s a simple day, trade and nothing more, and that, ladies and gentlemen, and everything in between is why you shouldn’t be buying gamestop right now. You should actively be looking at selling, but of course this is not financial advice. I’D. Love to know your thoughts. Where do you think gamestop will be in the middle of the year on july? The 1st, let me know down in the comments, love to know thanks very much for watching this. Far. If you have made it comment, the chord word hercules down in the comments if you’ve made it this far, please make sure that, like button is turned blue, subscribe turn on the bell.