Well, there was no need, for that was a fact yeah, but so was walt disney Music uh good jumper t shirt. Vesticles i’ve got like 17 layers on as well i’m, not cold, wet what’s happening indoor explorers. It is ash here from forgotten spaces. Today, myself, wayne and andy are at somewhere somewhere in the rain in the rain in the woods as usual, we’re always in the woods. So if it’s, the first time you’ve come to the channel guys hit that subscribe, button, it’s down there or down there, click the thumbs up and don’t forget to have a look at our patreon page, enjoy the explore peace that’s a world war ii. Brick, that is, is it fully world war ii? Look how green it is. Oh yeah you’ve got like unobtainium no toe caps in there. No, actually, you were sent this on on facebook by a lady named tracy. Oh tracy, yes, well done tracy! Thank you very much. So shout out: tracy yeah, thank you! Tracy that’s, a world war ii spitfire engine on a serious note, that’s like a diesel generator yeah yeah. This is really bad. Mega burnt down this what’s that so yeah. This is well safe in here, oh well, at least it’s. Not it’s, like the safety, safest place, yeah it’s, actually quite joshua, just standing there let’s just explore this tiny little room so yeah. So is this the whole thing? No, no! No there’s a house down there over there and there’s a house yeah this greenhouse.

Is there the houses of grimly? Why are they called green? I don’t know because you grow green stuff in it whoa that was well done so yeah the roof is well. The roof was on fire at least it’s, not fire anymore yeah, because we’ve probably been dead. Yeah yeah, it could be very hot yeah this this. This is very oily. He’S done it again. Has he got where the has he gone? I don’t even care anymore, he’s like that child in the in the supermarket. He just runs straight to the toilet and you’re. Just like where’s wayne, oh there he is disappeared. Again we got a house or a building. This is a i wouldn’t say: it’s a house it’s a toilet block, it’s Laughter. Oh look! The rain’s still here the rain, where it’s everywhere um let’s go. This way. First check these greenhouses out the houses of green god. Stop raining i’m hunting ash wheat, bamboo everywhere that’s a nice bit of bamboo that’s massive. I feel like i’m in china. Jesus he’s crashed right, just pay attention, lads, falling bits of glass yeah, yes, that hanging yeah there’s another bit hanging right. There there’s proper it’s lighting ghost. You know when a window comes down and does him so yeah. This is obviously the green house, part of it. The nursery what’s up this reminds me of the brickworks, except this used to be a garden center yeah, so yeah um i’m, not really much of a horticultural specialist um.

Well, i imagine these had things planted well, yeah, i don’t know like displays, it’s a really cool. Little building, actually, there is like a winch. There, don’t touch it Applause, hey Applause, that’s, probably where the teal was because there’s a till on it. Oh my god, i don’t know where to go like in the the deadly glass building or towards wayne’s deadly ass building. Applause, this is wayne’s stepladder. You never know any kind of day. Oh he’s, a funny gap yeah. So that was that bit oh yeah seal there’s, two yeah wayne you’re making such a mess. Sorry do not fart as i’m following you out of here wayne don’t. Do it oh you’re, picking your boat and buy something? Sorry, wait! Stop fighting us phone wayne if i’m home that’s what wayne just done that’s criminal damage pretty much and they’ve got your fingerprint there’s a little drinks fridge. Is there anything out there out there? Okay, there’s a gate that way was there anything else that way, no no well let’s just continue our little journey. This is the road 20 months before lobster. Yeah cheers man thanks bro. If you want to know where we get all of our equipment, if you have a look in the description below all of our stuff is linked down there. Uh, if you buy it from amazon, then we get a very small small portion of that money, but yeah all of our stuff’s linked. So if you want to buy some stuff for urbex video making anything like that, then check the description below right, so we’re outside video, again sponsored by wellington, wellington, wellington, smith, yeah, that’s.

True, you missed that one. What slip! Oh you missed it! What just do it again, it would have been. Perhaps oh look at that fireplace. Then oh that’s, a that’s, a his and her swipe. He supposed fireplaces that’s what he is that’s, how you know you’ve made it in it when you’ve got a his and hers fireplace yeah. Oh pbs is that boat. With that i told you it was that dropped my foot that’s heavy isn’t, it yeah don’t drop. It look at this thing. Actually, we didn’t notice this in front of this door. Oh yeah that’s, quite nice yeah. That is nice. Well, if you give a flourish, oh it goes on for ages. This way, first there’s paper. Oh this place, isn’t it. This is huge. This is really tiled. This place is worth a couple. This is worth definitely over 40 pounds it’s actually checking the floor as usual. You smell really nice. Today, man, oh, thank you very much. Apart from when you fart it’s cool, is it me because i’m i’m full hugo’d up today, no it’s, definitely waiting? Sorry man you’ve got a bit. You’Ve got a bit jealous: oh wow, that’s, a fang there’s no need for that was a fact yeah, but so was walt disney. No shabbat, Music that’s, an old ball dinner bell: doorbell, Music! Imagine how nice this house would have been not very nice yeah. It would have been lovely man like in the 60s.

This is a nice kitchen. Yeah people have been in here for piping haven’t, they, oh, what would have given you that impression, andy yeah. This would have been a nice place. Man, like i would be lovely, got your own bloody garden center on that this would have been like a door that you would come in when you drove it, but if you were just going out to get the post, oh i forgot. It was raining there’s. Another great now see yeah house of green. Oh look there’s another room. Are you going the garage loads of stuff in here loads of light, little uh screws and bolts and locks? This is obviously where his workshop. Oh look. I’M. Making screws with the plasterboard there’s something in my welly boot yeah your foot you’re moving yeah, nothing in there. Is there not really well, there is lots of stuff, but like there’s. Nowhere else to go. There there’s a little picture a little dog over here, a little you’re, not having a moment, then, okay, guys, okay, guys that is it for the abandoned nursery. Unfortunately, there were no children but weirdly loads of plants, and the abandoned house behind us, which i think back in its day, would have been absolutely beautiful. Don’T forget if it’s the first time you’ve come here, hit the subscribe, hit the thumbs up check out our patreon page. Any donations would mean so much to us it’s, going to help us get out and do some more exploring thanks for tuning in we’ll.