Eight is now literally right around the corner. Guys and the best thing about new season is the care package gold guns. I call it gold guns and that’s what i’m going to go with for the rest of the video. So what are the gold guns going to be in season 8.? Now a disclaimer before the season started so far. Nobody knows what the gold guns are going to be in season eight, but in my video i’m gon na give you my very strong predictions that i think which of the guns are going to be gold guns in season eight. The first gun that i feel really really strong to be a gold gun is world. Now we have seen the gold world are live in care packages at the moment and if you had had your hand on one of these gold wool, you will see they are absolutely insane they’re, so good they’re, like r99 on steroids, and that was the whole point – That they took r99 from a normal base weapon and put it in the care package. It was an extremely strong gold weapon, but this wall is absolutely insane. I’M. 99 sure that wall is going to be the gold gun in season 8.. Walt has now been the base weapon for a long time, and it is quite a strong, strong gun also putting the wall in a care package. Weapon will definitely stir up the weapons meta for sure.

What about the gold gun that everybody wants to be a base weapon peacekeeper is peacekeeper gon na be a base weapon in season eight. I think so. The reason that i think that’s peacekeeper will base weapon is because peacekeeper is being gone as a gold weapon for far too long. I think it’s time to bring the peacekeeper back and that will give all that great lift. Everybody needs to see one of their most favorite shotgun back in the game. People have so many amazing legendary skins for peacekeeper, and they haven’t used them for so many seasons. Now will be a good time to go back to those amazing skins. With this amazing shotgun, i do believe 90 percent i’m sure that peacekeeper will also be returning as a base weapon in season eight placing peacekeeper as a gold weapon. I strongly suggest is going to be the broken mastiff now mastiff is absolutely broken and it’s everywhere and i think mastiff has a fair share of kills. Now it needs to be put back into the care package as it is absolutely broken. I love mastiff, but i just think it’s 20p. So if one gun that will replace peacekeeper back from the gold gun is massive so so far, i think walt’s going to be the gold gun and mastiff’s going to be the gold gun bringing peacekeeper back as a base weapon. Now i don’t think kraber is going to be changed. Kraber is still too strong for anyone and it is also going to remain in the care package as well with the new changes that respawn have got so many care packages everywhere.

So many drops, i do think there’s going to be one more gold gun which gun is it going to be? I have a feeling that is going to be the wingman. I think they’re going to put the wingman as a gold weapon taking us back in the memories of season, one how insanely opie wingman was now a lot of people have almost forgot about wingman and how good this gun can be, and this is the time that Respawn can bring wingman back from the dead by giving it extreme power, putting it in the care package and make it an insane thing, man that it deserves to be there. You have it guys. Those are my predictions for the gold guns that might be in season. Eight, i do feel very strongly about these, but now you only have one week to wait and see if i’m right or wrong. Nevertheless, if i’m right or wrong i’m still looking forward for the new season and can’t wait to find out, which are the new gold guns and can’t wait to get my hands on them as well, make sure to comment below guys. What you think are the gold guns going to be in season 8.? I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to like and subscribe. I got this squad secure how much damage i landed on that squad. I think we have to push it yeah. I just want to push it now. I’Ve got the shield.

You got the this other guy. Also have the red shield let’s push it man, oh he’s, going i’m going it’s go time. Yes, whoa mastiff them guys. I mastiff them good.