Eight is right around the corner, guys and today in this video i’m, going to tell you which legends to use in season 8 that will give you the best advantage to win those fights and get those wins. Now, in season 8, we are going back a revitalized king’s canyon, so these legends are picked based on the map changes and the map itself. The map seems more aggressive, more responsive and seems like it is going to be a perfect heaven for players that love to push in the fight. I hope the third partying is not as bad as it is on olympus, but one can only hope. King’S canyon is a weird map: i’m keeping my fingers crossed that respawn has really done some good things on king’s canyon, as we are entering our eighth season of apex legends but we’re going back to season. One’S map kings, canyon, okay, ladies and gentlemen, we’re gon na do three honorable mentions here. First, one is the new legend coming fuse. Now fuse is absolutely new legend for season eight. We don’t really know how he plays in the game and what this legend is all about. We know his abilities, but when you are actually playing the legend in game it’s, a total different ball game. So my first honourable mention fuse is the legend to use in season 8, because he’s a new legend and every time a new legend comes. You want to play with him because that’s the best thing about a new season so go on and play with fuse without giving you a second thought.

The second honorable mention we have is raid. Now raid is absolutely amazing legend and she has been the best legend. So far in apex legends from season 1. but there’s, a big nerf coming to raid, mainly to her hitbox respawn, is almost following the same suit that they did with pathfinder, which can make a lot of the regular players leave their legend. I don’t think this will be the case with the raid, because raid is such a popular legend. A lot of people are going to stick with her, but she’s never going to be the raid that she currently is because once the hitbox is increased, he’s going to get killed a lot more. So the second honorable mention goes to raid raid is a great fun. Legend to play with now for my third and final honorable mention, i have the legend mirage now i simply love mirage. I don’t know why people don’t love mirage or don’t, consider him as a top tier legend, but i do i’m a mirage main since day, one and he’s such a fun legend. His decoys are good. His passive ability is good. His tactical ability is good and his ultimate is also very. Very good. Hitbox can be tweaked, but all in all mirage is a great legend and as i am a mirage main – and this is my opinion – video go and play with mirage don’t even play another legends. Just play with mirage all day long with that out of the way guys now we are here and we’re gon na talk about the top three best legends to use in season 8.

. First of the bone is lifeline now, lifeline kit is absolutely insane. She is at such a good point. Lifeline is a beast of a legend. At the moment, her tactical ability is insane have passive ability is insane is, and her ultimate is also very useful. She have a perfect hitbox at the moment and the way that she is using her health drone now when she is reviving people. That is just simply a mind, blowing tactic, absolutely amazing life is a great legend. Now she wasn’t the legend that she was in season. One king’s canyon, but now she’s a total different beast one of the best characters to use in season 8 hands down now. The second legend that i’m recommending to use in season 8 is pathfinder. Now we talked about the pathfinder nerve, but part finder is such a great legend. King’S canyon is all about the high ground and pathfinder knows king’s canyon. Like a back of his hand, you can grapple to the high grounds very easily and king’s canyon will never be the same without zip lines. So i know he’s, not the pathfinder that king’s canyon has previously seen, but pathfinder is still the second best legend to use in season 8.. Pathfinder is reliable, he’ll get you those skills and he will get you. Those wins for sure. Last legend, the third legend that i’m suggesting to go with in season 8 is horizon the season 7 legend that came is absolutely amazing.

I love horizon best thing about horizon is her tactical? With that gravity? Lift she gives you the boost and the high ground that you need to get those kills i’m, hoping that they don’t nerf horizon because she’s such a good, balanced character at the moment and nerfing her just after the first season will be a bit harsh. But if you go with horizon, she is amazing. You can play her aggressively and you can play her defensively as well. He’S a perfect fit to pick there. You have it guys, my top 3 best legends to start your season 8 journey with.