For decades now the Hubble Space Telescope has been providing us with incredible ground, breaking beautiful images of space and the universe., But NASA is about to launch an upgrade.. The James Webb Space Telescope has been a long time coming after suffering. Various delays but its finally, here And.., You have seen that the WEBB is shining in golden colour.. Why? I will tell about it later in this video. There’ll also be a HUBBLE vs WEBB comparison in this video. Hi Friends. I am AK and Welcome to the 2nd Video of UNIVERSE007 Specials.. Let us start. Are we alone in the universe, Its easily one of the biggest of all the big questions out here., But whatever answer you prefer to give, and whichever theory you tend to side with, the fact remains that we so far havent found evidence of alien Life. Weve been searching for years and have had various close calls, but still life on Earth is the only life we know about., But that could all be about to change. The James Webb Space Telescope probably goes down as one of the most eagerly anticipated space missions of modern times. Plans were first made for it back in 1996, just six years after the Hubble was launched. Back, then it was billed as a next generation telescope, but the Team behind it didnt imagine quite how far into the next generation wed have to get before the Webb got off the ground In the early 2000s.

It was all about planning, replanning, evaluating cost and re evaluating cost. The look and feel and direction for the Webb constantly evolved with the passing time as new technologies emerged and also budgets. Fluctuated.. Now, in 2021, its an international operation led by NASA with ESA, the European Space Agency and CSA the Canadian Space Agency collaborating.. The original planned launch date in 2007 has been pushed back back and back more than ten times in fact, but NASA is now confident that it will make its latest scheduled launch in October 2021.. But what can we expect from the Webb? After all this time? The budget for it has now risen past ten billion dollars. So what has all that money produced? The James Webb Telescope will be able to see further through the universe and therefore further back in time than the Hubble can.. What I mean by back in time is the light., As you all know, that light travels at approximately 2.99 Lakh Kilometers per second., Butt., The universe, soso and so, and so, and we will continue saying so sososo, but it wouldn’t end.. That directly means, as far as we can see objects. They are as old as that.. Becoz LIGHT TAKES TIME to reach us. In fact, anything we see even on our this beautiful Earth is some time old. That means our eyes have no power to see the present or future.. Whatever we see is the past.. It may not be minutes or even seconds old, but it may be some decimals of a nano, second.

, Probably even less., But the WEBB telescope will use this as it’s advantage to see events as close as to the BIG BANG. The WEBB also has Good INFRARED Image. Capability., That just means it can capture many more objects, probably not visible by other telescopes.. If we compare The Hubble Space, telescope has very limited infrared capability and mostly takes in optical and ultraviolet wavelengths.. So what does this mean? Infrared is a longer wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum.. It therefore penetrates deeper into space and through regions that mightve previously absorbed visible light, such as vast cosmic dust clouds. Over the years. Weve grown used to the majestic vibrant images produced by Hubble, and we can expect more of the same, but the Webb images will also look different. Most notably theyll. Look busier because theyll be capturing, so many more objects within their scope.. It will be as though there are fewer obstacles in the Webbs line of sight, which means that more of the universe than ever before will be revealed to us. And thats. Why? If there are aliens to discover, then the Webb will be able to discover them. From the point of view of this telescope. There are far fewer hiding places left in the cosmos.. It sees more of the universe in general, but it also reaches further back in time. May also reach the big bang.. If this really reaches to the BIG BANG, then ALL the mystories, all the biggest questions will be answered.

. So if we say HUBBLE vs WEBB, what comes in your mind, Soo. This image shows the difference between visible light cameras and infrared cameras.. Both images are captured by Hubble, but the WEBB can go closer, closer and even more closer. The WEBB will capture infrared images with even more detail and as far it can capture the time will also be much closer to the BIG BANG. NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center, which is leading the mission, explains that while Hubble could reach toddler, galaxies Webb will go even Further to baby galaxies., This comparison relates to the fact that an infrared telescope can cut deeper into the universe.., with best estimates claiming that the Webb will be capable of seeing as far back as just three hundred million years. Post creation may be 13 and a half BILLION YEARS ago, …. This is faintly mind blowing as now. Not only are we expecting more finely detailed images of space than ever before, but were also going to see our horizon pushed considerably further back as well.. The Webb is now scheduled to launch in October 2021., BUT, however, it wont be operational until early 2022.. A major reason for this can be found in where the telescope will be based., While the Hubble orbits Earth at around 350 miles up, the Webb will be almost one million miles away at whats, known as the L2 Lagrange point.. This is a very particular spot in the solar system from which the Earth and sun are always in line with each other.

. This means that sunlight and Earthlight will only ever come from one direction, as the Webb will effectively track Earths orbit around our SUN.. This is important for the mission, because infrared telescopes need to be kept as cool as possible.. The Webb therefore has a massive tennis court, sized solar shield on one side protecting it from the sun and the Earth. The unfolding of the solar shield will be one of the more exciting as the telescope will go from being densely packed during transit to assuming its true shape.. This Solar shield is the Golden Mirror on the telescope. Right now it is being tested.. It is about 6.5 metre wide. BUT… You may be asking that why it is made of gold. Why not of any other metal? Are they really wasting money or something’s, really behind it, Yes. Something’s, really behind it., I don’t know if you know or not, but GOLD reflects most of the light fell on it more than any other metal. That’s why GOLD is used, so the webb may have a Longer lifetime.! So what are your predictions for the James Webb Space Telescope? What do you think and hope it will reveal to us According to even the most optimistic time frames? Its mission may only last for ten years after launch, which means that by the early 2030s it could all be over, But what mysteries will it have solved by then? The Webb will launch in October 2021 and begin beaming back images in 2022.

. It will allow us to see more of the universe and in greater detail than ever before., And perhaps it will even usher in a new age of knowledge and enlightenment. And thats. Why NASAs new space telescope could finally cross off one of our greatest unknowns by discovering alien life.? This year means 2021 is a very very great year for scientists, because The landing of Perseverance on Mars., the Flying of INGENUITY, helicopter and now this … To watch Perseverance. Rover video click on the video on the left side and for Ingenuity, video click on the video on the right, side.