I just wanted to take the heavy heart out of my chest. All the recent assassin’s creed games were filled with this, where you had different genders where you can choose male or female. I know a lot of you guys might disagree with my opinion, where you guys might be like dude. I actually like the male and female option, but if i have to be completely honest, though i’m extremely sorry, this male or female gender option actually did ruin. Assassin’S creed franchise in a very very massive scale, now take, for example, the first assassin’s creed game that started going to the rpg. Fantasy kind of thing was assassin’s creed, origins and even though people did not like the fantasy stuff, even though they did not enjoy much of the non realistic, rpg kind of experience with assassin’s creed franchise, they still loved origen. So much and the reason why is because origen only had one protagonist bayek of siva? Now we also had his wife aya in the game and we were still able to play as aya, and it was really great to play as both ayah as well as bike, of course, but both of those characters were completely different and they had different perspectives. Had a different way of showing the story, because when we played as aya, the story was different, we knew that we were playing as ayah, who is a different character like both of them had different consciousness and different types of story.

That’S exactly what made assassin’s creed origins much more lovable by fans, even though the game was taken into much of a rpg and a fantasy kind of direction, but when it comes to assassin’s creed odyssey one of the most biggest massacre of the entire franchise. This one title dude, i hate assassin’s creed odyssey, even though i love that game, especially when it comes to gameplay and and the way they made the rpg, mechanics and stuff. I actually did enjoy assassin’s creed odyssey, but i also hated this game because this was an assassin’s creed game which is not really assassin’s creed. Game uh, i don’t know if you guys get me in this one uh for those of you guys who have been playing assassin’s creed games for a very long time. You guys probably would know what i’m talking about, but for those of you guys who started off assassin’s creed, games from origins or even odyssey, then you guys would probably not even understand what i’m talking about, because assassin’s creed back in those days was not what it Is right now and according to my opinion here, one of the biggest reasons why assassin’s creed odyssey became one of the most hated assassin’s creed, titles or even assassin’s creed valhalla. The recent one also has mixed reviews where some people liked it some people did not. Of course, i did enjoy the game as a game play and story experience, but when it comes to characters, i honestly don’t think avor is as good as what i’ve seen with ezio or bayek or even black flags.

You know we have edward kenway and all of these iconic characters mayor like altair, the first and stuff like that, so those are not available in either assassin’s creed odyssey nor in assassin’s creed valhalla. Now that is one of the most biggest takeaway from these games, and i think that is something that ubisoft definitely needs to change in their next assassin’s creed games. Now, some of you guys might disagree with this, but let me tell you what if they could actually add multiple characters like male or female and all that stuff, but actually give both of those different characters, a different story like, for example, if you have played grand Theft, auto 5. The main story mission of those games, like you, have three different characters right. You have michael franklin and trevor, and all these three characters are completely different and they actually have a purpose to exist in that game, and they actually have a purpose to why we want to switch into all these different characters. Different characters have different stories and they have different attitudes and all that stuff trevor. Is this really psychopath guy? Who who actually made us laugh and stuff like that? You know now different characters were unique in their own ways and i honestly think that ubisoft should take some notes from rockstar games and maybe probably even just bring in one of those mechanics into assassin’s. Creed. Franchise like, like the new rumor, says the next assassin’s creed game is going to be set in india and if that is indeed true and if ubisoft is currently working on that and if they’re deciding to make a female protagonist.

That is, of course, really really awesome. Because there are so many games with female protagonists, for example the last of us tomb raider, and there are so many other games which are super popular and those games have really stunning storylines, and that is something i really want to see with assassin’s creed doesn’t matter. If you’re playing as a male or female, but unless you don’t give us this option where your one character can be male or it can be female or it can be whatever you’re playing as it basically looks like you’re playing with the skin um. That doesn’t belong to the storyline that’s that’s, basically, how assassin’s creed odyssey felt and even assassin’s creed valhalla give us one of those iconic assassins like ezio de tora de francais or altair, or even edward kenway or in bayek man. I even loved assassin’s creed origins because the character creation and the way you took the story of that one single character was really amazing. I really wish that the next assassin’s creed game could go in that route rather than just having this meaningless male or female version, and none of those different genders actually felt like they belong to the story, because, when you’re playing as the male character, you kind of Have this feeling where um the female character is much more of a canon and then in some of the some parts of the missions you feel like male character, is more of a cannon like it like.

None of those characters belong in the story like it’s, just like you’re playing with a skin, and it doesn’t make sense at all, and i really hope that the next assassin’s creed changes. So all of you guys are watching this video. Let me know in the comments: what do you guys think about this opinion? Do you guys agree if you guys do agree, then make sure to go ahead smack a like on this video, so i can know that you guys agree with this opinion and also feel free to dislike the video. If you guys do disagree with this opinion, i would love to know what you guys think and also let’s just send this message to ubisoft. If you guys could share this video with ubisoft. That would be really helpful as well. Let’S just hope that the next assassin’s creed game is going to be as good as assassin’s creed, brotherhood or the trilogy and even the ac one title black flag. These are some of my most favorite titles and i really hope that the next ac game is going to be as good as that one with that being said, i hope you guys enjoyed this video and, if you guys are looking for a youtube channel that covers Assassin’S creed, videos every single day then make sure to go ahead and subscribe to the channel turn on your bell.