Here we have work to do round one fight round, two fight fatality, luke, Music, wins Applause, come fight round, two fight concede final round fight; huh. Ah, fatality frost wins Music. The brotherhood of shadow is not interested. Trust me. You could use some comic relief. You are beneath us joker round one fight Music, ah, Music, fatality, joker Music, wins, wait, joker as it should for the master of sick burns. Your lunacy must die round. One fight, um fatality scorpion wins. You failed to protect earthrealm. Do you question my authority? I demand you renounce it round. One fight everyone round, two fight Music here, fatality raven, wins. His injuries were not fatal, so it appears rather round one fight, Applause, Music, fight Applause. The elder gods are pleased all you pleased. Your puppet is now calm, katana needed no aid from me to defeat you her days are numbered Music, okay round two fight me uh, Music, french, raiden, wins Music damage time beyond repair. Now we can only fight for a better future, a better future for who made it round one fight Music round two fight Music here, Music ring.