Everything we’re going to talk about today is for entertainment purposes, only and i’m going to go over with him the best stocks to buy now. This is for all the bears out there. So he’s ducking in waving, so anyways we’re gon na bring you the best stocks to buy. Now these are the five stocks that i have listed in the community board. These are the other of the fngu triple leverage stock i’m in it is made up of 10 stocks and we’re going to go over the other five and see which one you pick to be added to the youtube portfolio. So stick around. I think you’re going to like what i got for you if you’re new to the channel that was tessa cat and i am stock mo all. I ever ask hit that subscribe button down below and, of course, hit the bell and for notifications hit all and that little thumbs up. It helps me with the algorithm with youtube and that whole google search engine thing now i’m, an old teacher and financial advisor. Does this youtube thing i’m going to try to bring you some good information and hopefully it helps our portfolios moving higher, i put my money where my mouth is with these stocks, and hopefully that’ll lead to some gains. So today i do have links down below to my patreon. If you want to check it out, this is an awesome way to go ahead and check what stocks i’m, buying and selling and our community over.

There is big and all you. We have a private discord with thousands of members and it’s just a good way to take that investing to the next level. With that being said, i do have a link down below to get some free money, which is from weeble. You get two free stocks right now. All you got ta do is put a hundred dollars in there and you’ll get a shot at eighteen hundred and fifty dollars worth of free stocks. You get two, no matter what two free stocks i get a free one because i’m an affiliate and that’s a great way and if you haven’t done it yet get that up to 250 worth of free bitcoin from block five down below and they’re paying interest. On top of that huge opportunities down there, so i have all those links down below to take your investing to the next level, even tesla cat meow, and he agrees don’t. You agree, tessa cat good, i told you he does boy, he gets angry. I got him out there, he wanted to go eat, i closed the door and down here in the studio and he wanted to get back up to that bowl, so that’s all taken care of for those that don’t know. This is the youtube viewers choice, selection, it’s. In my community tab and i give every week, i’ll buy four thousand dollars worth of the winning selection. This week i call it my fang stocks, but it’s actually from my fngu triple leverage stock and that has 10 holdings in there it’s the fang stocks and in there i want to do five of them one week, five of them the next week and see which One you would pick this week, i do have it on here and i’m going to go through them right now.

You can see it right here: twitter, netflix, tesla baidu. I believe it’s baidu, i don’t know and alibaba. With these being said, i do have the ones i like. I actually think personally, going through this i’m going to update this, so we can all see how it goes. I like this one, the best – i think this one will probably i’m, probably going to be adding it if it does not get selected, because unfortunately, we have tesla in there too, and i know the fan base here – loves tesla. I do as well it’s one of my biggest holdings and i do think tesla will roll higher as we move forward, but for a little bit of difference. I do think that this one gives us the opportunity as well so we’ll see how it goes. I’M, going to update this at the end and see how many votes we have and who is winning. I want to go through these stocks, so give you an idea of how they’re doing and let’s just base them off a month. So over the last month we will see that twitter has gone up about five percent. Everything kind of ended that correction. So when it came to the best stocks to buy now, i thought twitter should easily be in there. These are 10 of the best stocks to buy and they made up a fun out of them, and i, like i said, if you want to see all of them, you can see right here are the other five and it was facebook, amazon, nvidia, apple and google.

Last week and nvidia won that one and there were 10 stocks in my triple leverage, that’s fngu, for those who want to look into having a triple leverage play. So it takes these 10 stocks, these five plus these five and it does the leveraging and all that there is expense to it, but it is risky, but i like it – and these are the ten stocks that make up the holdings and so good stuff here. These are the other five from la that i did not talk about last week and i do think they’re going to have some movement so with that being said, twitter is one of the ones in there. I like twitter it’s, not one of the ones. I would personally pick, but i do know: it’s been growing, take a look at the six month up 24 and that’s. A good gain. Uh did get all the way up there to 77, so it actually corrected quite a bit down. So, if you’re looking for something like this, this is a good opportunity to get there uh. Even at this moment, right now, it’s down 25 from the highs anytime, it starts to get over that 20 percent uh. We could see some good run up, but you know back in february first second week of february you can see it, we were up there in them highs, and then we had that correction. So this has been correcting if we actually go by march 1st april may almost three months here.

It should be actually three months. The average correction is about three to four months, so it’s falling in the line as well. So i am thinking we will move on to better things here soon enough, let’s take a look at netflix over the last month down two percent. I worry about netflix. This is one that i look at and i think okay can they continue to increase numbers after the pandemic, and people are getting outside they’re, not sitting here watching tv and maybe they’re, starting to cut their bills a little bit, and this could take a hit and I’M, not sure all right, you got disney plus out there starting to pick up steam competition, isn’t, getting easier, it’s actually getting harder, but does netflix continue to grow and that’s the thing we have to wonder, look it’s down two percent over the last month. Twitter is up uh we’ll, do month to month on these up five percent. If you actually look at the six months, it is up two point: four, seven percent. We did see twitter up a lot more than that. So and of course, this was at a high back in january and it’s been dropping ever since so at this point, i’m, not sure that is when i probably uh would say that in the long run out of these five, this is the one that would concern Me the most but before you say hey, why are you talking about it over the last year? It is up 18 over the last five years, it’s up 400 percent, so it continues to dominate in the space of cable, cutting and things like that.

So to me i do believe it can continue to grow it’s, just i don’t believe it’s going to outperform some of the other picks this week, but it is in there it’s part of the 10 of the uh, like i call them the fng you stocks. I call them the fang stocks that i believe uh will continue to have some good upward pressure, just not as much as the other ones. Now tesla is a another one in here we have that makes up those 10 stocks and we can see over the last month. It is down 11.87 percent, and if we go to the six months, it’s down 10 or it’s up 10.15 and look it all the way up and it was up there pretty high and, like i said, we know that was it right there and we’ve been on A correction for about almost four months now february march april may we are four months into this correction and that was right around here and once we get to that point, i did expect to see a little bit of recovery for ev stocks, including tesla and tesla, Got down to those lows: it was only down to 563, has bounced back 10 from those lows, and i do expect to see this continuing up and you can see what we did here 248 up in the last year and for all of us have been holding This congratulations, it’s, no fun to get off these highs up here around 900, but you know what this is a temporary blip.

I do believe we’ll have another continued growth with this moving forward. We just got to be patient uh next, one baidu the one month for this one is down six point: six. Eight percent compare that to tesla, which was down eleven point, eight seven, so this one has been getting hit as well and over the last six months. It was up 41 and it’s just been dropping, but look it’s kind of stabilized now. So now we have to see if this is the right time and if you watch this, a lot of people can say hey. This could go all the way back down to about 1, 130, 140 mo and yeah. I would say that’s a good base for that. I wouldn’t think i’d say that’s a an ultimate line of resistance if you will, but i don’t think we get back down there. I think this actually has some room to grow from where it’s at here and you can see it dropped down and now it’s just slowly starting to trend higher. This is one that i actually think could do well. This is why it made it into my best stocks to buy now for 2021. I do believe this could give us the money we’re looking for – and i do not have a position in this yet, but i am definitely looking to get one and maybe you’ll vote for it that’s the thing maybe you’ll vote for it in the long run.

I do think this is going to continue higher and the downside is limited, i would say, probably about 25 most. It would go down. I wouldn’t expect that to happen, but you never know i actually think it’s going to start trending higher the last one. I really like this one too alibaba and i’m going to tell you why i like this one, take a look at the one month. Dropped 7.36 percent no surprise six months down 18.76 percent, and that is one of the reasons i like it, because if you look at the high here and that’s when they got in trouble with the government over there, this thing is down about 32 and at the Time i think this thing would have took off before it got in trouble uh and then now that we’ve seen all the dropping of the price. We are at one year lows and if i went back a year ago – and you know, or i always say to people when it was high, how much would you give to be able to buy this stock back when it was down in the low 200s? Everyone would jump on it, but now then, once we get down there, you ask people: how much would you give to be able to buy this at the same price from a year ago and that’s the thing once it gets down there it’s hard for people saying I don’t know it’s been dropping if you see this company doing well as a p e ratio of 24.

96 it’s growing it’s doing great. That is the kind of stocks i like. I do think alibaba is a fantastic stock to own at this price and i’m, not going to be surprised now, look it could drop a little bit. More looks like it was trading a lot between 150 and 200 and we’re really close to that now. But in the long run, alibaba as everything gets back up and running around the world should do a well and that’s something to look into now that i went over these stocks i’m, giving you the best stocks to buy now the best gross stocks 2021.. This is what i want to show you let’s. Take a look at the tip ranks let’s see what the what the analysts out there think average together, which one should do the best compared to what they say, and i do have a link for tip ranks down in the description highly recommend this. It gives you all the information in one place. You can see right here, you have twitter and they have that at a 17.53 upside potential 68.17 – and you can see down here, it hasn’t been really updated. A lot. The next one netflix of the best stocks to buy now is up. They want. They call for 20 upside potential over the next 12 months, and you had some people coming out with the different prices here and averaged out, though this is what you’re seeing i’m, not sure i’m, not sure like i said i could see 20 percent i’m not going To argue with that, but to me that’s, you know for a high risk play like this.

I think it is higher risk just because of we’re ending the pandemic, you’re, not sure how people are going to add more on or they’re going to cut the bills what’s going to happen, so this one makes me a little bit more nervous tesla. I thought this one is a fantastic play as well 24, but i did think there was more potential moving forward for some of these other ones, and i like to diversify. But we’ll see what you pick yesterday. They came out. Morgan stanley, adam jones jonas, said that uh 43.95 upside potential over the next 12 months. I love that way to go morgan stanley, 900. That happens to be my exact 900 to 950. I said that’s the range i expected to by the end of this year, so we’ll see if that happens, he gets an extra five months, because he’s called a 12 month price target. So we’ll see what happens uh at the end of the day. They are averaging. It out this would be 7.75. We are down around 625, which is no fun, and we went through that correction with everyone else, but i do feel we’re on the opposite end of that correction. Now that we are moving from the the lows that we experienced just a couple weeks ago, a week or two or two weeks ago and moving off of those, the next are the best stocks to buy. Now this is my favorite one out of them, and this is it look at this 60.

49 upside potential, 315 dollar price target, and they got some different prices out here, even though the 250 from nine days ago, 230, 372. At the end of the day, i do think this stock is going to be moving once we get post pandemic and things are rolling out again and all the sales and all this good stuff is happening we will find out. I think businesses pick up worldwide baba. Alibaba here 42.63, i would have no problem with this one too. You see why i’m saying there’s some other ones out. There got beaten up so bad that i think the upside potential actually makes it attractive to add to a portfolio, and these are big – plays like they’re big, that i’m not going to be too concerned about them. Dropping too much more because i think they’re going to get scooped up, so i think it’s limited risk and over the long term they should be able to recoup those losses and hit new highs and that’s. Why? I like them, because i think they’re going to jump more than some of the other ones, but at the end of the day, that’s, not my saying you know if i like them, i’ll go out and buy them after we find out how the vote goes and We’Re going to do that right now so i’m, going to update this and see what you picked and i have a feeling i’m going to know and absolutely absolutely tesla tesla is the big one.

In there, 57 percent of all people bought, tesla and or i should say, want me to buy tesla and i will be buying it. I’Ll be buying it tomorrow, sometime during the day, and i have no problem with it because i do feel like the evs are now out of the correction. Moving higher doesn’t mean they’re going to go up every day. Every week we might have a little bit of sideways action, but i don’t think we’re going to go down, hit new lows and to me that’s the big thing and anytime. You get up above 10 off of those lows and we get up more than 20 percent you’re, starting that next bear run. I do believe, neo hit that so we have to wait and see. I have to check the numbers, but we are in that run and i do believe we’re going to see some big things happening and hopefully, tesla can and hit that big push forward. If you will, in the price and we’ll find out so with almost 10 000 votes in tesla is easily winning alibaba nice. I agree with the i actually like um. I would say these three. I think twitter is actually at a decent price as well. Definitely thought this one would be the best one just because of where it’s at price wise and where i think it should be yeah we’ll find out um anyways but that’s. It there’s your winner right now, tesla it’s, not i don’t, see that changing anytime soon, so that’s.

What i got for you if you haven’t done it yet come on over to the patreon, have a link down below join us over there. We have a great discord and lots of good things going on and if you haven’t gotten us free stocks from weeble right now take advantage of it put 100 bucks in there. You might get that 1850 in free stocks and, of course, you’re helping me out. On top of that it’s good stuff and block five, you have any if you have ethereum bitcoin or if you want to own some they’re, giving you up to 250 in free bitcoin, just for signing up, depositing highly recommend them and the tip ranks. I use today that has a link down below too. It saves all your information one place and from what i’m here and they’re working on crypto they’re going to be coming out with some good things to help us investors, which i absolutely love. So i appreciate everyone.