You are him out there like he. He like bought a little bit or whatever. So he was like. Oh man, they’re gon na help. You all right. I said man i’m, not even tripping so running up on me violence. I speak she spit back. We are back at it again and guess what you know. I came through for y’all all right, yeah, we gossiping that’s what we do over here. 24. 7. We are gossiping that’s why you need to subscribe to this channel, so you don’t miss nothing, okay and bump them notifications. You still gon na, have to come over here and check over here cause. Sometimes we uplift so many videos they can’t, send it off. They can’t hold us down baby. You gon na have to always come over here and check, see what’s popping anywho. We have an update on our boss situation, honey, okay, she is speaking out and she has given us the story below by below. Oh, my god, i can’t make this stuff up she’s, always in some drama before i play i’m gon na need y’all. Do me a favor since i’m working for y’all getting this guys up, make sure. Can we get some likes let’s get these likes up. Ronnie’S likes up and also make sure y’all comment. Okay, can i get a comment? Okay on arcbot, okay, don’t comment on me all right so and make sure you subscribe to this youtube channel gossip girl xoxo always bring the gossip all right.

Dj let’s see scratch that yeah let’s see what she got to say: i’m, ready to hear that this you better have a good excuse too. I wouldn’t, even i don’t, know y’all girls from the campaign. Why would i try to be on with y’all, so we get outside the girl was like? No, no, you can’t be talking. I said who the hell you talking get out my face. You lying she trying to grab my hand. I push that back ever run up on me wrong with you, so my love, my look, i used to uh talk to he out there he’s, like gon na happen. You are not there like he. He like a little bit, no whatever so he was like. Oh man, they gon na help. You all right. I said man i’m, not even tripping so running up on me violence. I speak she spit back and get on me. I don’t need to be trying to pump fake like they’re, not gon na. Let us get each other, but i got a whole bunch of spit in my mouth. I can show you what it is. My mouth got dried here i kept spinning and she was like you better go at school. I asked nobody about you. I would never do that. I don’t give a so last night. You know what i do took: hey call my phone, hey, wait! Mother, i wouldn’t, even i don’t, know y’all girls from the campaign.

Why would i try to be on with y’all so we get outside, because when man lex is going back and forth about that guess what lexus you can see lyra getting up trying to say something like she trying to check something. Do i oh you ain’t! Nobody! Don’T set your powderhead ass down, first off, like she getting up and lets that detail like nah, i mean awkward, not arguing, but why you got ta tell her that like who is she to even think she’s gon na run up on me exactly? Who is you you not like that and i’ma slap these out? They can mark my word that’s on my mama, my mama, my her grade site, because when me alex, is going back and forth about that that guess what lexus is lying to me, you notice what’s, going on. I ain’t doing no talking either – and i said i’m, not by my tongue, so i let everybody know it’s up so see me. Y’All might want to swing first that’s, how this is going to go to and i’m, not playing. I told it don’t don’t text my phone that’s, what you better, not don’t text me and ain’t. Nobody stopping me, you better, not try to call not now. Oh i don’t do that. Let that go i’m, not letting that thing go. It’S lying to me! Girl, ain’t that’s a mess. Oh my goodness, i thought we were supposed to all be one accord.

Okay and you know what monique you talk about these buttons right. I want you to come out and i want you to talk about ark by and um what’s. Her name alexa scott, have a sit down with these. Ladies, i want to see how that gon na go. Okay, tap him on the shoulder girl. Talk him on the shoulder girl, ain’t that something now you think i’m done right nope. I got some more tea yeah, but i’m gon na need y’all to like this video, okay don’t play with me like this video, and please subscribe to this youtube channel that, let me know i need to do more gossip, the more these subscriptions going up. You know so let me tell y’all what’s going on so that girl lira whatever her name. Is you see her right here? She got something to say. Okay, look at this. She said bees come to philly and think it’s, sweet, okay, okay, philly these bees, not playing with y’all; oh shoot girl, the philly girls versus atlanta it’s, a sad sight to see what y’all think about this. What do y’all think about this? You know what these girls really need to be on a bad girl, slop, okay, oh hold on. I think we got some more right, so um this arc bar, she got more to say she said none of these girls bet not say nothing yeah. I stand on that: okay potter sugar, booger girls.

None of these girls are safe in atlanta alexa that’s for my mama girl, said y’all can’t even come to atlanta, because she’s you see atlanta. I guess she gon na she’s gon na put pause on y’all. So maybe uh monique um since she’s a ambassador, maybe she can intervene, have a sit down conversation with these girls to work out this anger and hug each other. You know we need more love in the world right, but you know what my job is just to give you all the gossip we’re here. Don’T put me in that, so make sure you guys like share and subscribe. Hey and i’ll see y’all on another video bye. Dj turn that up go ahead.