You know what i really thought that ark barton changed her ways. You know what i’m saying she done lost that way got that surgery i’m, proud of you girl. She got confidence but it’s like every single time, she’s in a club she’s always getting into it right. Girl, i just don’t, know what to think. You know what i’m saying so this tea. I heard. Okay, this is what i’m hearing i got so many clips, that’s alexa sky. Now she was beefing with alexa sky and there’s. Another girl named laura laurie, some stuff, like l, i r a l, i r, a so yeah look at this. She has so much to say about these girls calling them sugar, booger, fiends and everything honey, and the thing about is where’s that clip at she went out to the club with the lexus that’s. What they’re saying they went to the club together and i don’t know what happened, but they started beefing yeah, arguing and putting paws on each other and carrying out make sure y’all, like this video, make sure y’all subscribe to this youtube channel gossip girl, xoxo yeah, can Y’All party crashes, let them know how we get down over. Here we be gossiping, we stay on the team, okay, yes, we do uh, we stay so they came to the club together. I don’t know what happened, but they start beefing. Okay, make sure y’all like share and subscribe to this youtube channel, so i’m gon na play a clip it now.

This is art bar and she you see her getting into it with some girls. Now she does speak out in this video, so we’re gon na check. All that out, okay, it is so much drama, and you know this this summer, hasn’t even started yet. So you know this summer is gon na, be crazy. This summer, gon na be crazy. Y’All this summer is gon na, be the one for the records. Let me tell you i’m staying in the house and i’m looking at all the gossip but i’m telling y’all everything. Let me play cause. I know y’all like when you play please fighting as funny as the cop is chilling. They don’t they do not care. That’S art bar right there – Music, oh my god, oh my god, now that’s too much. You know i can’t have this all on my channel. You know what i’m saying i’m trying to you know promote uplifting. You know what i’m saying having this mess. Y’All too i don’t know i don’t want to aid shame. I don’t want to say they too, oh, but come on come with them. I don’t know where y’all morals and values at now. Okay, get it together. All right so let’s go here because, like i said, i’ve i’ve been seeing everything so art bar. This is what she got to say. Okay, she says: none of these girls are safe in atlanta, okay, nor lexus and that’s on my mama.

So she said: it’s not open. Now, people in around town, they said arkbar, can’t, even fight. She say all this and she she pump her chest up like she gon na do something but homegirl she not really about that life that’s what they saying. So let me go up here, so she threatening them. Look at this powder head a you know. You know that’s why she call them sugar booger things. Let’S go here. First time some stuff happen, y’all make me the devil. What if i was having a normal conversation with somebody and girls just start running up on me, like i’m, lame like what, if real question all right? Well, i guess people are saying this ain’t, your first time, art by you, always in some drama, this ain’t, nothing new to you, not a couple of days. She was coming out telling people she was ready to leave it all yeah. She said she wanted to pull the plug from her life because she was so miserable, but, like i said when i get lonely, i go up to the club okay, so i think you see a lot of you know desperate miserable depressed people up in these clubs And they be taking their frustration out on other people, ah yeah baby, because when i get lonely it’s baby, when i tell you it’s gon na, be a crazy look all right, but uh let’s keep on going because she got more to say it says all right.

So listen, i can’t understand what she’s saying, but i think she’s saying that she don’t need a crew. She need to stand alone and she’s gon na catch y’all, one on one, because it’s, fair, okay, read it for yourself. I can’t read that i understand what the hell she talking about. Y’All. Have me: listen: okay, i’m already going through. I can’t listen now this this too much but comment. Let us know what you guys think about this drama and i’m sure it’s going to be more drama to follow up with this um alexa says: y’all just wanted to use my name for the hair loss, so she trying to say she’s not in it, but i Don’T know about that alexis because homegirl artbar, she definitely put your name in the mix. Look, she said alexis, so you are up in it girl. Well, we gon na get on out of here come and let us know what y’all think about this. This is a dang mess. You know on memorial day. You know we saw supposed to be getting together uplifting, you know, for the our ancestors did so much for us to be the world power and y’all.