You just want to attack people for no reason i like. I have nothing to do with nothing. You me and you had a conversation and you keep going on and on no she’s just crazy, and this is why i’d, rather just not be her friend, i don’t even have her number saying like after the show. I let her be like i don’t have time for this she’s sick, she’s, crazy, something’s wrong with her and like she needs help like your page got deleted. You want to be on instagram like just ask me for a shout out that’s. All you came to my hosting and you threw a thousand dollar like what is a thousand dollars like my backhand was like. Let me not even go there like. You came to our booking, making it yours, we let you do that like i’m, just so confused like i’m, very confused, like i don’t, understand what your problem is like and then you recording my conversation like what is you? What point are you trying to prove you’re? Not going to slap me, you can’t fight i’m, not even a fighter, but i i’ll fight you and probably beat your ass like come on now like like stop it’s like you’re miserable misery, loves company like i like. This is too much like it’s way too much like it’s, too much and you’re really just like pathetic and childish and i’m gon na pray. For you, people like this, you got ta pray for because you know what’s happening.

I got so much positivity going on in my life. This is just the devil trying to be busy and you, the devil, that’s. What it is Music hi nice to meet you nice, to meet you like you, just you just the devil that’s it like, and you want somebody to sit here and like come on now like that’s, why your instagram is deleted because god don’t like ugly, you just Keep doing like just nasty to people like you’re, like your karma, is going to keep hitting you like. Stop doing that, like you could have came to the host and i’ve been normal. Larry is not worried about you. She was not even she didn’t, even notice that she was there. You had to say something to her: hey lira. She wouldn’t even notice. You like come on, like you like you got your surgery, you look good. You should be feeling good about yourself. Like you. Look the good girl like you, you look amazing and you still miserable i’m, just confused right at this point. Do you have a face? Mask let’s go to party because i know, but i need a face mask please. Um yeah, like i’m i’m, praying for her because, like the old me getting in, and thank you so much, i just can’t entertain like and i’m only on live, because i don’t like shaving to post me for some real, like some real problems. But i got a brand to protect.

I got going on. I just opened up my like my recovery house and stuff and i’m not about to be on the headlines for fighting like i’m about to be 27 years old, like um. My conversation is different. Now, like i don’t got time for this, so you’re not about to bring me down, bring me down because you’re you’re feeling down or you you you’re, not where you want to be in life like you’re, not about to bring me down, because you’re you’re miserable, like I’M, confused yeah. You got your passport right and it’s just pathetic at this point like seriously like somebody really, you need some spiritual guidance and counseling in your life like seriously like, i literally, was minding my business and you come and antagonizing me that’s, just the devil, like the devil Works in so many different ways and the crazy thing is, i don’t even have your number. I let people go out my life. I stopped hanging around certain people because our conversation don’t even match you worried about the wrong things in life. You need to be worrying about certain stuff and i’m, not even going to get there, but like you really need to grow up like you’re, too old, to be doing this, like you’re, too old to be fighting you’re told to be popping up to people’s events, creating A problem you just got your body done, you look good like you, you look like a completely different person.

You should try to lea a whole new chapter in your life start a new journey. You still like doing the old thing like your old stuff, that you’re doing, and you wonder why you’re not succeeding, because nobody wants to build your mess every time, it’s, not only with me it’s with everybody, you always in mess, and you have so much talent. So much stuff going on for you and you you keep blocking your speaking on it because it’s like i really do, have love for this girl, but she always antagonizing somebody always attacking somebody always trying to be a bully. Stop it that’s, not making you tough. We seen you get beat up multiple times like that. Like i’m, not a fighter, i don’t fight i’m not going to see her act like i could fight all the time like. If somebody touched me, yeah i’m going to fight, but you always got ta prove a point. You in philly that’s, not even your city, that’s, not your city, that’s, not your city, that’s, lyricity and that’s liver’s family. So you came to her city, not even knowing that’s, where she’s from but i’m good in philly baby girl, she’s good in philly, and you tried the wrong that’s it like straight up. You try you try to you, try to punk me and i i said something to you. I said bro like chill the out like it’s, not that serious. I told you like not to do something and you kept doing it and, like you were just making the situation uncomfortable like nobody was every time we talking, you think, somebody’s speaking about you, that’s your own insecurities or that’s your own inner self, you’re, not happy with Yourself go find like go soul, searching within yourself, baby girl.

I never called her. I never called her. She called my friend tc five times, trying to link us. I never i don’t even have agbar’s number. I never invited her to my booking. Okay, i never invited her and then you recorded my phone conversation like i don’t know what you like. What was that going to do? Give you like some cool points, because what to make oh and i’m going to slap a out like girl, like you, want me to like yeah, but guess what, like god like, i don’t like my life, is different i’m, not giving you that energy baby you don’t, Get that from me baby girl, like you, don’t, i pray for you i’ll help. You start a business i’ll help you do something, because you need to do something like and i and i’m just really at this point. I’M, just sick of it because, like you’re not going to have me in the headlines or the shade room and i’m about to contact the shade room too, because y’all posting false, like did you see me even like near her and y’all, want to put my name On on some come on now, you need some guidance. We need some prayer, you need a spiritual counselor. You need something baby girl, because i had a 360, my life a few times like and i’m still doing it and i’m still going through trials and tribulations and things that i need to remove but i’m on the right path and you’re not going to stop me And you’re not going to stop me from nothing like with this, like fighting like that, like come on, i haven’t been on the shaving fighter and, like i don’t know since when like come on now, like we i’m about to be 27 and that’s, what you want To do we got kids, you got kids, you got multiple kids like we need to be focused on that and then your instagrams get deleted so i’m.

Just thinking. Maybe this is what you want. So you can get some attention to your page. I don’t know i don’t know but i’m. We need to just say a prayer for akbar y’all. Everybody needs to stop and pray for her. I don’t matter. If she’s big akbar, looks good like she got her surgery. She looked good like, and i even told her that yesterday, like you look amazing like, and i just my first time, seeing her in person since her surgery like that’s what’s, so sad it’s like i’m over here complimenting you. You took a picture of me, but yet then you have alternative motives to like for what that was. Your plan. People like that, have things already premeditated in life. You understand what i’m saying like come on and it’s just like come on: bro that’s, sad, it’s, sad it’s, really sad and it’s like i’m, not even gon na sit here and bash. This girl, like i’m, really not i’m, not she needs just somebody if there’s any life, coaches out there, any spiritual, counselors or anybody. I highly suggest you guys reach out to this girl because she really needs it for real nobody. I got ta like seriously we’re not going to speak on about business. Her personal business, like don’t, even bring my child in this because then we gon na have a problem because that’s what i’ll fight about we, too groan like seriously like let’s, spread positivity and positive things empowered each other, like you, just no she’s, not gon na touch Me if she wanted to touch me, she had every opportunity to touch me last night and she didn’t okay, because nobody’s scared of her, like no oh, like it’s, not like let’s, just spread the positivity.

Everybody send her a prayer, let’s pray for her because that she really needs it and if there’s any life, coaches or spiritual guidance, coaches or whatever, please reach out to that girl, because she really needs it and i’m worried about her. Because that is very like erratic and just weird for you just randomly like uh pop out like that and just start with people and you and you and uh you and lara city and her family city, like you, don’t, even want those problems here. So i would just leave everything alone, but i’m gon na get off.