The blanket is stuffed with our revolutionary nanoloft insulation, little synthetic clusters that drape pack and feel exactly like natural down feathers, but rebound back to its full loft, much faster than the original puffy. So you get maximum cozy in minimal time. The 30d polyester rip stop. Shell is also made from recycled plastic bottles. The shell is treated with a 9010 dwr coating that repels water debris and stains, so you can take it out in any condition, still manage to get it dirty. It’S, completely machine washable on delicate settings. The nanoloft puffy blanket is equipped with purpose built features like paracord corner loops for staking to the ground or integrating with a hammock, making it a perfect picnic blanket or under quilt rumple’s signature. Cape clip allows you to wear your blanket hands, free keeping you cozy on the go, the entire blanket packs down into an included roll top stuff sack, so you can stow it away in the back of your camper van hang it from your pack or free up. Some space in your tent, combining the warmth and packability of down at a more affordable price point. The nanoloft puffy blanket is a great choice for those looking for an ultra premium. Synthetic insulated blanket out of this world comfort at a down to earth price, meet the galactic down blanket by kelty, oversized ultra light and super compressive. The galactic is constructed of 50 denier. Polyester, that is equal parts. Sturdy and silky 550 fill down, keeps you cozy, wherever you may roam, and our unique cosmos camo ensures you’ll, always be the coolest camper.

This side of saturn, even better, with a stuffed sack for speedy departure. You’Ll always be ready to blast off the galactic down blanket by kelty in three cosmic colors to help you space out, while you’re tucking in. Let me know if this sounds like you you’re out for a weekend of adventure and the first night you wake up shivering cold at 2 a.m. We all love sleeping outside, but there’s, nothing worse than being cold. I guess you could use the tiny chemical packs, but they don’t really last that long and well they’re tiny and since you won’t be going back to sleep any time soon you could do jumping jacks and push ups. Look. There are a lot of tricks of this trade, but let’s face it. They don’t solve the problem and none of them get you back to sleep anytime soon. Well, about six months ago we decided to change all of that and we created the hot pocket. The patent pending hot pocket is the first of its kind as an insulated stuff sack with twin battery powered radiant heat panels, and it can be fully opened and provide instant warmth anywhere. We wanted to create a modern way to stay warm in the wild, no more boiling water and plastic bottles, no more getting out of your sleeping bag. Just push a button and instantly feel its warmth, so you can get right back to peaceful slumber. The hot pocket is simple: when you’re headed out for a camping trip stuff your sleeping bag into it, you can compress it.

The hot pocket reduces your insulation size by over 50, giving you a lot more space. When you get to your campsite, you can even preheat your sleeping bag. So when you get in it, it’s warm when you’re ready to go to sleep, open it and place it inside your sleeping bag and whenever you need a little extra warmth, just press the button and the hot pocket will instantly warm you. So you can drift right back to sleep. The hot pocket uses a rechargeable battery and to conserve its power, we added an auto shutoff feature, so you don’t have to worry about getting too warm and you’ll have hours of extra warmth whenever you need it. The hot pocket even charges, your devices and it’s solar compatible, so it’s multifunctional and will keep you warm on your entire adventure. It comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. The small is perfect for a 30 degree down sleeping pack. The medium is great for a zero degree down sleeping bag or a 30 degree top quilt and under quilt set. The large is great for a zero degree, synthetic sleeping bag or a zero degree down top quilt and under quilt set. The hot pocket is constructed out of incredibly soft and breathable fabric, so it’s smooth as butter and is really nice to hold against your skin, but it’s also durable and weather resistant. So you can put it through its paces in the wild. The hot pocket can be fully recharged in 90 minutes and will provide you a weekend of adventure with high energy heat, and if you want, you can even plug it into your car or your home.

So you always have access to its magical. Warmth, thanks to its lightweight multifunctional design, you can use the hot pocket anywhere at a soccer game, while you’re hunting or even on those cross country road trips, no matter how tough you are being cold, is miserable and it can even leave you feeling downright helpless, not To mention ruin your adventure, why be miserable just replace your old stuff sack with the hot pocket? It only adds a few extra ounces, but it will give you peace of mind, knowing that you can warm up anytime anywhere with just the press of a button. Look this isn’t our first rodeo we’ve been making killer gear since 2013, and all of our gear is backed by the 100 madre guarantee. So you can feel confident that the hot pocket will serve you for many years to come. When you join us, you’ll be literally partnering with us to bring the hot pocket to life and that’s a crazy journey in and of itself, but you’re also going to gain access to three huge perks, number one. We guarantee you’re gon na get the best deal. You can get on the hot pocket period. Number two you’re gon na gain lifetime backer status, which means you’re going to get access to all of our previous kickstarter launches number three you’re going to be joining us in our secret mission to bring clean water to people around the world that desperately need it through.

Our one campaign project so to be a part of all of this and experience instant warmth back the hot pocket by clicking the back this project button and then select the reward you would like to receive. Thank you so much for joining us and we are absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to serve you. Nemo’S puffin blanket is perfect for life at home or on the go built with the same technical fabrics and construction techniques as our sleeping bags. The puffin is truly a better blanket use the puffin indoors or out from lazy days on the couch to cool fall days at the beach by the fire in the backyard made of super soft 40d nylon micro, rip, stop and coated with dwr the puffin repels water. Even after many washes, the foot hideaway creates a cozy nook to tuck in your feet and minimize drafts. Nemo’S proprietary stratofiber is a packable comfortable ultra lofty synthetic insulation. The curved perimeter shape gives fuller coverage when draped over your body, unique storage bag is designed to minimize stress on fabrics. The integrated mesh top prevents moisture damage, keep one in your car and another at home. Puff and blanket is the perfect partner for all your adventures. Music adventures are always better with friends, so get the crew together crack a cold one and wrap up in your new bestie blanket from kelty Music. The bestie is finished in a super soft fabric on both sides. It’S the perfect size for lounging around the campfire staking your home base at a music festival or as an extra layer over or under your sleeping bag, plus it’s stuffed with a cozy cloud.

Loft insulation that kills the cold. The included stuff sack has a handle for quick and easy transport, so toss it in the car.