So, if you guys are new here, my name is james. You can check me out on instagram, honest james reviews. I can answer any questions. Basically, what we do here is we help you guys find the best bed for you at a great price and memorial day is probably the best time of year. To do that. So i went online and i found some great deals and so yeah let’s just jump right on into it, oh, by the way smash like for better sleep and um also subscribe. If this video helps you out, this is probably the number one thing people ask me about. Is purple mattress and i’m gon na say this right now, i’ve, never seen 450 off of a mattress, and so i have not reviewed this bed. I should just buy one for you guys just to review it, but pretty much. You can get a purple mattress or the purple hybrid right here for, like you, know, 1300 bucks, 550, bucks and so i’m going to put a link for this in the description as well, where you can get it, but basically i don’t, i don’t, know i think It’S like memorial day and maybe veterans day are the best times of year to buy a bed but yeah for 1400 bucks for a king. I don’t think you can beat that. I think you also get a special sleeping bundle um, so people they definitely love purple. For a reason, so um definitely check that out in the description for 450 off or 300 off for this purple mattress bundle now number two is the nolah mattress.

Nola makes a lot of mattresses and i actually have two of them and i’m i’m very excited to review them. But right now certain beds, like the nova, like the nola evolution right here. This one is 800 off pl or up to 800 off plus two free pillows. So i know this is not a budget bed but they’re highly reputable and that’s a great deal for memorial day. I mean check this out. They’Ve got. This is the most popular one here, but even the signature 12, which i would probably prefer that one over the original is up to 300 off, so normally it’s 1600 right now, it’s 1300, through the end of the week uh through june, 2nd. No wait a minute. Uh june, i think it’s actually the end of the weekend. So really you have to jump on these deals now um, but nola. I would definitely recommend 300 off is a lot of money. Now this one is actually one of my favorite beds. I i’ve reviewed it. A few times now, the the puffy luxe and my sister we and i have one but right now they always have the same deal: it’s 300 off 202 free pillows. So, memorial day again, you know you’re only going to find this deal like twice a year 300 off for a puffy lux. I would definitely get the lux that’s this one right here, it’s way comfier than the original. We think – and i also like the hybrid a lot the hybrid is the same.

It just has the coils and so again this is not a budget bed it’s a it’s, a luxury bed. You know if you’re going for a luxury i’d go. This is this is what this is for 1700 for a king, 300 off you can’t beat it so definitely check this one out in the description as well i’m, going to put all the coupon codes and everything down there to help. Save you guys money. Now we have reviewed this casper, but i haven’t posted it yet um. Basically, i slept on it for about a month. We fell in love with the casper hybrid and they have a lot of different beds now it’s 15 or up to 15 percent off. So we actually forgot to post the video because we kind of like we fell in love with it. We forgot we were sleeping on it and that’s 2 000, something dollar 36 and so for 15 off the sale ends memorial day. So you definitely want to jump on this uh. I i’ve seen them go for 10 off, but i don’t think i’ve seen 15 off and um. I cannot recommend it enough um. This is one of those beds that feels like a hotel mattress and if you know what i’m talking about click like next up is the organic mattress, avocado i’ve reviewed a lot of organic mattresses. This one by far is my favorite. They really do it right. It feels great it’s, a luxury mattress that also is organic, or they also have a vegan option and right now let me see the list says: 100 off the green latex or vegan mattresses, with the with the coupon code, honor or 250 off the new luxury plus Mattress so you’re going to see me review that soon they just sent that in but i’ve reviewed the the uh the original, and i love it to death and a lot of times when it comes to organic beds.

You have to sacrifice comfort for being organic. This one doesn’t do that at all. I really love this one it’s built like a tank, very heavy duty and it’s. I believe, it’s a net zero product as well, so they do a great job. People always ask me to review the comfiest bed or my favorite bed and it’s really hard to pick a favorite because everyone’s different, but i would say saatva is definitely up. There saa tva, again i’m, going to put the link in the description, but right now this is probably one of the comfiest beds i’ve ever reviewed. This is the classic. They have a lot of different beds and what makes these different is they don’t come in a box. They come like ready to go like white glove delivery, they’re super comfy. It feels it’s comfier than the avocado, but not organic, just organic cotton top but i’m telling you. This is super comfy right now it is 200 off when you purchase. You know 985 dollars worth of things, so i think 200 off of a luxury, mattress, it’s kind of it’s kind of crazy, like a saatva queen is thirteen hundred dollars and the saatva king is seventeen hundred dollars. And to me this is comfier than a lot of other mattresses and i believe they’re made in new york. Um they’re. You know they’re just they’re super well made, and so i think, if you’re gon na go, if i’m gon na go for, like my favorite, like one of my comfiest mattresses, it would be the saatva and for 200 off you can’t go wrong.

Next up. We have the bear now there’s, actually a few ones. I recommend is the bear hybrid and the bear pro again. This is a mattress. I always tell people to check out um. I i really recommend them they’re built here in the us um. They have a hundred night trial period, their green guard, gold, certified and right now for the queen, it’s, twelve hundred and seventy two dollars so that’s twenty five percent off plus a free gift set. If you use the code in the description below um, i cannot recommend enough they’re, just they’re built well and i’ve i’ve don’t think i’ve ever had anyone complain about them, and so i would definitely check this out. You can also see our reviews on this as well. In the description, and last but not least, is the eight sleep pod pro now you’re gon na see a video from us very soon on this we’ve been on it for about three weeks. We love this thing to death it’s, the smartest you know most high tech, mattress, we reviewed and they actually have the mattress and just the cover only but in this case i’m going to recommend the whole thing if you’re looking for a mattress. But basically, this is a mattress that has a cooling and a heating cover. It’S done it does that with water technology, and it circulates water and it has an app that shows you, like your sleeping score, your your variable heart rate, and it gives you like just like an overall sleeping score for you, and it also has you know: dual Zones so heating and cooling on both sides and you’re gon na see all of this in in the review i’m gon na post.

I think tomorrow, but you know right now: it’s 200 off for memorial day and i couldn’t you know i couldn’t pass it up to tell you guys now. This is no joke. It’S really expensive, it’s 2800. 28.95 for a queen. So if you’re serious about sleep – and you love high tech things, you know you could pair this with your with your ore ring or your apple watch. This is a mattress. You should definitely check out if you just want to check out. If you have a great mattress, but you just want to check out the technology you can buy just the the the cover the pod pro cover, and this is 695 dollars so it’s i just can’t recommend it enough. I think if you are serious about you know optimizing your sleep. You should definitely check this one out so, like i said this is the best time to buy a mattress it’s memorial day. If you guys are interested in anything, you can check out the description like.