Sleep join us as we review the top mattresses in the market and find the best one for you. Hi i’m, chris from sleep foundation and today in the test, lab we’ve, got the tuft and needle in this video we’ll cover what our testing found about the tuft and needle and help figure out if it’s, the right mattress for you, our testing process looks at five Categories that you should consider before buying a mattress each model in our lab undergoes a thorough examination by our team of experts. If you find this video helpful hit the like button below leave a comment or subscribe to our channel and as always, you can visit for any of your sleep needs. Let’S get started. The tuft and needle original is an all foam mattress with a firmness rating of around 6. On our 10 point, firmness scale founded in 2012, tuft needle, is one of the most well known bed in a box companies. In addition to mattresses. The brand also sells an assortment of bedding accessories, such as sheets, pillows, duvets and bed frames. The original is the brand’s flagship model and it’s. An excellent choice for budget minded. Shoppers who want a quality, all foam mattress, all right, let’s talk about who this mattress would be a good fit for the tuft needle is ideal for most sleepers under 230 pounds. This is also a good choice for those wanting good pressure relief, but without that common hug, like feeling of memory, foam and the bed features very good motion, isolation, which could be especially important for couples.

However, there are a few things worth considering about the tufted needle heavier weight. Sleepers may sink too far into the mattress, and this could compromise healthy spinal alignment. If you’re used to that hug, like feel of memory foam, you may find this bed just doesn’t conform as closely and finally, sleepers, who struggle to get in or out of bed may want to look for a mattress with better edge support. This mattress is available on tuft and needles website at the brands, brick and mortar stores throughout the u.s, and at retailers such as creighton barrel and lowe’s. Shipping is free within the contiguous united states, while orders to alaska and hawaii do incur. An additional shipping fee buyers receive a 100 night, sleep trial and white glove delivery is available for an additional fee. Okay, let’s see what we’ve learned about this mattress from our testing it’s about to get technical. The tuft needle is an all foam mattress made up of two layers and totaling 10 inches in height. The top comfort layer is 3 inches of open cell poly foam infused with graphite and gel beads. The brand dubs. This adaptive foam and it’s engineered to draw heat away from the body and promote a cooling airflow around the sleeper. The support core is made from seven inches of high density poly foam. This layer is also constructed with open cell foam to promote air flow. The dense construction helps keep your body on an even plane.

Our testing on the comfort layer found that the medium firm surface is good for most side sleepers. This layer absorbs shoulders and hips and provides excellent pressure relief. Meanwhile, the support core prevents the body from sinking too far into the mattress and keeps the spine in healthy alignment. While most side sleepers can expect good support. Lightweight sleepers may find the surface just too firm, and this could lead to discomfort from pressure. Buildup testing also revealed the surface, offers excellent support in the lumbar for most back sleepers, the bed’s high density polyfoam and the support core prevents hips from sinking too far and keeps the spine in healthy alignment. Both light and mid weight sleepers should benefit from excellent support. Our testing found heavier weight. Sleepers can expect good support, though they may sink into the surface, a bit more, which could pull the spine out of alignment. We also learned that the soft comfort layer conforms to the body of stomach sleepers, while the support core prevents midsections from sagging too far into the bed. Heavier weight and lightweight stomach sleepers should expect good support for the tufted needle. However, we recommend this mattress for mid weight, stomach sleepers. The mattress is firm enough to prevent bellies from sinking into the surface, while offering very good cushioning to relieve pressure testing on the tuft and needles. Dual foam layers found that it limits the transfer of motion across the surface. The three inch comfort layer and seven inches of high density foam absorb most minor shifts, which means coast leavers, shouldn’t be disrupted by their partner’s movements throughout the night.

When we applied pressure to the perimeter of the tufted needle, we found the edges compressed quite a bit. Most alpha mattresses lack reinforced edges which could lead to a feeling of instability when sitting or sleeping near the edge, the tufted needle benefits from a dense, polyfoam core, which mitigates some compression. Still. If you have trouble getting in or out of bed or usually sleep near the edge of the bed, we recommend finding a model with stronger edge support. Finally, we found the brand’s adaptive foam, which is open cell foam infused with graphite and gel beads helps the bed sleep cooler than many other alfa models. The open cell nature of the foam promotes airflow throughout the two layers of the mattress and prevents heat from building up. Meanwhile, the graphite draws additional heat away from the body, while the ceramic beads help wick away moisture. Finally, the medium firm foam layer, doesn’t conform as close to the body, and this prevents heat from getting trapped too close to the body well let’s, take a look at the overall outcome from our mattress testing. The tuft and needle is an excellent choice for mid to heavier side sleepers, as well as most back and stomach sleepers. The layers of the tufted needle evenly, distribute body weight and alleviate pressure. Helping this bed earn a rating of above average for pressure relief. The dual foam layers absorb motion, transfer on about par with other foam mattresses and, as a result, the tuft needle earned an average rating for motion isolation.

The lack of a reinforced perimeter means sleepers will experience significant compression when pressure is applied, giving this a fair rating for edge support and, finally, the tufted needle offers numerous cooling features to help offset the traditional heat retention of all foam mattresses. Still, this model earns an average rating for temperature control. So what does this all mean? The tuft and needle original is a high quality budget minded all foam mattress ideal for most back and stomach sleepers, as well as many side sleepers. The open cell foam also helps cool sleepers, while couples will benefit from its solid motion. Isolation properties well that’s it for our review of the tuft and needle check the description below and for the full review, as well as the most up to date. Information on discounts and pricing if the tuft needle doesn’t seem like the right mattress for you, you can check alternatives here if you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe, and feel free to leave a comment below.