Yes that’s right, it is freaky freaking friday, baby, we’re, back we’re, ready let’s do this. What we’re gon na talk about today is obviously gon na, be some really cool stuff, because it’s friday, that means it’s review day. What, oh, can you feel it Laughter all right guys so we’re gon na talk about some things and stuff we’ll be right back if it’s, your first time to my channel, please consider hitting that subscribe button, also think about hitting that thumbs up supposed to help with The the algorithm thing majig that do hickey thing for youtube: let’s let’s, get this thing rocking Music, all right guys. So what i got for you guys today is very very awesome, it’s a unique thing, it’s different for me. I don’t know if it is for you, but i’ve, never smelled anything like this before ever and it’s absolutely amazing. So what is that guys? What dave? What are you talking about? Well, what i’m talking about is fable beard, company’s, ice cream man. Now, when i tell you guys, i’ve, never smelled anything like this before i am not kidding you, okay, so it’s a mint chip waffle cone scent and yes, when you smell it, the first thing you get. Ah, it just smells like a waffle cone with chocolate, mint like you’re at the you’re at the fair and you’re getting ice cream because it’s hot outside, and you get that chocolate, mint ice cream and it’s in that waffle.

Cone that sugary cone. It smells so amazing guys it is like no other scent i’ve ever smelled before it’s, so good, and so just so, you guys know if you’ve never tried fable beard company before uh fable, beard company has coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond, oil And essential oils and fragrance oils for for scent um, but this scent is so awesome guys. It totally made me feel like i was it’s like a it’s like a real clean feeling like summer like it just gives you energy to want to go, do stuff that’s. What i get out of it so really really awesome scent. So you guys know the oil just you’re wearing right now is 18. A bottle. Amazing price uh definitely like right about average of what the average market price is for oil uh, but this it has the restrictor top on it too guys and just one more time i mean this artwork right. They kill it. That is so freaking awesome and just you guys know he has this in the oil, the butter, the balm and also the conditioning wash or co wash that he calls it uh amazing amazing, scent guys. Also, the butter, like, i said, uh the butter here just so you guys are aware, is 25 for the butter and it is the uh poured butter, so very, very nourishing, very, very good for your beard. Awesome products. Guys again, you guys can buy these in bundles.

If you want to or buy them separately, whichever you prefer uh but it’s such a good scent and something we’re gon na, do to celebrate the scent with doing this review right now. Just so you guys know from now until sunday, at midnight, myself and colin have the wizard in case you guys are wondering colin. Is the wizard uh he’s doing a sale with using the link you get 25 off all weekend, plus plus you make your order with the 25 off all weekend. You’Re also gon na get a free bottle of the patriot for celebration of memorial day uh. I just also want to put a shout out there real, quick uh to all those that have served that have passed. Thank you so much. I know you’re not here to hear that uh, but just know there’s a very special uh uh time of year. For me, uh, remember remember what today is about it’s about the fallen uh. I have it right here on my sleeve for my tattoo it’s, all about the people that have served and given the ultimate sacrifice of their life. Uh have a great memorial day weekend and be very, very safe, guys, okay, uh, but definitely go pick you up some of those fabled beard company products. These are amazing. I promise you won’t regret it it’s one of the most unique scents that i’ve ever smelled and i’m saying that, because a lot of people are gon na think oh well, that’s just gon na taste or smell like a chocolate, mint taste, see that because i taste It while i smell it uh, but it actually does not smell like people are like.

Oh, it smells like an annie’s chocolate, no that’s, not what it smells like. It smells like a dang chocolate chip, mint waffle, cone that’s exactly what it smells like. It’S amazing. I can’t believe how he did this it’s super good guys, so i’ll put the link down in the description for you guys you guys can go grab some uh, but yeah with that link. You guys will get that 25 off using barber, 15 and uh it’ll be good until sunday. So thank you guys so much for watching this. I hope you guys enjoyed the content uh hit that thumbs up and also hit the subscribe button.