Here we told you yesterday that stacey abrams and john legend uh those the event featuring them on monday, has been cancelled. On monday, they planned a nationally televised event that would feature stacey, abrams and other speakers, and it will be entertainment from john legend. Well, that event was cancelled, the city of tulsa. They released a number of statements where they were critical of the lawyers for the tulsa survivors saying that they made unreasonable demands. At the last hour, demanding a 50 million dollar fund be set up. They said that is simply not true. Earlier today, when we covered this morning’s march from carver middle school, all the way down to the greenwood cultural center, i talked with attorney demario simmons, who talked about uh what the city has been saying, blaming them for the event he says: it’s, not us, but they Still haven’t done right by the folks or the black folks here in tulsa here’s that conversation, hey what’s up trader, mario solomon simmons, justice for greenwood foundation, we’re out here, honoring, our ancestors, our three living survivors and ascendants, and the people here in tulsa who’ve been oppressed For 100 years here in greenwood, the most prosperous black community ever was destroyed. 40 blocks, decimated hundreds of people killed three guys, tens of millions of dollars of destruction, and in 100 years now one penny has been paid. Not one person has been arrested. The city would not even admit their guilt, but today it comes due.

That is what we’re here for justice for greenwood foundation, support us at Thank you roland. We love you thank you for being out here. Supporting us brother tell us about uh, so the city released this statement about john legend stacy abrams. They claimed that y’all had an agreement uh on uh on what yeah, but first of all, we’ve been trying to meet with the city and the commission for months and they would not meet with us and then at the 11th hour. They said they wanted to sit down and we said fine and we gave them a list of seven requests to make sure that the 30 million dollars that they raised, that some of that went to these three living survivors in our community and they didn’t want to Do that we had no agreement, we also asked to have some so again that was they claimed there was. There was no agreement, absolutely no agreement and they continue their level of deception and deceit. That has been part and parcel with the city and the commission from its inception, the um and so for the people who don’t understand you having sort of these parallel events, what y’all are doing and what the city commission is doing and and y’all have made it Clear that this is about the community that’s right, we’re, all about the community rolling it’s, all about the three living survivors, it’s, all about the people that suffered it’s all about revelations and justice where for the city and the commission, it was about making money that’s their Own words, cultural tourism, and they were not about trying to do reparative justice.

They were not trying to put their people first that’s. Why they wouldn’t even give him one penny of the 30 million dollars. They were not going to get back to any to the community and so what’s. Next i mean what do you want folks who are watching uh to understand uh what they should be doing, what they should be saying? Absolutely, they should be saying justice for greenwood. They should be going to our website signing up to support our survivors donating to our calls, because we’re trying to seek financial compensation, accountability and making sure the stories of these descendants are known. We have descendants throughout the world, we call it the greenwood diaspora, but what people don’t realize is that ten thousand people became refugees and they were spread out across the country. Absolutely ten thousand people at any time rolling. There may be fifteen to twenty thousand people in greenwood. Greenwood was the city for all the black towns around oklahoma. Greenwood was the crown jewel and these people lost everything and were dispersed in kansas city, dallas, oklahoma city, new york, baltimore, california, everywhere and we’re. Trying to capture those stories and get resources to those people. All right then give us the website www.justin greenwood, that’s We always appreciate it support this man, black media. He makes sure that our stories are told our way and we cannot be silent. Support roland martin get down with the bring the funk Music let’s go to my panel here uh.

I want to start with with you. Brittany uh on the point just hurt there. So so here we are, and the city is trying to save face they’re, not trying to blame them. When demario actually released a letter that showed that they did, they requested one million dollars going to each one of the survivors, and then they also requested a fund. But at no point they say you have to do this or we will not have a survivor show up, and so the city is trying to blame uh justice for greenwood for their big event being canceled on monday, that they really wanted this nationally televised event. But the people here say show us the money, but so you still have the game still being played here in tulsa wow i mean everything is just really coming full circle and it just goes to show you roland that literally nothing has changed right, it’s, the changing Stain um, it’s unfortunate and it’s embarrassing that they don’t actually care uh even a hundred years later, about the survivors right uh and to care about the survivors is again it’s not just about. Oh, we recognize them. We’Re sorry it’s about putting money in their hands it’s about so much more than that, so i mean i wish i could say: i’m surprised roland, but i’m, not uh the thing here: mustafa uh again, uh you’ve had these competing events. Uh the city commission, tulsa, 22. 20 tulsa 20 uh is actually tulsa.

2021.Org uh they’ve been having events for several weeks. I mean they were trying to have this huge event take place on monday uh president joe biden coming in tuesday, then on wednesday, unveiling uh the greenwood rising memorial, but even that they’re labeling that museum greenwood rising but who’s rising. Well, you know we. We still got these folks and we got them right there in tulsa who continue to want to pimp people’s pain. I say it again: pimping, people’s pain and making money uh, as was said before off of the trauma. If you really want to help someone to be able to move forward to heal, then you make sure you do the right things. You make sure that the resources go to the community. You make sure that decision making is happening in collaboration with the community, and you make sure that you also call out the injustices that you were a part of they’ve made huge amounts of money from 1921 uh on off of this community, so it’s time for them To make the change and if not, people should call it out, people should be making phone calls and sending emails and letting them know all the folks across the country. What your expectations are of, how you are going to better support this community and how you’re going to make them whole michael uh brother, you know Laughter. They should call that exhibit uh getting over on greenwood that’s what they should call it, because that’s exactly what they’re doing um.

Personally, i don’t think for my understanding. The uh tulsa race, massacre, centennial commemoration is controlled by white people and republicans that’s that’s. My understanding of this okay, i don’t think they wanted the survivors there in the first place, because if you have the survivors there, then the survivor is gon na talk, okay and it’s really going to expose what’s taking place. So then you have a contrast. Okay, no! No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No michael, no michael! They want them there because they want. They want the picture. They want the vision they want the photo out. They want the photo out like trump wanting photo ops with black people right but yeah. They want the photo op right so uh when, when mother fletcher testified in front of congress, the house judiciary subcommittee, she talked about how 30 million dollars has been raised. Right for for this whole commemoration – and none of it is going to the survivors, so they don’t they still don’t want to address the issue still don’t want to deal with any type of reparations, but it’s. Not. I want to make this very clear: it’s not just reparations to the three survivors it’s, not just reparations to their descendants it’s to the entire greenwood community, because we rebuilt greenwood after the race massacre, but the expressways, the u.s interstate highways come through and destroy it again. In the 1970s that’s federal dollars that destroyed it, the second time, okay, so it’s, not just you can’t, just get off paying reparations to three african americans who are a hundred years old, 106 and 107.

. It has to be to the entire greenwood community that’s, where the reparations have to go as well. Video in just one moment. Racial injustice is a scourge on this nation, and the black community has felt it for generations. We have an obligation to do something about it.