This is mike with the morning do daily events worldwide, and we are on may 26 2021 welcome to another surviving day on the planet and welcome to a quick video here from morning dew, looking at satellite imagery overlooking the cascades seeing a couple events happening here overnight And as well, some events being reported on usgs, so let’s look what’s happening here well through colorado. We’Ve got right that cerro volcano that is awakened. Apparently there is also another one south of saint helens and as well. Rainier is showing some activity as well. Just looking at satellite imagery here lots of activity across the cascades and even colorado so right there by the north, goma ridge fragment there was an emissions caught on satellite imagery here, and you saw that a little alert came up and what happened here overnight. Well, let’s have a look at usgs here, the last seven days for earthquakes and they’re reporting an event here: atop mount rainier, ashford, washington, magnitude, 2.1, other event, 22, and look at all the earthquakes here right in the caldera of rainier and along the side here, south East side so ashford washington, mount rainier is now on watch. I would say, after even reporting here an explosion. Atop mount rainier volcano, so the great sitkin awakens overnight last night, and so did rainier apparently have a look at all the earthquakes here. The last seven days, saint helens, all in the caldera, so heads up, everybody cascades – are ready to go, be ready.

Have a plan get yourself a solid good gas mask. We need to be able to protect ourselves from quite possibly a catastrophic event here along the upper northwest of the united states. The cascades, a lot of people are waiting. It’S been a long time coming. It’S been 50 years since saint helens erupt erupted so kapausen as well reporting a small explosion, ashford washington event, number 22 explosion, 2.1 earthquake. Another little event here, right, let’s have a look at the last 30 days through the region and yeah we’re. Definitely seeing a lot of increased activity through the upper northwest, united states and as well even look to the right there through yellowstone, so heads up my friends and family from around the world. I appreciate you all joining the family morning. Do daily events worldwide, keeping humanity aware and prepared to all of the changing events across our planet, our sun and in our solar system? Now let’s just match this up with the hazard map. This is the last 30 days. Have a look at yellowstone? Have a look at idaho got the sawtooth mountain range, there i’m sure at one time was a very active caldera same with yellowstone, a very, very dormant super volcano. If anything comes out of yellowstone, it would be fissures cracks in the earth opening up kind of like what’s happening in africa, and this just in we’re. Seeing a earthquake swarm small earth micro quake earthquake swarm through cobb mountain here and it’s moving northeastward towards mammoth lakes, and this is happening right now.

We’Ve seen about 20 earthquakes here, moving northeast, cobb mountain california, so heads up a lot it’s going on around the world. Everybody much love.