Today, we’re checking out our kroger ad preview. That starts on wednesday may 26th and goes through tuesday june 1st of 2021. Before we get going too far, make sure you hit that subscribe button ring the notification bell hit all so you don’t miss any of my deals and let’s check this ad out guys it’s almost june. What in the world has just happened? Um, yes, that’s pretty crazy! Here so just a quick reminder: i live in the northern kentucky greater cincinnati area, and so some of these items will vary from region to region like this meat and the produce in general are going to vary so do take that into consideration. But if you live in the greater cincinnati area or in northern kentucky like i do, then you’re going to have the same ad as me. So these are the weekly digitals that we’re looking at here, um kroger brought some italian sausages for 277 crooked butter for 1.77. That’S gone up quite a bit: um the kingsford, original or match light charcoal for 7.99 and coming on down here, four for six on the cheeses, not a bad deal there, but you have to buy four of them to get that price: a dollar seventy seven again On the the chips there, but you have to buy four of them and there’s a little bit of alcohol and of course this is week two of our buy five or more save a dollar each mega sale.

Um. Now i have a a bunch of different videos. I have an advertised deals video from last week, as well as a must do deals video so check those out for some of the deals, because those should still be good for the most part like we have a dollar off one on the folgers coffee. Here we also have 50 cent off one coupons for the dunkin donuts, so that will and that’s in my advertised deals video. You can definitely check that out i’ll link in the description box below 99 cents. We should be seeing that sweet baby raise coupon pop up. This uh weekend, so we should be grabbing those for an amazing deal. We have breyer’s ice cream and haagen dazs and talentee there’s a coupon for talente that you can grab too again. All of those are on my videos. I’Ve already posted so do check those out. I’Ll have them linked in the description box below here’s. The alcohol deals i’m just going to scan these real quick. So you can see them, of course, it’s memorial day weekend coming, so some of you may actually want to grab some of these deals or you may want to grab them anyway. I have no idea i don’t drink, so i don’t ever get alcohol all right. More weekly digitals here we have the mission, tortilla chips and the um street taco shells. There i’m really excited about those sweet peppers for a dollar.

Forty, nine, the kettle chips are dollar. Ninety nine bakery fruit, pies are 2.99 and then is this: do you pronounce it? Aha sparkling water – i think that’s it for a dollar. Ninety nine, each i’m, not gon na – lie that stuff’s disgusting so i’m, not getting that we’ve tried and tried and tried do not like it all right. Frito frito lay multi pack, 79 7.99 there. These are sizzling deals, they say, oh goodness, okay, hopefully you got your angel food cake. This current week it’s a little bit cheaper. I think it’s 1.99 freeze it and then you’ll have it for your holidays, all right we’re going to work our way back up the ad. This way, these keto think bars are awesome. So if you’re keto they’re worth trying there um let’s see nothing’s like jumping out at me, it looks like we’re gon na have some buy one get one free deals here, um, so with some coupons that might be a decent table. I know the big cereals for quaker are part of the mega sale like the the family size or something like that. So it looks like the smaller sizes are going to be. Buy one get one free um, so you just have to kind of compare what’s. The better deal there all right ice cream for 1.99, all right guys, let’s go over here. Real quick we’ll scan these we’re gon na have a beauty event. Spend 12 save three dollars, so you just need to get your total up to 12.

First, to get the three dollars off and then you can hand over coupons. Um is kroger bath tissue, a part of the beauty, maybe not, maybe not, maybe it’s, just the beauties up there. This is just other stuff. I can’t imagine that it’s part of the the beauty sale there – oh probably not, because we have the uh dog food there and toys here all right. So here we go starting with some of our buy five or more save a dollar each. Like i said, we have videos already out for all of this there’s dollar off coupons now for the all in the snuggle, so get those for 99 cents. I have that all listed already um let’s see let’s see we should get a new mega or not a new mega. A new png, so we’ll have some coupons for some of these things in the new png. All right, let’s turn the page all right, here’s, the back part of the ad again i’m, just going to slowly scan it. So if there’s, something that you wanted to take a deeper look at, let me know watermelon for 3.99. We always love it. When we have watermelon, i haven’t i’ve bought one, but i need to buy some more let’s see. I have a visitor if you can’t tell my littlest one’s sitting here. Listening to me. She woke up early this morning, so she is joining me and i told her. She can’t talk, but you never know what’s going to pop out.

So all right cons here is is 10 for 10, so they’re gon na be a dollar each all right anything you see on there. Let me know in the comments: if you see any amazing deals, i didn’t point out there, but this is mainly looks like mainly meat and produce here all right. We have grill and chill. As you know, it is memorial day weekend coming up. I cannot believe it like it just suddenly just turned summer here. Everything is really warm. Of course we have cicadas in my area, um, which is hasn’t been as bad as i was expecting it to be so uh they’re the 17 year cicadas so they’re. You know i heard it’s actually worse up north in ohio than it is here in the northern kentucky area, but they just started coming out here in the last couple days, so it definitely could get worse here. We’Ll buy one get one free: oh poor friends, yay let’s see 77 cents. There yeah i’m excited about some of these deals here. All right, uh, i think it’s shopkick shopkick has a bundle um of points going on. I think it may be walmart. I don’t know if it’s kroger, but anyway you might want to check that out. Of course, i’ll put that in the um in an advertised deals video for tuesday, hopefully sometimes i don’t get to the advertised deals when it’s the second week of a sale. But it looks like we’ve got enough new deals.

I need to do that all right, here’s, more of the buy five or more save a dollar each we’re gon na mix and match with these items um. You know again check out my my videos. I already have posted with deals matchups that are already going on. I have an advertised deals, video that i put out last tuesday of the ad from last week with these match ups, as well as a must, do deals video um that you should check out. There are lots of freebies there’s, like eight freebies in that um. Of course. Sometimes you know deals do expire and new ones do pop up, so i’ll definitely be be alerting. You of some amazing deals like the yaso. We have 50 cent uh back from ibada on that one um that type of stuff all right. I love mega sales like they’re, so much fun. I don’t know why meyer has something similar to the mega sale going on this week, but it’s just never as good of a sale as the way kroger. Does it isn’t that interesting a little shaky i apologize and there we go. Let me know if you see anything new leave it in the comments below and i will post it in my advertised deals. Video all right, final part of the ad is the marketplace part of the ad. I am just going to scan it i’m, not going to read it to you. So if you have any questions, please let me know not all kroger’s have a marketplace.

I i can’t imagine it’s not it’s too many now, because it seems like we had only one that had a marketplace uh when i first moved here and now i don’t, i think they all have it they’ve all either built on or rebuild, or something like that. We’Ve had two brand new krogers pop up, so there are some that don’t have marketplaces still, but i think the majority probably do all right. Uh buy one get one free on your swimwear, so that’s interesting. That could save you quite a bit of money. I don’t know those are cute, but i always hate like the one pieces. If you have to go to the bathroom, you have to take everything off, so i try to stay away from those like i always get tankinis i don’t want like a a bikini. I don’t have a bikini body for sure uh, but i don’t want a bikini, but i hate having like one solid piece swimsuit i have i like to have two pieces, so i always get the tankini. So it looks like one but it’s, two i’m sharing with all of you. Hopefully, you don’t mind bubbles for a dollar and a few more mega sale items here, which is kind of unusual, but looking at sunscreens because as we’re preparing for for the summer, all right guys look. That is all i have for you this week. Thank you. So much for watching make sure you’re subscribed to the channel, bring the notification bell and hit all and i’ll be back with you later on um.