Welcome to shopping with shayna we are here today to look at a meyer must do deals, video that starts on sunday may 23rd and goes through saturday, the 29th of 2021. Of course, we’ve got a new, buy five save five sale happening and i’ll talk about that a little bit later, but there’s lots of really awesome deals, and then we just have some awesome sale deals. Coupon deals rebate, deals lots of great things happening at meijer this week. If you want to see more meyer videos. Do me a big favor. Give me a great big thumbs up, make sure that you are subscribed to my channel ring the notification bell hit all so. You don’t miss any of my videos and let me know your location of your mire. Where do you go shop at meijer, i’m in the northern kentucky area, i usually go to the florence kentucky meyer, but sometimes i’ll work my way out to the alexandria location. If there is something i want in particular that florence isn’t carrying because it seems like the alexandria, has a better selection, they also have a gas station which my meyer does not so anyway. Let’S get going let’s check out these awesome deals and see what we got. First deal here is the louisiana sweet tea that’s regularly priced 1.99. It is on sale this week for a dollar 89 and we have a dollar off one in perk that is connecting to it, making your final cost for one of these just 89 cents.

Next sargeno’s cheese slices, the five to eight ounce, are regularly priced 3.49. We have a sale price this week of 250 and we have a dollar off one in perk that is connecting making the final cost just a dollar fifty each next, the bay boost drinks are regularly priced a dollar. Ninety nine they’re on sale this week for a dollar twenty five and we have a fifty cent off one each in perk, which means that you can buy multiples of these, not just one and 50 cents will come off of each one. Now do remember once you use this coupon it’s gone. So if you want to do multiples, you need to make sure they’re all within the same transaction, but your final cost for these are just 75 cents, each which is awesome. Next, we have the stouffer’s bowl. Full uh i’ve never actually seen this product before, but it looks pretty good. These are regularly priced 3.79, they’re on sale this week for three dollars, and we have a two of two in perk, meaning that you can grab two of these for just two dollars. Each all right get your pizza ready for the summer. I know i have three kiddos and these are awesome little pizzas, that you can throw in for quick lunch, a quick snack or sometimes even friday, night pizza night, but the tostinos frozen pizzas they’re small little party pizzas are regularly priced at dollar ‘ they’re on sale.

For a dollar 25 each – and we have a dollar off four in perk that you can load making your final cost of these just a dollar each, which is pretty awesome, so it looks like poise – has a new product out called one by poise. These are regularly priced 5.99 at meijer, but there is a three off one in perk and there’s. Also a three off one printable coupon that actually just came out from coupons.com on sunday i’ll have it linked in the description box below. If you could do me a huge favor and click that link before you print that helps me out a ton and you don’t have to do anything extra. It just gives me a little kickback. So i really greatly appreciate when you print from my links, but the final cost for these are just 2.99 each. We also have a deal on the carefree breathe pads. These are regularly priced three dollars and nine cents there’s a two f1 in perk, making the final cost for just one of these, a dollar and nine cents all right guys. This is kind of a cool deal, so what you want to do is grab two of the dove hair therapy, shampoo and conditioners that are regularly priced 7.29. Now there is a buy one get one in perk that is available and you’ll pay out of pocket 7.29. There is a catalina generating when you purchase two or more dove products in the same transaction.

You’Re gon na get a three dollar catalina. Well, since we are grabbing two of those items, we should receive a three dollar. Catalina final cost would be four dollars and 29 cents total for both of them or just two dollars and 15 cents each, and this looks like a fairly new product. Let me know if you’ve tried it if it’s any good, all right, not the best deal for these. I actually have quite a few of these when they were free, but it is a sale price. Nonetheless, the kinder light solution that’s regularly priced 5.99. It has a sale price of 4.99. We have a 2f1 in perk, so for one of these you’d pay just 2.99 then submit ibotta for a dollar back on one it’s, a limit of two times so get that dollar back final cost. For one of these is a dollar ninety, nine again, if you’re not need, i would pass because we have seen these free with ibotta and coupons in the past, and i would much rather get these for free. But if you do need these or you use this all the time then go ahead and grab one all right guys. I am obsessed with hidden valley, ranch i’ve, not never tried the secret sauce. So let me know my hidden valley, ranch fans out. There is the secret sauce good um, so this this is a fairly new product, it’s regularly priced 349 at meijer, it’s on sale for 250.

This week we have a dollar off one in perk, and if you really want to load up, we also have a dollar off one printable coupon. I will have that linked again in the description box below just click that link and print from there. Your final cost is gon na, be just a dollar fifty each. I am definitely going to try to grab one of these and try it out all right. We have a deal on nivea’s, shaving, gel it’s, regularly priced 2.99. Now it doesn’t have any kind of sale, price or coupon, so you’ll pay out of pocket 2.99, but i bought it has a rebate for a dollar. Fifty back on one it’s, a limit of three times: final cost 1.49: each not a terrible deal there, especially if you’re in need, but nivea body lotion. We actually have a pretty sweet deal on this, so these are regularly priced 5.69. You want to grab two of them for this deal. We have a deal going on when you purchase uh, two of the nivea aquaphor or eucerin body lotion products, you’re gon na get an instant four dollars off so instantly. Four dollars comes off and then you can hand over coupons we hand over two of the dollar off one from smart source. 516 final cost is going to be just 5.38 total or 2.69 each kind clusters. The 4 ounce bags are regularly priced 2.99. There is a two off one in perk, so you could grab one of these for just 99 cents, all right guys.

We have a catalina that’s generating on coffee. So i have a couple of deals on the next couple of slides of different types of coffee. What i went ahead and did was put the you know, just did all of duncan all of folgers all of maxwell house. That kind of thing, because most people are brand specific when it comes to their coffee, if you’re not brand specific, feel free to mix and match these deals to make it better. For you, however, there, the catalina let’s talk about this. If you spend 10 or more on the coffee in the coffee, aisle you’re going to get back a two dollar catalina, but if you spend 15 or more you’re gon na get a 4.50 catalina back. So all of these scenarios are going around that 15. We want to hit that max, so the first deal i have for you is grab three of the dunkin donuts coffees that are regularly priced 7.79, they’re on sale for 5.99 each. So your total is going to be 17.97 total that’s going to hit that 15 threshold. There’S, a 50 cent off one in perk load that then print off two of the 50 cent off one printable coupons. I have them linked in the description box below again, please print from my link. I would greatly appreciate that out of pocket you’re going to pay 16.47 you’re going to receive a 4.50 catalina and then ibata has rebates back 50 cents off one up to five times.

You get a dollar fifty back there, making your final cost just ten dollars and forty seven cents total or three dollars and forty nine cents each all right. Another scenario here is with the folgers coffee, so grab two of the folgers coffees that are 24.2 ounce. So these are regularly priced 6.99, but they’re on sale for 5.99 and then also grab one of the folger’s coffee’s. The 10.3 ounce that’s regularly priced 3.99 that’s going to take your total to 15.97. So obviously, we’ve hit that 15 threshold there’s a dollar off one in perk load that then you can also use two of the dollar f1 printable coupons from coupons.com. Again, i have it linked in the description box below you’re, going to pay 12.90, then you’re going to receive that 4.50 catalina. Your final cost is going to be 8.47 total or 2.82 cents. Each really awesome deal all right. The rest of the deals we’re going to see here from meyer are part of the buy five and save five now the way this works is it’s very similar to the kroger mega seal, if you’re familiar with that, but you have to buy five participating items in Order to get five extra dollars off at checkout, so, as you can see, the uh like look at the craft cheese there in the top there it’s gon na be on sale for 2.99. But if you buy in multiples of five or five participating items mixing and matching you’re going to actually get that price of 1.

99 for that particular product and of course, then you can also stack this with manufacturer, coupons and rebate apps and all those good things. Now. The thing that’s different about the meijer by five save five and the kroger mega sale is the kroger mega sale is by five or more. This one is actually buy in multiples of five, so we do need filler items. I’M gon na talk about a couple of different scenarios with filler items, that’s going to help you out in order to make sure we hit the five items, so you could do 5, 10, 15, 20 and so forth, but in order to get five dollars off each Time you need to make sure you’re buying in multiples of five, so let’s check out. Some of these deals first deal here is going along with that catalina coupon. We were just talking about with the coffee, so the best way to do this is by nine of the maxwell house, coffee, 11 ounce, um and then throw in a filler item or something else that you may need from this buy five save five they’re regularly priced Four dollars and thirty nine cents, but they’re on sale this week for 279, and then they are part of the buy five save five for a dollar, seventy nine! So right there. We have amazing price change on that out of pocket, you’re going to spend eight or sorry 16 and 11 cents, and then you’re gon na receive that 4.

50 catalina final cost is 11.61 cents or just a dollar 29. Each really really awesome deal here. The only thing you have to keep your fingers crossed is there’s going to be enough in stock as the week goes on, because if people know about this deal, they may stock up on these and wipe the shelves, because nine is a lot to purchase in one Transaction next we have a pretty good deal on some ice cream, so breyer’s ice cream, the 48 ounce that’s regularly priced 4’ and the ben and jerry’s pints that are regularly priced 4.99 are both on sale for 3.49. This week by five for 249, each there’s a couple of different in perks, the briars has a 50 cent off one in perk and then the ben and jerry’s has a dollar off two in perk. So your final cost is just a dollar. Ninety nine, each again a pretty decent deal, especially when you’re looking at almost five dollar ice cream. All right, so this deal is pretty awesome. Kroger also has something similar to this, but it’s actually about 20 cents more on this ice mountain 24 pack. So if you’re a kroger shopper, you could still do this deal there, but this is actually a little bit better. So these are regularly priced four dollars and nineteen cents they’re on sale for 379, each they’re part of the buy five for 279 each there’s, a dollar. Fifty off two in save 523, so i would either grab two of these or grab four of these and then have another filler item there: um out of pocket, you’re gon na pay, 204 each or it’ll be 408.

If you’re grabbing two of them – or you know you can do the math, if there’s four uh, then you can submit to ibotta for a dollar back on one up to five times. Final cost is going to be just a dollar and four cents each. This is a great time to stock up on your water, i’m – probably going to do this deal with the four and really stock up on getting that water. Another great deal here is the blue diamond almonds, the 16 ounce. These are regularly priced eight dollars and 49 cents they’re on sale for 6.99. Each and they’re also part of the buy five for 5.99 each and we have coupons so the best coupon to use is the dollar off one from smart source 328. But if you don’t have that we do have the option of the dollar fifty off two in perk, so that one’s going to take off 75 cents as opposed to taking off a whole dollar. But your final cost would be 4.99. If you have the dollar, it would be what 524, if you had the dollar 50 off two in perk, so really great deals there on those blue diamond. Next, we have a pretty good deal on the sweet baby raised barbecue sauce that’s regularly priced 1.99. Now there is no sale price that’s, the regular price, but they are part of the buy five for 99 cents each. We have a dollar off three coupon in smart source, 523 and or a dollar off four.

So i believe these vary by region, so your region may be a dollar off three or it may be a dollar off four, if it’s a dollar off three you’re going to pay just 66 cents each, if it’s, a dollar off four you’re gon na, be paying 74 cents each either way it’s a really really great deal and it’s time to stock up on your sweet baby, raise barbecue sauce. Now again, if you’re a kroger shopper, this exact same deal is going on at kroger. Theirs are also part of the mega sale for 99 cents. We have these coupons to match up with it, so you could be grabbing these for either 66 cents or 74 cents each there. But you have the option here at meijer, if you’re going anyway plus if you are needing to buy in multiples of five and you need some filler items, this might be a great one to stick in there all right decent deal here on the all liquid laundry Detergent now these are regularly priced 4.99 at meijer, they’re on sale for 2.99 they’re part of the buy five for dollar. Ninety nine and we have a dollar f1 coupons and save 523. So our final cost on these is just 99 cents each again. This is the same deal that’s going on at kroger. Currently, so, if you are in between shopping, you can just decide which one you want to purchase these again. If you are having to buy a multiples of five here at meijer, you may want to save this as some sort of filler item for you to make sure you get all the way to your multiples of five.

All right. Let’S talk about just filler items, really great price. I love this goldfish deal, so this is the best deal i think i’ve ever seen on these goldfish, so these are regularly priced at 1.89 at meijer, they’re on sale this week for a dollar 79 and they’re part of the buy five for 79 cents each now, Normally we see these at croaker for like 99 cents, each or and i’ve even seen 98 cents, but hardly ever anything below that. So the fact that these are 79 cents makes me super excited, plus it makes a wonderful filler item to get to your multiples of five, so final cost just 79 cents for this goldfish and if you’re like me – and you have kids you’re gon na fly through These we also have a pretty good deal on juicy juice. I really wish we had coupons to match up with this fingers crossed, because this is going to be a two week, sale that we will see some coupons pop up in the next two weeks, whether it’s on coupons.com or whether it’s in an insert. But these are regularly priced 2.99, they’re on sale for 1.99 and they’re part of the buy five for just 99 cents. Our final cost 99 cents each amazing deal. Another really great deal here are the crystal light on the go. These are regularly priced 2.79, each they’re on sale for 1.99, but they’re part of the buy five for 99 cents, each another really great deal and a wonderful filler item.

For your cart, all right guys. That is all i have for you this week. If you like this video, please give me a great big thumbs up. Let me know in the comments what your favorite deal is and if you shop at meijer, what location meyer do you shop at because i’m just interested to see where we’re all from, and i want to continue to keep doing these. So please make sure you share this with a friend and follow me on social media.