This week we have so many freebies like we got one two. Three. Four: five: six, seven, eight nine ten ten possible freebies that you guys can grab this week plus so many other cheap things at walmart like it’s. So great it’s gon na be such an awesome time to gum couponing over here at the walmart, and i cannot wait to share it all with you guys, i’m going to try to give you guys as many options as possible. For that big. I bought a bonus. We have right now it’s the 10 on 30 may flowers. Your ebay may have been for more or less so definitely check into that but i’m going to give you guys as many rebate options as possible for different things. You guys could do here at walmart this week to help achieve that big bonus and i’m super super pumped to share that with you guys. Let me know in the comments how many rebates do you need to finish off that bonus? I think i have done 11. I believe so i need to do 19 more yeah if i could do math in my head 19. More to finish that bonus and with all the deals this week, don’t think it’ll be a problem at all and i’m super super excited. So first things. First, we get the printable breakdown in the description box below that was super awesome and color coded mine today, by section of the store, but um you guys can totally print that out and bring it with you as well, or you can view on your smartphone.

That is just basically a supplement to the video, so you guys don’t have to sit and write everything out by hand. I type it up for you guys all nice and neat so that you guys can just watch the video print that list off and go to the store and get your deals. So that’s definitely a great option. Also, when you guys are seeing it. It is sunday, which means we got a ton of new printable coupons in the description box below is the link to all those. It really really helps me out when you guys print. It allows me to continue to bring you all these videos, so if you do enjoy my videos – and you would like to continue, i would ask you to please consider putting these new coupons using my link and just know. It is very, very much appreciated and finally rebate apps if you’re not on these rebate, apps ibotta, swagbucks, shopkick, fetcher wards. All that definitely use my referral codes in the description. It really helps me out. It actually helps you guys out too, because you usually get like a little welcome bonus or some extra points or whatever. So please consider signing up under my referral codes. Thank you to everybody who has i’ve been getting so many people signing up for inbox dollars and my points so it’s really been helping out so yeah let’s. Just dive on in to these awesome deals my gosh guys, i’m.

So loving this dove deal and it’s a massive money maker between shopkick and ibotta. So this deal first up you’re gon na buy one of these dub men plus cares. The um advanced care body wash so we’re gon na buy one of these they’re gon na buy one of the dub trial, size, men’s, deodorants that are 97 cents, so we’re gon na do that there’s a rebate on. I bought it for two dollars back. If you buy one of these dub men plus care, advanced body wash so we’re gon na submit for that, and then shopkin has a bundle. If you buy any one dub man plus care product and any one dub men plus care advanced body wash, you will get back a total of seven dollars and 48 cents and shopkicks. So it’s gon na end up making this totally free, plus a 1.54 money maker, which is insane all right, so you may or may not have this free kotex deal fetch rewards is apparently giving out rebates to some people for this cotex. I saw it over on one of my fellow youtubers videos saving with christina, and i wanted to say if you guys, don’t follow christina, you guys are so missing out. She does amazing videos, several different stores, i really like christina’s channel, and she really is amazing because she does things by the book. She follows all the rules with the apps and the coupons and just a really great person to follow so definitely check out christina.

If you haven’t already, but she posted on her walmart video, that she was able to grab these code sex and she had some super high value – fetch awards, rebates, so i’m gon na tell you guys two different deals. These are what she did. I don’t have these rebates on fetch, but she did – and i think some of you guys will hopefully have them as well. So the first one is on these coatsex security pads they’re 5.47 over here at walmart. We have a two off one coupon that came out in the inserts last week: the 516 smart source or it’s printable, so you’ll pay 347 out of pocket there’s, my body rebate for a dollar back. There is a shopkick rebate. Well, that’s nice! I totally didn’t write in how much it was on my list. Okay, we’ll. Add that in the little end card i’m. Sorry about that. I know the final cost, though, and there’s a feature worth for 2 bags, it’s going to make this free, plus a 123 money maker. As long as you have the fetch awards and then another awesome one if you have that fetch rebate is on the? U, by kotex tampons here the 384 at walmart, use the two dollar, either printable or coupon, from the insert from the 516 smart source. You will pay a dollar 84 out of pocket and then you’ll get back two dollars from fetch, which will make it free, plus a 16 cent money maker i’m super bummed that i didn’t get those rebates, but hopefully you guys did too.

I like to share these deals because, as many as i can get out to you guys, and even if you can’t do all of them, i know somebody can, i know somebody’s gon na have that fetch rewards rebate. So i always like to share so awesome. Awesome. Free slash money maker, if you have the fetch rebate Music, so we have a massive money maker deal on some sensodyne toothpaste. I believe it also works on the paradigm sacks. So i think my store got rid of that a long time ago. So i don’t know it’s a dollar 47 for these trial, sized ones there’s a brand new shopkick rebate that came out for two dollars and 40 cents back. If you buy one sensodyne product, it doesn’t say anything about excluding trial. Doesn’T say anything about that. It just says a sense of dime product. This is not working for the scan kicks. I can confirm that, but it does not mean it will not work for the rebate. It just simply means that shopkick’s system is messed up and doesn’t pick up everything and they’ve. Even like put that on instagram like we know, our kicks are not automatically working on their own, but rest assured they will take care of it. So if this doesn’t automatically work for you just submit a ticket because it just says 600 kicks on since a dime pronamel, this is sensodyne pronamble and they have the best customer service ever so.

Just put that out there that um shopkick can be buggy, and even though it doesn’t work with the scan kicks does not mean this is not valid for the rebate. So after that, it’s gon na make this totally free, plus a 93 cent moneymaker, which is epic all right, so super amazing money maker on these mortons it’s, the season, all salt. These are a dollar seventy over here at walmart there’s, a super awesome rebate over on my points to get back. If i can find it on my list so i’m prepared right, it is for four dollars and 28 cents back. If you buy two on my points or if you do it on swagbucks or inbox dollars, it’s four dollars back on two regardless. This is still a money maker. So a dollar seventy times two it’s gon na come down to um three dollars and forty cents. If you do my points, you get back 428 it’s gon na make it free, plus an 88 cent money maker. If you do this on swagbucks or inbox dollars, you get back six dollars still making this free, plus a 60 cent money maker, which is epic, a heads up, the um rebate on both swagbucks and my points for me on my account it didn’t automatically work. I had to click the request, a review button, but very very shortly after like an hour after i did that it ran through and gave me the points or whatever so just as if it’s not working automatically on its own.

But it is gon na work. As long as you just click that request review button, so amazing Music, all right, so this m m deal that i shared last week. Legit got even better this week. I can’t believe it. So these are a dollar 48 for the m. M’S it’s the mixes. I love these things, it’s, so cool to have all the different varieties, mixed together, it’s like perfect they’re 1.48 over here at the walmart shopkick changed the rebate now between the buy and the skin cakes you’ll get back two dollars so buy this to the dollar 48.. Just remember that two dollar relay it’s gon na make it free plus a 52 cent money maker. Super super amazing Music. All right, so we got a super high value, johnson’s coupon in the sunday paper, the um. Whatever date, it is the 523 save for two dollars off anyone johnson’s product excludes straw, travel, so there’s, clearly johnson’s over in the trial section. This is not the trial section, so the johnson’s baby bars are a dollar. Ninety two, each there’s, a two dollar off one coupon from the paper it’s gon na make this three plus an eight cent money maker. There also is some baby powder. Now there is a trial size, baby powder. This is a dollar 47, but this one is not a trial size it’s, just a smaller pack of the baby powder it’s a dollar. Ninety two as well so be free, plus a eight set money for that coupon.

You can also grab the other ones if you’d rather like this enormous powder, this little baby, um clone stuff. You know you can do any of it, but the baby bar and the powder that are darn me too that’s your freebie, so awesome deals with a johnson’s coupon Music super amazing creepy on this airwick warmer. These are a dollar forty, seven there’s, a super awesome rebate. On the app for a dollar fifty back, if you buy any one, airwick scented oil product, this is an airwick scented oil product. So it’s gon na make this free plus a three cent money maker. Thank you so much to saving with christina for the heads up. That is such an awesome, freebie, Music, okay, so super awesome potential freebie over here at walmart on this nexus it’s the shampoo pump at my both of my walmarts. This is 1897, but one of my awesome subscribers um nicole, had messaged me on instagram that at her walmart this is mark down to 250.. So i got creative here and got on the walmart app and went to all the stores. Then a 30 mile radius. Three of them are still full price, but two of them have it on clearance and in nicole store and at one of the local walmarts. It is marked down to 250.. What makes this so great there’s a super high value rebate and i bought it for five dollars pack, so with that it’s gon na make this free, plus a 250 money maker.

If your store is clearanced, let me show you guys. The barcodes y’all can check this yourself and see if it’s on clearance but potential huge money maker here. So i wish it was marked down here and i’d. Be all about that. But hopefully you guys can score Music all right. So my walmart doesn’t carry this particular kind of toothpaste. It is the arm and hammer essentials, toothpaste. It is four dollars and 38 cents over here at walmart’s, you’re gon na buy two of them. Okay, we’re gon na grab two of them. There is a super awesome rebate on my points, it’s for eight dollars and fifty five cents back. If you buy two okay, so we’re gon na submit for that it’s gon na drop down to 17 cents for both, which is absolutely winning. Hopefully you guys can find it. There is a one dollar i bought it, but unfortunately we’re not able to combine that because the swagbucks app are not swagbucks. My points says you cannot do any other coupons or rebates with their rebates. So, since the mypoint steel is better that’s, what we’re gon na go with, but 17 cents for both you really can’t complain about that. So that is awesome Music. Oh my gosh guys this deal for the danon light and fit yogurt is amazing. This is some really really good. Yogurt like i really really love this yogurt so to be able to get this kind of deal on it it’s so awesome.

So, for this deal, there’s an awesome bundle on shopkick. For this deal, you need to buy one of the daniel light and fit single cups that are 87 cents. For some reason, some of them are 88. So if you go for the 88 cent, one you’ll pay a penny more, but whatever grab one for 87 cents and then you’re gon na go ahead and grab one of the um four packs that are three eight seeds, so we’re gon na do that. Shopkick has a bundle between the bite and the skin cakes. You will get back 2.86 for purchasing one single and one um of the four packs. So after you get that rebate, back it’s going to come down to a dollar 19 and that’s for five cups of yogurt, because there’s four in here and one here, oh my gosh, a dollar nineteen for five cups of yogurt makes it 24 cents each and when I used to get these a lot at sam’s club. They were like 67 cents, each even for their little deal or whatever, so to get these for 24 cents. You know the great value 64. you’re not going wrong there. That is such an awesome price. Music. All right guys, we have such an awesome deal on some s’mores like this is an amazing deal. I love it we’re heading into summer. Lots of s’mores should be happening this summer, so this is a perfect time to grab this deal.

This is a bundle deal over on shopkick. This is amazing. I got this from coupon with alicia here on youtube. She does really awesome. Videos so definitely check her out if you haven’t already, but this deal so what you’re gon na do. You’Re gon na have one of the honey make graham crackers that are 2.92 cents over here at walmart’s, then you’re gon na grab one of the jet puffed marshmallows. The cheapest one that i saw at my store are the minis. They are a dollar twenty eight and then you’re. Also gon na grab one of the um hershey’s milk, chocolate bars, the five counts. They’Re, the snack size bars it’s, just the rebate just says: hershey’s milk, chocolate bar, so it doesn’t matter which ones you get. These are hershey’s milk, chocolate bars, so that’s, 82 cents all right. So that comes the 6 16. there’s, a bundle on shopkick to get back 3.28 cents. If you buy one of the graham crackers, one of the marshmallows and one of the chocolates so that’s going to bring it down to a dollar 74 for all three products or just 58 cents, each which is unreal like these are really expensive. The honey maids and you know, that’s a really good deal for the marshmallows and chocolate as well like perfect time to grab some s’mores i’m. Like so excited kroger has all the s’more ingredients on sale this week and like they’re. Promoting seven dollars is really great.

So no come to walmart where it’s a dollar 74 for all of it i’m. So excited for this deal all right. So we have a super awesome deal on the pin allen, the multi purpose: cleaner, it’s, like pine sol or whatever it’s, the same kind of thing. They’Re two dollars and 24 cents at walmart, and we have a super awesome rebate on my points, so you need to buy three of these 224 grab, three of them, there’s an awesome rebate. On my points that, if you buy three of these, you will get back five dollars and 35 cents so after that it’s gon na make it a dollar 37 for three of these or just 46 cents each, and if you don’t, swag bucks or inbox dollars, you Just get back five dollars, which is still going to make these a really really great deal so remember you can actually do the rebate on all three apps inbox dollars, swagbucks and my points. So if you want to get nine of these, you could really stock up and do it on each of the apps. Amazing amazing amazing deal Music all right. So a super amazing deal on these snuggle dryer sheets they’re, a dollar 84 over here at walmart and there’s. A super awesome one of one coupon that came out in the paper on sunday, the 523 yeah 523 save for a dollar off of any one snuggle product like no really size restriction, except for trial and travel.

Obviously, 40 dryer sheets are not trial and travel. So this coupon is totally valid it’s going to make these 84 cents, which is insane Music all right. So some super awesome deals on some toys, believe it or not. I don’t know if i’ve ever shared a toy deal in my whole history on youtube, but we’re gon na. Do it today, because it’s such a great price number one that big guy bought a bonus like? I talked about the beginning as many rebates, as we can knock out towards that the better and number two. This is really a great item to have on hand for like if your kids have a birthday party they have to go to, or if you just want to have some good bread material to give your kids to behave. This little paw patrol toy might be good. Um this is such a great deal, they’re 388 over here at walmart and there’s, a three dollar rebate on ibada to make it 88 cents, which is insanity. Thank you so much to crazy coupon addict for sharing this deal now. This is only on the um dino dino rescue little car thing. I had a little bit to find this at walmart there’s, like so many different paw patrol things over here, but i finally found it in the dinosaur area. There also is a rebate for the paw patrol there’s, like paw patrol cars, which they’re out of stock at my store but there’s a separate three dollar rebate for those so make those 88 cents as well.

Such awesome deals on the paw patrol items, so awesome unique deal at walmart, but i’m loving it Music. All right so have an amazing deal on the country croc butter over here at the walmart. They are a dollar. Ninety eight each it’s, just a regular price and there’s a check up at the one rebate for one dollar back. If you buy one it’s gon na just make these 98 cents it’s a really easy deal, but it’s half off like a little more than half off super awesome Music, so yeah guys that’s. All i got for this week’s walmart in store deals. Video i’m loving it. I think walmart’s really great this week and has a lot of good options to help hit that big 10 bonus um but yeah so that’s it for walmart. Definitely on the lookout for more awesome videos. This week, tomorrow, on monday, when you guys are seeing this it’ll be the target deals. Video i’m, so hoping there’s great deals at target this week so definitely check that out i’m sure there will be there’s an awesome gift card, promo i’m already seeing so check that out for sure on monday, then, on tuesday you guys can see my walmart haul or Not just walmart my haul, for everywhere finishing my mayflowers bonus, so it’s going to be an awesome few days. Full of rebate action here on ohio valley, couponer so definitely be on lookout, so yeah that’s. All i got thank you so much for watching don’t forget about the new printables in the description and yeah that’s.