I do have a bonus i need to tackle, which is the mayflowers for that i need 25 rebates, not sure if i’m gon na get it. I do, however, have the weekend warrior that i know i can smash and for that i only need 15 um rebates and so um. I think we’re gon na do pretty good today, if not we’ll be back tomorrow for some resets, and so, if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe, also make sure that you smash the like button as well, while you’re at it and without further ado let’s jump On in okay, the first easy deal is going to be on the oranges. These are priced at 74 cents, each and it’s gon na work with the any orange rebate, making it only 64 cents, which is not bad. The next one is on the apples. These are 117 per pound. One cost me about 47 cents after the 10 cents, any makes it 37 cents and the el paso taco seasoning. These are priced at 87 cents, we’re gon na get back 150 cakes on shopkick, which is 60 cents making this only 27 cents per pack. Next up is on the twix. These are priced at 98 cents, we’re gon na get back um 350 kicks on shopkick, which is equivalent to dollar 40, making that free, plus 43 cents now also grab the hershey’s with your 88 cents, and this is working for the rebate on shopkick, which is 200 Kicks um, making this only eight cents after um rebate next thing is on the boat 24.

These are priced at a dollar and 28 cents, we’re gon na get back 50 cents on our bottom, making it only 78 cents per bottle. These. I can never pronounce i’m, not gon na try to buy two of these in a dollar each get back a dollar for buying to when i bought a making 50 cents per bottle, buy two of these for a dollar making that two dollars get back at all. For buying two, when i bought i’m, making the 50 cents per bottle, buy three of these at 78 cents get back a dollar for buying three on. My bottom makes those 44 cents each and it’s also the same deal for the next one. For these buy three of these at 78 cents and get back a dollar for buying through and i bought, it makes them 44 cents per bottle in this next deal is a bundle deal on shopkick it’s on the heinz um, yellow mustard at 1.38 we’re also gon Na grab the mustard at 247, both items should run us about three dollars and 85 cents, but we’re going to get back 700 picks on shopkick, which is 280 making them only 52 cents per bottle. Next up is the maranatha um. These are 78 cents. It does work on the peanuts versus the almonds, so we’re going to get back um a total of 325 kicks on chop kick which is 130 making it a 52 cent money maker.

Next up is the nestle pure life, water, it’s priced at a dollar and ten cents for the gallon bottle. We’Re gon na grab, one of them and we’re gon na get back um 250 kicks on shopkick 10 cents on ibotta, making it absolutely free. Next is the 12 pack it’s priced at 273.? Now i grabbed this to see if it would work for the 500 rebate on shopkick and it actually did so. It makes this only 73 cents per pack and hoping it resets for me, so i can do it. Every single day, okay, the next deal is on the blue bones. These are priced at 3.97, since we’re gon na grab one of them, but get back 800 kicks on shopkick, which is three dollars and 20 cents, making it only 77 cents per bag. Next we’re gon na buy the blue sizzlers. Now these are in store priced at 597.. If you price match the online price, they’ll be 377, which is what i did get back 800 kicks on shopkick, making it only 57 cents per bag. Okay, these little bella um cups of dog food are priced at 60 cents, you’ll get back 10 cents for the indie rebate on ibada, making it only 50 cents per cup. Okay. The next deal is on the honey stingers. These are priced at 118, so two of them is going to run. You 236 will get back 1′ on the bottom, making them only 48 cents.

Each. The next deal is on the dove. Minicare body washes price at 6.97. It’S a bundle deal so we’re also going to grab the shampoo conditioner trial size price at 147.. Our total is going to come to 8.44, but we’ll get back. 20 150 kicks on shot pick, which is eight twenty another two dollars and i bought i’m, making it free plus a dollar and seventy second money. Maker colgate renewal is priced at six. Ninety six we’re gon na use a dollar printable from their website. That’S gon na bring our total down to paying 596 out of pocket. We’Re gon na get back five dollars when i bought it, making them only 96 cents per box, and the next two is on the armor and hammer toothpaste. It is a bundle, so you need to buy one of each of these they’re priced at 436. We’Re gon na grab two of them we’ll pay eight, seventy two out of pocket to get back a dollar for each one. I bought it as well as eight dollars on inbox. My points are supplied with, whichever one you decide to use, make it in both three plus a dollar and twenty eight cents, we’re also going to grab the pronamel um. These are the trial size, they’re priced at 147., we’re gon na buy one of them and get back 600 kicks on shopkick, which is equivalent to 2.40 cents, making this a 93 cent moneymaker, okay, last but not least, it’s on the corral um.

These are priced at 5.84, we’re gon na grab two of these and use a five off of two coupon. I want to say, was in the smart source. 509 that’s gon na bring our total down to pain 668, but we’re going to get back 350 times to when i bought it. It’Ll make them both free for 32 cents. Okay, the nice and easy, as well as the natural instincts, are the same exact deal. They’Re priced at 692., we’re gon na buy two of each and use the five off of two coupon from our inserts we’ll pay 884, but get back two separate rebates for each one of two dollars and three dollars: um, making every set of two free plus a Dollar and 16 cent money maker, y’all, so awesome awesome, deal on this and i think the limit on this is five per card, but i just went ahead and did um two of each and so yeah. Okay, guys – and this is my complete haul. For today i did not um hit my mayflowers bonus. For that again, i did need like 25 rebates. We only got 18 today so i’m hoping for some um resets tomorrow. So i can finish that off, but i did hit the weekend warrior for that. I think i needed like 15, and so all is good on that front. My uh level, whatever yeah i didn’t, even yeah, it’s a no go on that. The retail for everything you see here is 105.

85. After all of our coupons, which was only 17 dollars. That was a dollar for the co gate on renewals and five dollar coupons on the um clairol. Now there are also digitals on coupons.com the app, and there may also be printable versions as well, which is really cool. The codegay coupon i got from the colgate website. I’Ll link it in the description box, for you guys um. So our out of pocket came down to 88.85. We did get back 50 and 29 cents from ibada another 28.80 from shopkick and eight dollars from inbox dollars on the um, the arm and hammer toothpaste, whether you use inbox uh. My points are: swag bucks you’ll get back the eight dollars. I think that my point is a little bit more than that because of their conversion um in any occasion, y’all. It makes everything here a cost of a dollar and 25 cents, which is so awesome. Now, let me tell you shopkick the um rebate for this water. For the 12 pack i did submit for the 500 um shopkick points, which is it’s pictured as the case um or the 24 pack, but it actually did work for that um. So i did get back uh two dollars on this, making that 12 pack only 76 cents hoping that it resets. So i can do that deal again, waiting for the rest of my receipts to process now shopkick. They have been really really lagging lately, um taking a long time to process receipts and then, when they are processed, which for me, my receipt took like 13 14 days um and it still was wrong and i had to put in tickets for everything um.

And so i normally do my um rebates on separate receipts, but for today y’all because it takes it’s taking long, no matter what i might as well, have it all on one receipt. So that way i can put in one ticket instead of putting in like six different ones, um for each receipt, all right so other than that y’all. I think that’s, basically it.