I’Ve got some of benjamin’s leftover birthday, cupcakes i’m going to deliver, but i also want to pick out a few new houseplants. We are five days away from the birth of our baby girl and i feel the need to have some fresh houseplants. I don’t know why how’s it going. Did you have a good nap today? Are you all stoked now listen to this? There was water pulled on the tongue cover and it sounded like somebody was peeing. I was like, i would have been out there. I don’t know, but i just heard that i was like what in the world how funny hey siri, define nesting nesting during pregnancy? Is the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby overwhelming and by by getting my home ready? I mean new house plans if something’s overwhelming for you, it basically means that you’re an unstoppable force. You take that back yeah, exactly benjamin knows, you’re ready to see nana and pop a bud. You got him yeah because you want to eat one huh. I do want it. Okay got ta, hold my hand baby to go across the street very soon. These sidewalks are gon na, be full of flowers, good job, buddy he’s. Upstairs there you go let’s, go see if she’s up here, it’s good look down here. I don’t think she’s up here: yeah. Okay, maybe she is here. Music got ta, be louder, buddy, hey how’s! It going oh, i see some pansies that have color aren’t, you beautiful, so these are carry over from fall.

Wow! Look at these! Oh! Are we all craving this right now? Oh so nice, what a perfect day to stay out here and groom stuff! Oh it’s, just beautiful yeah, it makes me happy look at all the bulbs, they’re pretty hyacinths and and such i like seeing all of these little evergreens too. Oh you got pyrocantha back here, still got some pretty orange berries on it. Oh we got burns over here. Bud beautiful ferns, look at these: oh japanese, tassel, ferns, there’s, a heart’s tongue fern right there else. We got western sword fern right here, there’s, a maiden hair, fern, himalayan fern wow. Of course the carrick’s always looks good. You didn’t have to carry over very many things. This last year, no, no, no, no yeah! Look how holly it slipped. Oh wait! Watch out, you’re, so tall banana’s teaching you how to bend the truth. Well, we came down to look at house plants because i have a few areas i need to refresh yes, so i want to stay out here. Do you want to stay out here with nana? Will i pick out some house plans? Hey let’s go play: let’s go play, sounds like a good idea to me. I’Ll be back in a little bit gosh. I don’t know what temperature it is out here right now, but we woke up to a snow floor and then look at it now. I think it was supposed to get somewhere close to 48 degrees today, and it does feel it.

The sun feels amazing, i think that’s, maybe one of the reasons that makes me feel so energetic right now, because i kind of feel that, like spring edge in the air, so i think we’ll just do kind of a little houseplant tourish um. While i look for houseplants to bring home okay, so i’m, just gon na go ahead and start in the back sunroom instead of up front because most of the plants are back here and there’s some gorgeous ones. I just recently got a new load in i mean look at these anthuriums how bright and beautiful i’m thinking something i saw these the other day and i’ve been thinking about getting one of these pepperonis it’s called frost, beautiful silver overlay on the green leaves i’m thinking. One of these will be perfect, should probably start a pile in the back, so here’s, where i will put my pile for now: that’s, a good start, okay, so starting back where i just picked that peperomia back up i’m really looking for plants that don’t need intense, Sunlight i’ve got some spots with bright light, but not direct light so i’m going to probably steer away from succulents and things like that. Maybe we’ll do some ferns and pothos, possibly let’s, see the nice peace lilies right there, chinese evergreens staghorn ferns back here. These look. Nice don’t, they german, wax ivy that’s. Pretty, i think i’ve got a topiary form we could maybe uh. I don’t know i think i have iv at home already.

These kinds of things are always really interesting to me. The aurelia’s. I never had super great luck taking care of these, though you guys will have to give me some tips, and this terrarium is beautiful, so it’s, like all one piece, but you’ve got two sections where you can plant them up a little bit differently. I love that all right let’s swing around the back side here, ferns are hit and miss for me. Sometimes i get them and they thrive, and sometimes i get them and they immediately drop leaves and they’re just a huge mess and a pain. These look really healthy. So this is the section i’m going to be mostly staying away from there’s some beautiful stuff, though i mean a string of bananas. I think some of these things were here during our last house. Plant tour and some are new. Oh, i like these look at how pretty that is. What kind of dracina is this it’s like looks kind of curly? I think i maybe need to have one of these isn’t that pretty it’s late afternoon right now so we’re getting a lot of sunshine in here, which the plants are probably loving, soaking it in beautiful cactus and then here is the wall of stringy plants. String of bananas uh there were some string of pearls, and here, oh, they were over on this side. Oh, these are string of beans. Those are cool. Look at how healthy those look.

Sorry about all the light flare in the lens big, beautiful aloes. I actually saw these the other day too, and this is another one i want to get. This is a fern called a leslie. Look how pretty that is! Well. Three plants might be just enough for today, i’m gon na take one more quick spin around to see. If there’s anything else that catches my eye, i do have one spot that needs a large plant like kind of a tree shaped something, but i don’t see anything real big here at the moment. I might have to get one of these just because i keep looking at them. I’Ve never grown one before that is a beautiful grouping and i think four is just the right amount. All right got my box full of plants and we are heading home to get these all potted up it. Just breast cream you’re gon na go watch the express train, polar express, yeah, yeah, okay, so we are home now and i think i want to repot these in the greenhouse, because it’s so gorgeous out here today, let’s scope out the situation in here: oh yeah, it’s, Nice in here – oh also, look at this. This is in preparation for seed starting season. We actually buy all of those through true value and we can have them shipped right to the store and we can pick them up, because my dad is having a really hard time getting a hold of the bigger bags of seed starter mix.

You can get the smaller ones, but i go through it so fast that it’s a really efficient way to do it, and this right here is for filming purposes a lot of the time we have uh it kind of suspended from the ceiling right here. Look at that we got to replace our plastic. This year got a tear um anyway. It provides like a little bit of protection from the sun. It diffuses the light. A little bit. It’S been really helpful, but i am super happy with this mix of plants. I think they’re going to be really pretty. I think they’re going to go all on a dresser in erin in my bedroom, but i got to go, find some pots for them real, quick and potting soil, and i think i can just use regular potting soil for all four of them. Okey dokey. I don’t think i want to go all terra cotta. I think i want to do a mixture. The peperomia might be pretty in this one, or it might be a little bit too of the same color like silver and gray. That would be nice for one of them. You know i think i’m gon na take this gray one this gray, one because it’s a little bit different one of the rolled rim, terracottas, which is the one on the top of the stack there and then maybe one terra cotta that’s got a little height so That they’re all different, oh isn’t, that gorgeous oh, i love it.

That is an absolute beauty didn’t. Those turn out pretty. It is so satisfying to go pick up fresh house plants this time of year that have a really nice shape, no leaf damage, really nice. Color. Now i did go grab this container. I didn’t initially grab it, because i was thinking it might be too much gray, but i’m really liking the gray pots russell. What are you doing? What are you doing up there? No wonder we get holes in our fabric. You see his thumbs kind of silhouettes anyway, i picked up this little obelisk and this gray container at a nursery called far west in boise. Oh maybe like a year or two ago, and then these two containers are from unique stone from down at the garden center. Of course, this one’s down from the garden center as well, and i really like the rolled rim terracotta. I think it’s simple, but it’s got enough detail to look a little bit more um elevated in design, and i did put the tag in front of each one of these, so you guys could see again. This is the leslie fern. Then we’ve got the peperomia frost. There’S the tag the gorgeous plant – and this is a dracaena. I am not sure exactly what variety is it like: lemon lime or juicina, veragoda we’ll, just call it christina, varagata, that’s, safe and then the green cascade, discidia i’m, not sure if i’m saying that right.

In fact, this one i’ve never grown before. However, i do believe that these are all going to really thrive in the same kind of light conditions. All of them want kind of like medium to bright, indirect, light, no direct sun, which is perfect, and then i will probably keep these on a like. The peperomia and the discipline, maybe in every two week, watering schedule and then the dracena and the fern will get water once a week and of course, that watering schedule may change depending on how they take to their new spot. In fact, most of the time – and i think i’ve said it before, like it’s – a good idea to wait to top dress your soil until you’ve had a chance to kind of gauge the moisture level in your soil over the course of time to see how long It maintains its moisture it’s just easier instead of having to lift the moss up or stick your finger down in there. That sort of thing it usually just takes a couple of weeks and then you kind of get to know your plant a little bit and then you can top dress and kind of make them look finished. I only top dressed the three plants that i’m familiar with the discidia. I did not so i can kind of monitor it. It’S, also a good idea to do any grooming and any insect inspection before you take them inside now. I know you know i’m getting these plants down from my parents garden center and they are really monitored heavily, like they’re, looked at every single day, um and they’re groomed a lot.

So i didn’t have to pull anything off these plants. There’S no insects but it’s. Definitely something to think about um you can even pre treat plants. If you want, you can do like a preventative spray, even with, like i don’t know something organic, insecticidal, soap or some kind of name, or something like that. If you wanted to just to cover your bases but it’s, just a good idea to be mindful of that russell, you are so naughty naughty kitty. Oh sharpening those claws russell, and this is what i use to top dress the containers and it comes out in sheets and it’s, usually like a really bright green, but i kind of like to break it up a little bit. So i can see some of the underside that’s more brown instead of just having like a sheet of green around an already green plant and then i’ve got a little collection of saucers. Unfortunately, all the gray ones don’t have sausage that match so i’m gon na have to use clear for now um but i’m gon na be on the search for some decorative, like it’s fun, to find some saucers like from a teacup and saucer set at antique stores Or thrift stores and use those as saucers instead of these plastic ones um but that’s, just something that i’ll have to come with time, because i don’t have anything right now on hand, but these will work. They’Ll protect my dresser all right i’m, going to load these up in my box and take them inside.

So i think that that turned out really pretty it just brought some life and some fresh growth into this room. This terrarium right here i’ve got a haworthia, a cactus and an astrophytum in there. I think i put it together in a video a long time ago and it’s been living on this table in this spot, since i did that video or did the project and it’s been really happy, which makes me think that these plants will also be very happy In this spot, so it doesn’t look particularly bright at the moment and that’s just because we have a door that leads out to our balcony. But i have the blind shut because it was casting quite a lot of brightness in this room and it was making it a little bit hard to see it. Doesn’T cast the light directly on this table, though it kind of passes it right by which is perfect. It’S just bright indirect light for these plants, and then i will come through later, as i find some more decorative saucers and i’ll replace this one that one which you don’t even really notice them too much. And then i just used a terra cotta one that was already in this uh clutch right here. It doesn’t look awesome, but not bad, really fun project, and i think that that is going to be it for today’s video doing projects like this always kind of makes me realize, like oh it’s, really quite easy to run and grab a few plants and make a Spot look just so much better, so it makes me like i’m already thinking of new spots in the house, where i could do more of that just to bring in some green uh and some freshness and just kind of that feeling of spring that i’m craving.

So much, however, like i’m standing out on the balcony right now, you can see the versailles garden right below me. It’S a beautiful day. Give you a little look here. You can see the new property up front, there’s still snow in the shady spots, but that is what it’s looking like right now and it’s fairly warm. So i hope you guys enjoyed this video.