After peel up at the corner, you just use some um hope to get inside you will. You will see some of the um the remove mystic paper and put the hood into the hole of the paper and put it out. This is the design by the factory hp factory um for the engineer or the repair people to disassembling separate the screen lead and the screen panel. I couldn’t find out any of the information from the internet to disassemble a 2020 hp touch screen so i’m already disassembling. This screen using the traditional way and the following, the video, will be show you um. Why and this machine need to disassemble it and the the touch screen and the uh void is another way to disassemble it. This hp, mv, laptop and touchscreen, is a very, very new model. Laptop is fully metal case, there’s no damp, not dropping no water damage, but from this side you can see the the screen is coming out from the case and the hinge is fully loose there’s, nothing wrong for the owner. How to use this laptop the owner just using this laptop for the daily basic for his work? The screen is function. Normally, the glass is not cracking, there’s no deadline. The touch screen is fully functioning just one day. Customer opened the lid and the hinge just still crack the laptop just six months old and still six months warranty is left. We speak to the hp, try to convince them and this this issue is there a fat trick.

Foe is something wrong with their materials and it’s, not very good, and it should be covered by the warranty and their phone line. Just keep asking have you have we dropped the laptop or locked the laptop to some corner, or is there anything failing into the laptop? We also sending a lot of picture about this machine to the hp and to convince them it’s metal, fully metal case. If any impact on the laptop will be leave at some mark or any damped. But on this machine – and the case is there is in perfect condition, even there’s – no scratch at all. Also, we raised the case to the their supervisor because the front line and they can’t make the decision and they keep a refuse for the machine return. At the end, the supervisor accept the machine to return, but he only can make the decision when they receive the machine and doing some inspection. We thinking um sending the machine back to the hp. The wrist is too high at the moment. The hinge holder on the screen lead is fully coming out. The screen it won’t be able to close properly um. If we send the machine back to the hp and the glass, the touch glass and its old screen is quack during the transit and the warranty will be 100 percent gone. Even the screen is not cracked when they receive the laptop. There are still some percentage and they try to refuse the warranty and if they refuel the warranty and send bad laptop to us, there’s, no guarantee that the screen might be crap during the transit or not, and this screen is extremely expensive.

So at the end, we decide um to repair the screen by itself, because at the moment the screen is still working functioning and working. Fine, as you can see, from the outside condition. The the screen is no dam, no scratch at all let’s take out. This broken hinge and then we can have more space to put the plastic cutter into the the screen from here. We can see all the hinge holders they’re all broke. The prostate is not strong enough when they build this laptop it’s, the metal case, but inside the hinge holder, still plastic to separate the screen from the lid, normally we’re, using those plastic very sling and strong plastic or some small car to insert into the double side Tape area between the screen and the uh and the lid at the beginning, we just put a very sling just a little bit alcohol solution on the car and insert to the screen, and that will be help on the beginning to um quite easily to insert the Plastic cup into the double side, tape and i’m into very, very slowly to move the card to separate the double side tape. It takes very very long time and it needs a lot of patience you after disassembling the screen we can see inside the structure. They actually put two of the metal supporter behind the screen and on the corner. One purely of the supporter. I see the um the paper for um, taking out the double side tape, and then i realized um, actually um the easy way, probably the easy way and the um one factory um they let they do left the way for the people how to um disassemble it.

The the glass but reach to the um, this the double sided tape, remove paper and reach to this area is quite risky uh. We need to peel off the um the corner from the corner and to um to as a reach to this area, and the corner area is usually is the most weakness of area for the glass purely off from the corner. If not lucky, the screen might crack straight away if your screen is already cracked. Probably this way is a lot more easy and a lot more fast, but if your screen is still in good working order, you just need to separate them to do some repair. Internally, probably, is is quite risky. Let me repair the hinge holder before we put hinge back. The prostate is too weak, so i put extra fiber on the metal lid to make it stronger those double side tape. They are reusable after using the alcohol to wash both of the sides. The metal support behind. I already put it back behind the screen: uh auto, also the um old clicker um, the the holder. I already regrouped them back to the the prostate after checking now it’s ready to put back the screen to the to the screen lid. Now the hinge is strong enough. Let’S start put everything back after repair. Now the screen is stronger and this also can be opened by one hand, open and close, and the metal is not bending even changing his form.

The screen is no deadline, no wise ball. The touch screen is functioning okay, wi fi area.